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  1. We personally do not celebrate it. When our son was little, we would pass out candy with tracts to the kids who came to the door. Josh enjoyed handing it out and seeing the costumes. 

    Now...we still don't observe. We live in the country, sort of, so we don't get anyone knocking on our door. We do, however, have 2 Sunday School girls who love Halloween. Their mother does, as well, and so they look forward to it. They are, in fact going to be gone the next two weeks to their aunt's house, where they will celebrate with a lot of activities. In a way, that takes it off our shoulders of having to worry about. But...

    Here is where my conundrum comes in. I want to teach the girls truth, but do not want to make them feel that they must choose between their mother and me in regards to it. That can be more harmful than just "telling the truth" about its roots. So after prayer, the Lord led me to teach our October lessons around the verse "What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee." My emphasis was on the fact that there are scary things out there, but we can - and should - trust in the Lord even during those times we are afraid. That makes for a nice segue to the next theme: praising and thanking God.

    We do observe Thanksgiving, even though the history of harvest fests is sketchy. Our forefathers held a feast of thanksgiving to God, this is true. Many other countries had harvest fests as well - giving thanks to their god, many times not the God of the Bible. So we will have a pie social on Nov. 1, to begin the celebration of God's goodness. We also collect food to give food boxes to the needy just before Thanksgiving. We are thinking about having a "fall frolic" one Sunday in Nov., which would be a time of games and fun - including a candy hunt.  The "hunt" will probably be for hidden candy...kind of in the idea of the eggs hidden at Easter - which we don't do. 😉 We, instead, on Resurrection Sunday were planning this last year to have a candy scramble but covid hit. We will be doing that this next year, hopefully.

    In December, we will spend the time with the girls encouraging them to think about Jesus and why He came. This is the reason we do observe Christmas Day. Yes, we are well versed in the history, so don't need a lecture on it. But in this we rest: we've chosen not to observe the day as the world does (Rom. 14). We worship and celebrate Jesus Christ and uphold Him. We "use" the day to encourage folks to come to church, where they will hear about Christ...which is what is important. I know, some will say that's a compromise, and that's fine if they believe so. We are "convinced in [our] own mind," so we're good. =D


  2. 9 hours ago, Salyan said:

    You could put together a temp page until you find more info. "This church was started by so-and-so in the mid-___.  In ___, Pr. DePriest...."


    I've thought about that, but I hate to have Andrew do it twice. He's busy on deputation, plus he's doing this for some other churches. Hubs got some information Saturday, so we need to just sit down and talk about it to see what we can come up with. 

  3. 8 hours ago, Salyan said:

    I don't know if we maintain better or not, although we wouldn't see many fires in southern AB or SK due to lack of continuous trees and high population centres. I suspect this map is only showing US data.

    These won't match the data above, as they're current, but here's today's fire map for BC:

    And here's Alberta: https://wildfire.alberta.ca/wildfire-status/status-map.aspx

    This was actually a quieter year for wildfires up here - either that or Covid took over all the news. We've had years where smoke from BC & northern fires came across the mountains - haven't had that this year. Apparently BC had a problem with smoke, but that could have been coming north from the fires in the States.

    Yeah, I remember the smoke from last year...it blew down from Canada to our area. We did have fires, but not anywhere near as bad as this year. I don't know if you maintain better or not, but it is interesting that the map of fires this year stopped at both the Canadian border in the north and Mexican border in the south. But, then, that's a conspiracy, eh? LOL

    I'm glad you didn't have to deal with smoke this year.

  4. 22 hours ago, John Young said:

    So true. I still need to make one for our church institute as well but it takes a lot of work to get it to where its just right. You all are almost there! And what you have done looks great. Good job! 

    Thank you! All the credit goes to missionary Andrew Canavan. I've sent him the info/pictures and he's done the putting together.  Our church was without a pastor for 5 years before my husband was called. And that pastor was here for two years, we think. But we can't find information that we need to give a basic history, so I'm trying to pick the brains of some that have been part of the church for years. We may have to skip the history and just begin when my hubs became pastor.


  5. Trump was taken to Walter Reed Hospital earlier today, as a precaution. Apparently he wasn't slowing down his work. He'll be there for a few days. He is getting medicine that will help clear it up.

    I completely disagree that "social" distancing has done anything to prevent the spread of the virus, nor do pieces of cloth. It is my opinion, and it is supported by many in the medical field. Of course, there are others in the field who believe the opposite. I believe in liberty, and I think Americans are smart enough to know to stay home when they are sick. 

  6. 9 hours ago, Salyan said:

    That is a cute little international airport! 😄  Your website looks very sharp.
    I want to visit Vancouver Island one of these days, and if the borders allow, was thinking it might be fun to drop by for a visit. 😉 

    Oh, man, that would be so wonderful! I'm sure the borders won't be open til at least November...never if Inslee "wins." But I'd really love to see you again! Heh - the church tour would be a LOT quicker this time around. =D

    3 hours ago, John Young said:

    Very nice website. Its simple and straight forward. The only thing I noticed was the "Our Story" page wasn't updated yet and still has the nonsense language posted.  https://lbc-pt.org/our-story/

    Yes, we are still working on things. There is nothing written about our church history, so it's not an easy do.

  7. We have a website now! Andrew Canavan, second generation missionary to Ireland, is putting it together for us. It is not complete, but it's looking well! I've wanted a website for a while, as I know that many folks use the Internet to search. Andrew and Shawn were with us a few weeks back to present their ministry, and he talked to both my husband and me about designing it for us.

    I don't think we're going to be deluged with folks, but I do believe it will be a good tool.  The website is here: https://lbc-pt.org/

    We've had our information in the local paper for a couple of years - just in the "religion" section on a weekly basis. Well, this past Sunday we had a man and his daughter visit  as a result...the daughter (about my age) told me that the paper was "accidentally" thrown on their porch. A friend had told her to be sure and look for a KJV church...and ours was the only one. That was exciting for all of us!

  8. It's raining! Praise the Lord! This is about the normal time of year that the rains begin, but it has been hoped and prayed for by so many of us now! I know it was raining a bit earlier near one of the fires, so I'm sure hoping and praying it rains all over the state (since there is no such thing as a global climate, there is no guarantee that it will rain all over... 🙂 ), as well as in other western states.



  9. 2 hours ago, SureWord said:

    I see Facebook is banning all posts mentioning any arson in relation to the fires.

    Hmm - I still see some coming across my feed. But I'm not surprised - they've been banning a lot lately. Did you get the notice that starting Oct. 1 they're going to be deciding if people's posts amount to enough to shut down the page? It's Zuckerberg's baby, so he can do that, but ridiculous.

  10. Now, along highway 101 - the highway that goes from our area all the way down CA (our area meaning that 101 curves around at our northern most point of the peninsula and heads south) - they have been finding power poles that the wind has blown over...these poles had transformers that popped and fires started. Thing is, at this pint there have been 18 - EIGHTEEN - found that were helped along by chain saws, to weaken them so that the wind would knock them over. That's arson.

    This graph is interesting...if the fires were from climate change, why do they stop at the borders? It couldn't be that Canada actually maintains their land a bit better, eh?  

    fires in pnw.jpg

  11. 6 hours ago, SureWord said:

    I see they caught one arsonist. A BLM activist. I saw another video where a woman said her husband caught some guys trying to torch a hay field. This was in Oregon.

    Global warming has nothing to do with it. Rejection of God does.

    In WA I believe they've caught 2-4...depending on whom one chooses to believe.  They've found strategically placed glasses or glass jars with flammable stuff in them lying on the ground in the areas where the sun shines more this time of year (here something like that wouldn't work right now)...homemade magnifiers that, unless you're looking for arson equipment, you wouldn't normally pay attention to. Authorities believe that they've been placed there to start fires. This is not a new thing, apparently, although I've never heard of it til this year. Yeah, climate change. pffft!

    Our governor is a "greenie" and instead of admitting that his policies and the neglect of the current land management commissioner are to blame for the massive spread of the fires, he's crying "climate change."  He started to push the "need" to implement things to protect us from climate change when he illegally shut the state down because of covid. So now he's playing that card even stronger.

    He was just in Malden, WA - 80% of that town was lost to the fire. Homes, businesses, etc. He came to a meeting, handed the mayor a box of apples, said he hoped he could get help for them but that they would probably not get any, blathered about coming back to walk on a proposed walking trail...and then left to go get interviewed by the press. Folks that were there said he actually almost ran. I know this thread is about the fires (it's mine, though, so any related subject is fair game 😉 ). We are praying that he will be unseated in Nov. Got a good guy running against him that would begin to right the ship. Anybody who would feel so inclined to pray that Loren Culp would defeat our current governor in Nov. would be greatly appreciated. 😁

  12. Global warming has absolutely nothing to do with these fires. Some of them are from human neglect, some from arson, and some from far-too-dense forests that don't allow the oxygen to disperse.  Those forests are too dense because liberal "leaders" and eco-terrorists have pushed the idea of not clearing the forests - both thinning the trees and clearing the forest floor of the carbon which acts as fuel to fires that start. Add that to the natural lack of rain this time of year and you have conflagration. Yes, God did give us brains - and we most certainly should use them, not fall for the lies of global warming. Climate is NOT global, and anyone who has studied climate knows the truth of that. A good physical science text book explains how climate works.

    The mitigation that is needed in this case is to bring back the previous policies of clearing forests. Fires still come, because they will in forest areas. But they will not burn with the intensity nor spread with the speed that fires of recent years have done. 

    We are currently enshrouded with fog mixed with smoke. It is keeping things cool enough so that we don't need the windows open. These two photos are of Seattle. The first is as seen from the ferry yesterday. The second is the skyline that includes the Space Needle from today. 


    smoky seattle 2.jpg

    smoky seattle.jpg

  13. Well, we've had casualties now, because of the fires. And police have caught folks starting fires. Today the wind has brought the smoke from CA and OR fires to our area. It is not horribly uncomfortable here, for which I'm thankful. Hubs went over to the church, which sits in an area that has been marked as very bad air quality. He still has a lot of painting to do, so I'm hoping it's not very bad right where he'll be.

    Our governor has declared an emergency (he's become very fond of that since covid). But many, many folk are very cynical - because of his obvious lack of concern for the state's economy and people. These folks believe that fires have been intentionally set so that he can declare an emergency and get federal money - because Trump refused him any previously. I don't know that I would go that far, although I don't trust the man in any way, shape, or form.

    There are 13 western states that have fires burning...3.4 million acres. 😞

  14. We are literally burning! CA has over 3400 SQUARE MILES that have burned (just to give a little sense of distance, it's 2200 miles from here - Sequim, WA - to Indiana...). OR and WA are also burning. We have lost over 330,000 acres in just 24 hours here in WA. There are fires raging in other western states as well

    Now, I know someone will probably say that CA is reaping what the government has sown re: closing churches, etc. And that is quite likely. But I do know that it is also a mismanagement of land care by Democrat officials who like to claim environmental care (you know, tree hugger stuff...don't chop 'em down at all) over anything else. Problem is that when a forest gets too dense, oxygen builds up and has nowhere to go, carbon carpets the ground. So any spark (even just the wind!) can cause the oxygen to ignite, and then the carbon just lets it burn fast and hard...this time of year it is dry here as well, so we're talking tinder that is encouraged to burn, basically.

    Towns have been destroyed. People are homeless. This on top of the governors doing their dead level best to destroy the economies of these states. 

    It is not so bad here today, but the wind was coming to us from the east, bringing the smoke from fires across the water and just east of the Cascades. It was really bad here, without any fire. I can't imagine what it's like over there. 😞

    I truly would appreciate prayer that these fires will die out, be put out, just end! Thank you.  And if folks turn to the Lord as a result, yea and amen!

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