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  1. Please pray for our blitz on Saturday. We don't have a lot of people, so won't be able to cover a lot of territory, but praise the Lord we have 6 teams going out. We have 400 brochures. Please pray that people will come out. Thanks.

    1. PastorMatt


      I'm curious....how did it go?

    2. HappyChristian


      @BroMatt - I had written the following, but guess I never hit enter...

      It rained this morning. We were concerned that maybe folks wouldn't come out. But they did! We had 6 teams (2 of them had 3 people). We were able to pass out almost 375 fliers. We would have done all 400 but one of the drivers (my mom - oops!) brought the ones she had left home with her. We were able to cover more territory than we expected. The goal of the blitz was to just get the fliers put on the doors (or in the paper boxes). There were a few people that were out and about and so were talked to. There seemed to be a little bit of interest. We'll see tomorrow.

      We met a woman Wednesday who asked if we have a Sunday School. My hubs told her we don't because we don't have kids, but that I'm ready every week just in case. So she said she'd be bringing her 9 year old granddaughter tomorrow. We've been praying that she will.

      We're having a Mexican fiesta for our meal tomorrow. The manager of one of the Mexican restaurants in town is a Christian. He donated chips and beans for tomorrow. And he said today that he'd see us tomorrow. We are sure hoping/praying he does come. 

      Lots of excitement about tomorrow in our house this evening.

      (We didn't get any visitors out from the blitz. But that's ok - we got our name out there again.)

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