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  1. Bacon meatloaf is delicious. :thumb Evan57
  2. How about this? Gambling means taking chance on or risk. It is not just only money, but life or living. For example: If the person loses a job or has no job, he is taking chance to move to other place or stay that area to find a job but he doesn't know if he can be able to find the job or not. This person is taking a risk. That is gambling. Or the person is taking chance to have very serious surgery. This patient doesn't know whether will live or die. This is the matter of life or death. That is gambling. Stock is taking risk. That is also gambling whether the stock will grow or downfall.
  3. That is a lot of ban!!!! whew! ban the clown - madeline! :frog :loll: Evan57
  4. Close to 5 6. Whew!! Smile!! :smile God loves you!! :cool Evan57 :ears:
  5. Boo Hoo!! That is so sad. :sad Wait I have an idea. :ideas: Go to restaurant to get food. Yummy! Or Look up in the recipe books that you can find it with the Lord leads you. evan57 :ears: w/o hear
  6. Speaking of tic tac. I had a little kid put tic tac in the nose twice. He just want to see if the nose can get tic tac. I didn't know and ask what he was thinking. My wife had to use the twister to pull tic tac out of the nose. Wasn't that funny and gross?? Anyway, I tried chewing gum during the service once. I realized it was distracted while the preacher preached. It seemed interfere the Holy Spirit that I was not able to get the conviction. So, it is better not have gum in the service to get a full conviction and pay attention to what God has to say thru preachers. Evan57 :ears:
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