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  1. I can't sew. Wish I could. Our county is calling for volunteers to make them as well.
  2. That thought did occur as well. We are not yet under a shelter-at-home order, but fully expect it very soon. The gov said this morning there was none, but will be speaking tonight...we won't be surprised if he mandates it tonight (it's not constitutional via state constitution, but governors of various states aren't caring about being constitutional). My husband said he is fully expecting it to be at least before next Sunday.
  3. This is where we are as well. We have been hearing rumors that our state will join the states that have already issued a stay-at-home or quarantine order, possibly tomorrow. If that is the case, we will not have services for the time. Most of our members don't have access to live-stream, so we won't be going that route. Hubs and I have discussed the possibility of his sending a letter of encouragement for folks. Not the same as a service, but still staying in touch.
  4. I don't think anyone on the forum knows Heidi (with the possible exception of Jordan). She was a college student who worked with us in our nursing home ministry. She struggled with many emotional issues, and succumbed to depression by killing herself. The family desires that the story be told and that her death will not be in vain. It's 30 minutes, so doesn't take long, but it's very much worth it. Please listen and even share it with others. https://unshackled.org/listen/latest-program/?fbclid=IwAR2kC7jGlk55AeNujJoix082YMJVFNOPbKGwcw33_GPtl9R7V6DSP02_Has
  5. Yes, the epicenter is King County (good metaphor...King County is the cause of most of our political problems here in the state LOL), with Spokane being the next largest problem. Even with that, considering the numbers who are listed as having the virus, it is a negligible number in comparison to the flu. The flu has also killed more people than this has. However, the flu is so common that government would have a hard time mandating the closure of things and thus bottoming out the economy. Well, other than toilet paper manufacturers. LOL I'm glad you had 18 yesterday. And a visitor to boo
  6. Here in WA, the governor dictated that no gatherings larger than 250 were allowed, and schools are closed form now through April 24. Originally colleges were not, but they likely are now. Because tonight he came out and said no gatherings larger than 50, and any of the under 50 gatherings MUST abide by - and announce that they do - the hygiene and social distancing rules. He is also mandating that bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues be closed. And he and his cronies are promising that the financial aspect will be somehow remedied. READ: by the taxpayers. I don't need a governor te
  7. No precautions, other than continuing to encourage the washing of hands. We normally shake hands at the beginning of the main service, but have stopped that for now as well. We have a small church, and folks are pretty good about staying home when not well. I've been home with a cold (did anyone know that this time of year, it's a coronavirus?...) I have to be better by Saturday because we have to head over to Everett for some testing for hubs. I'm kind of surprised they haven't cancelled it, since schools are closing and businesses are as well. There is at this time only one case of
  8. My mom made spaghetti tonight. My oldest niece loves my mom's spaghetti and brings the stuff over for her to make once in a while. Today was that day. She put aside some of the meat sauce for Randy to use with his palmini noodles. And I have a cold...ugh
  9. My mom, son, and I went together and got Randy an exercise bike for his birthday. He spent both his and my birthdays in the hospital last year. This year he got the bike and is using it daily. It's not a fancy bike, but it spins around when he pedals and that's what he needs. LOL
  10. We have only two little girls coming to Sunday School at this point. They knew nothing much about the Bible before they started attending. So I've been very careful about how I present salvation to them. And I've been praying quite a bit in the last few weeks for them. Well, Sunday morning the oldest girl accepted Christ as her Savior!! We were near the end of our lesson. The Bible stories have all been about the life of Christ. I also teach a practical application story. This past Sunday I divided the story of George Washington Carver in half and told it in Sunday School and Jr Church. Part o
  11. They are crunchy out of the can, but can get rubbery if they aren't boiled for a few minutes before using. I haven't tasted them myself, but Randy likes them really well as a pasta substitute. Last night I made "disappearing chicken casserole." It's composed of cream cheese, mayo, sour cream, shredded cheese, green chiles, and shredded chicken. VERY tasty. I think it would make a good bread dip. Tonight we will be heading out for an early birthday dinner at Red Robin (early so we can make it to church on time).
  12. Tonight I'm making Beef Barbacao "lasagna." I'll fix the roast in the instant pot and then shred it. For the lasagna sheets, I have palmini (hearts of palm) lasagna. Just like with regular lasagna, I will layer the beef with the sheets, adding cheese to the layers. We've used palmini linguine before and Randy likes it. We'll see about the lasagna.
  13. Happy Valentine's Day to all. What a difference a year makes! Today the sun is shining brightly. Last year we were having a "snowmageddon," as it has been dubbed. This time last year (Val. Day was on Thursday), my husband had gotten home early from his client's house because he had a slip-and-fall on black ice. Thus began a journey of healing that isn't done yet. Randy is better - much, much better - although he still has a ways to go to complete healing. The rip in his thigh muscle healed well, and the hematoma should be mostly, if not completely, drained (his doc said it was the bi
  14. Sorry I didn't see this until now. He works for Home Instead as a home health aid. He no longer works til 9:45 on Fridays. Clients come and go in this business. He is able to work part-time, so he can study properly and do his church stuff. I made a pork roast in my Ninja foodi again the other day. Randy really likes it done that way, and it's quick for me. And it lasts him several days. Last night we had steak. Yum, yum! Tonight we'll probably have fish (Randy and I are heading over to Port Townsend early to take care of some church business and hopefully do a little visiting, so
  15. Marinated in vinegar makes it even Mmmmmmm - ier!
  16. I'm in favor of Bible college generally. And, while it is not a biblical qualification, I think it is a help many times for a man who is going to be a pastor (and I would qualify that with making sure said Bible college is biblical, because they are not all, sadly). I would be hesitant to use Bible college as a discipling tool...I know the article did not promote that. But a baby Christian going to Bible college seems to be a set-up for problems. A new Christian ought to be discipled in their own church before going to any Bible college. JMO.
  17. Oh, yum! That is the only way I can eat watermelon. I also like salt on my cantaloupe. Good stuff!
  18. No thanks to the vegemite! I'll get my vitamin b a different way!
  19. Ick! I love pickles, but that sounds gross! LOL
  20. Not a Hebrew National, Jim. They blend with the ketchup, mustard, and bread (sorry, we didn't have any buns hehe) to make one GOOOOOD dog! I'm so glad it didn't put you into a PICKLE. Wouldn't want any bitterness SPROUTing, right? As ESCAROLE through this thread, it still makes me laugh. It is THYME for me to go to church now, so ICEE ya'll later.
  21. I enjoyed a hot dog with ketchup and mustard today. It's been a while! I can only eat Hebrew National (all others upset my stomach). As I was putting on the ketchup I thought of all of you anti-ketchupers. It was tasty to the last bite. (this is for you, No Ni) PEAS be unto all of you.
  22. Randy is back on his keto/paleo/Mediterranean eating plan - he took off for the holidays, and it's been a struggle getting back on. But this is his second day. Tonight I fixed fish, a veggie medley, and bacon wrapped onion rings. He enjoyed dinner.
  23. I'll take my salt without snails, thanks. No, pickles GGGOOOOOODDD! I like breakfast burritos, but with salsa, not chopped tomatoes. There is a difference, and for some reason I can handle the salsa better than straight tomatoes. I do love ketchup on hot dogs! When I was expecting our son, I was very sick - nearly died from not being able to hold anything down. After months of it, when I was finally able to start eating again, one of the first meats I ate was a hot dog. I had to smother it with ketchup in order to eat it, though. While I do not like ketchup on my egg
  24. Well..... Some I agree with, some not. Totally agree that pineapple does not belong with pizza. However, chocolate/pretzels and popcorn/m and ms are pretty good, IMO. I like salty/sweet. Especially if there's chocolate. =D And turkey/cranberry sauce (as long as it's the canned jelly hehehe) is delicious! The only cheese I like with my apple is mozarella. I don't think honey and cheese go together, and ketchup on eggs is gross! I do, however, like ketchup on some things. Like a hamburger. Ketchup, mustard, mayo. Yum! And steak sauce is good, too. I even like pickle sandwiches, b
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