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  1. Ick! I love pickles, but that sounds gross! LOL
  2. Not a Hebrew National, Jim. They blend with the ketchup, mustard, and bread (sorry, we didn't have any buns hehe) to make one GOOOOOD dog! I'm so glad it didn't put you into a PICKLE. Wouldn't want any bitterness SPROUTing, right? As ESCAROLE through this thread, it still makes me laugh. It is THYME for me to go to church now, so ICEE ya'll later.
  3. I enjoyed a hot dog with ketchup and mustard today. It's been a while! I can only eat Hebrew National (all others upset my stomach). As I was putting on the ketchup I thought of all of you anti-ketchupers. It was tasty to the last bite. (this is for you, No Ni) PEAS be unto all of you.
  4. Randy is back on his keto/paleo/Mediterranean eating plan - he took off for the holidays, and it's been a struggle getting back on. But this is his second day. Tonight I fixed fish, a veggie medley, and bacon wrapped onion rings. He enjoyed dinner.
  5. I'll take my salt without snails, thanks. No, pickles GGGOOOOOODDD! I like breakfast burritos, but with salsa, not chopped tomatoes. There is a difference, and for some reason I can handle the salsa better than straight tomatoes. I do love ketchup on hot dogs! When I was expecting our son, I was very sick - nearly died from not being able to hold anything down. After months of it, when I was finally able to start eating again, one of the first meats I ate was a hot dog. I had to smother it with ketchup in order to eat it, though. While I do not like ketchup on my eggs, I DO like the combination of chopped steak covered with steak sauce, and scrambled eggs. I like L & P in soup (that's actually what we had for supper tonight).
  6. Well..... Some I agree with, some not. Totally agree that pineapple does not belong with pizza. However, chocolate/pretzels and popcorn/m and ms are pretty good, IMO. I like salty/sweet. Especially if there's chocolate. =D And turkey/cranberry sauce (as long as it's the canned jelly hehehe) is delicious! The only cheese I like with my apple is mozarella. I don't think honey and cheese go together, and ketchup on eggs is gross! I do, however, like ketchup on some things. Like a hamburger. Ketchup, mustard, mayo. Yum! And steak sauce is good, too. I even like pickle sandwiches, but only with mayonnaise.
  7. Absolutely! heart - I totally agree. Sadly, though, we don't have enough folks to have someone else in there with me on Sundays.
  8. Well, we've got our winter now. It snowed a bit last night - woke up to about 3 inches or so. At noon it began snowing again, and, while it's tapered off, it hasn't let up. According to the weather app, it is supposed to snow til 5 am. A bit of rain is supposedly mixed in with the snow right now. While I don't love snow, I don't hate it, either...although after Randy's slip and fall just over a year ago, I get kind of panicky thinking about him being out in this. He made it to work with no problems today, but called off for tomorrow. Our van is in the shop, so he's been using my mom's little car. The van is fixed now - fuel pump replaced - but the weather didn't permit us to pick it up. So hopefully we'll be able to get it Friday. Heh - we need it for Sunday, to pick up the girls, especially if the two little boys come with them. Anyway...with the snow and cold, chili sounded tasty for tonight. So that's what I made, and we all enjoyed it.
  9. Looks like fun! Happy anniversary!
  10. And yet, and yet... NN did warn him by this statement: "From what little I've read, John Ogwyn is the person behind the course. Since he is affiliated with the "Living Church of God", I can't recommend his teachings." Oh, no, he didn't mention Armstrong. But in all actuality, it doesn't seem to have mattered. Totoo thanked him and has apparently steered clear of it. Sometimes going into lengthy detail isn't necessary. Sometimes less said is better. Discretion is, after all, the better part of valor.
  11. Yes, "Call to Glory" is good - we personally know several of the pastors who contribute. Our church purchases copies for our members. It's been neat to have someone reference what they read that morning and be able to discuss it. It's not necessarily a couples' devotional, but it might be a good one to start with. It also has a through-the-Bible reading plan.
  12. In our Sunday School, we are going on in to the life of Christ. Since this is the girls' first experience with church, I want them to learn as much as possible about Christ. Today we looked at the calling of the disciples. I talked to the girls about inviting friends...so we may start to grow! =D My hubs preached on giving ourselves to the Lord, from Romans 12:1,2. Our attendance was a bit lower, but praise the Lord of those who came out! Rebecca, I cannot wait to be able to teach the girls about Moses. I had thought about going in to that after Christmas, but after praying and talking to my hubs decided to stick with life of Christ for this year. There is SO much I want to teach them; I have to restrain myself to make sure they are getting what they need! LOL
  13. Yes, I know mustard is yellow in color. But we differentiate in our house (and many recipes do, as well), by referring to regular mustard as yellow. Because then there is the spicy brown, which, while yellowish, is closer to brown. Then there is deli mustard, which is even more brown. All in our refrigerator, so all get a different name, yellow being my favorite, deli my mom's, and spicy brown my hubs'. I've never tried korma, but the lady whose Big Mac salad recipe we used has a recipe for it I may try. We don't eat Indian foods, so it will be a different thing for us.
  14. I don't know why anyone would accuse you of compromise! This is a very real issue. We face it somewhat ourselves, although we do use our pianist (she is in her 80s and has requested that we begin praying for another piano player...there are many evenings she is not able to be here). Our son is the song leader, and he also is not fond of the high notes (it seems like most of the songs we sing get pretty high!). I am a natural alto, but due to the lack of many to carry a tune, I have to sing the melody...and the songs get high for me, too! LOL I'm thinking we need to specify with our prayer for a new pianist that she (or he) be able to transpose! A friend of our son's visited and, while she said she liked us, she told him that our church is not her cup of tea...and the music was a good part of that. She attends (when she isn't working) a much more, shall we say, musically energetic church. Anyway, we have some friends who spent several years in Wales as missionaries. None of them could play, nor could they sing very well (according to them). They had an electric piano that had hymns recorded in it. Their son was their "pianist" and would hit the proper hymn when it was time to sing it. Good quality music, not CCM or anything. Some might think that is close to canned music, but I don't. It was a great help to them. A church we know of in CA uses a psalter form which to sing. Rather than hymns, it is the Psalms. There isn't any music written, so I'm not sure how they get the tune - and that might be more complicated than needed. Would you consider using Youtube instrumental videos as canned? If you chose your songs, and then found the hymn on Youtube, you could download it, and then play it while folks sing. It might be too close to canned, though, I don't know. If you come up with a solution, please share it. I'm sure it will be a blessing to others!
  15. I made Big Mac salad this afternoon. It's a good salad for someone who is watching their carbs. While we have not gone full blown back onto the low carb eating yet (tomorrow...), this was a good lunch. Both my husband and son liked it, as did I. My mom doesn't care for yellow mustard, which is in the sauce recipe. We will be having it again, and probably often (I will probably omit the mustard in my mom's sauce, or replace it with spicy brown). https://twosleevers.com/big-mac-salad/
  16. We don't have a bus ministry per se yet. We don't have enough workers yet, no bus, etc. LOL But my hubs and I pick up our two Sunday School girls each week, so that is the beginning of one, we hope.
  17. We had beef stew last night, and probably leftovers of that tonight (Randy got pork vegetable soup and a ham sandwich in his dinner bucket for tonight - he works til 9:45 on Fridays).
  18. https://www.baltimoresun.com/maryland/baltimore-county/bs-md-co-pastor-sentencing-20200106-crbxsknzirhctpt7uxawknbvki-story.html
  19. Randy's been off his eating program for the holidays. He is slowly getting back on. He's off sweets this week, and next week we'll go full tilt into no grains. So tonight I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.
  20. Hubs preached on being a living sacrifice yesterday. I taught the kids about Jesus' baptism and temptation. One of the girls took it on herself to speak up and tell God that she accepted Jesus. When I questioned her, she didn't know why yet. So I told her we would discuss it more as time goes on. Neither of the two girls has any previous church experience, so they don't understand sin and salvation yet. But I think the older one is coming close! So that was exciting. The first Sunday of the month we have lunch followed by an afternoon service (with no evening service). Then we head over to the nursing home. Yesterday, after the afternoon service was over, a gentleman joined the church! Praise the Lord! It's been just over a year since the split, so this was exciting! The nursing home service was good - one of the ladies asked me afterward if we could sing more songs during the service. I think it's a good idea - it seems that as we sing one or two wander in. We don't have many folks, but we're thankful for the ones who come out. The Sunday school girls went with us again yesterday (they went last month because they came home with me every Sunday in Dec. except the last one). They seem to enjoy it, and I'm glad. I want them to think of church/church activities as home-away-from-home.
  21. Hope everyone had a wonderful couple of days. God is good.
  22. Yay! So glad to hear that you've found your ministry - and I'm sure the folks at the church are happy as well. What a blessing to hear about God moving.
  23. Dave Olson writes good stuff. Check out help4uminstries.com. Jim Berg's Changed Into His Image us really good - not a typical devotional, but there is a workbook.
  24. We had a good day on Sunday. Not a lot of people, but good services.

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