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  1. Bacon meatloaf is delicious. :thumb Evan57
  2. If the judges of the supreme court decide not allow Obama to be the president of the U. S. Then what next? Vote again? I doubt it. The next president would be the Vice President. He would be a worst president. If not vice president then the House of Representative would take over to be the president. She would be much worst president. What can we do about it? Be thankful and move on and God in charge. Evan57 :cool
  3. How about this? Gambling means taking chance on or risk. It is not just only money, but life or living. For example: If the person loses a job or has no job, he is taking chance to move to other place or stay that area to find a job but he doesn't know if he can be able to find the job or not. This person is taking a risk. That is gambling. Or the person is taking chance to have very serious surgery. This patient doesn't know whether will live or die. This is the matter of life or death. That is gambling. Stock is taking risk. That is also gambling whether the stock will grow or downfall. It is same as playing games. Not all people won the gambling become miserable. Some people can not be able to handle money as overspending that would lead to miserable. Some can be able to control money as investment. However, the person need to be careful with it. Don't get a hook to it. Keep it under control. If he can't control it, get out of this gambling. Also if the person has evil heart like greedy or covet to want to win to find a way to be rich, that is wrong. The bible didn't say "Gambling is sin." It did say, "haste to be rich shall not be innocent". Is that called sin? What if the person just happen won and put it in kid's or kids' future fund or church fund or missionaries support or any good cause and make a good living to serve the Lord better than before? This is not haste to be rich. I can't find the words, "gambling is sin" in the bible. Evan57
  4. Since May 1977. That would be 31 years. Vroom! Time sure flies away. Evan57 :cool
  5. Democrats do not listen to people most of the time. Their view "They want what is best for America." But it is not God's please if they don't follow the God's way. So, there is no way to prevent it unless they listen. This is going to hard. God help us! :pray By the way, do you know any conservative Democrats in Senate and House? Evan57
  6. I had thought of "liberals" Democrats are in Congress and house plus Obama that would easily pass all bills within two years that can disaster America. The enemies are cheerring!! My question is how can we prevent the bad bills from Democrats? :puzzled: Evan57 :cool
  7. I also believe there is voter fraud to help Obama expand the lead over McCain. There are alot of people in NYC and other countries are cheering for Obama including people in Kenya where his relatives lived there. I also believe he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. There are a lot cover up that he gets away with it. God allows it happen. Why? I am thinking because God wants us to looking forward to see Jesus' return in other words rapture time after you(saved people) hear the trumpet. Yahoo! Here we go!!! Evan57 :cool
  8. What distract me is having someone walk thru front of the interpreter. Evan57 :cool
  9. Hi I am profounding deaf but I can hear with hearing aids. I enjoy hearing nice music but only understand few words except I can catch up with words in reading. I love the Lord Almighty God who saved me by the blood of Jesus Christ thru faith. Yahoo!! I am bible believing baptist and fundamentalist. I know sign language since I was 16 years old. Sign language helps me to understand better :smile than get confusing and misunderstanding. :puzzled: I also joined the facebook. Evan57 :cool
  10. Read the news: http://www.newsmax.com/timmerman/obama_ ... ode=2A89-1 Democratic party and Acorn are involving in voting fraud to give more votes to Obama. That is so cheating. I pray God send someone to shut down the Acorn businesses and prevent voting fraud from Democratic party. Evan57
  11. I didn't know that Mormon fundamentalists are totally scary but that is funny. They look like this :pmpkn: or :wvlf" That is more scarier. Whoa!! By the way, other religions fundamentalists. They need to know the truth about the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ by faith, not by work to heaven. Evan57 :cool
  12. I am for USC Trojans all the way!! Coolguy :cool
  13. Thanks, That give me points about what the scriptures say about to edify the church by encourage, support, help others and pray for others. If any of you have more to say or type about why believers should go to church, go ahead. It is fun to learn from other believers about this issue. For example: I met a believer said that "go to church is waste of time." I know what he/she meant is he/she knows the scriptures and the preacher preached/taught same old things or preached too long make him/her felt boring. There was nothing news to learn. It make him/her feel is not worth to go to church. This believer would rather things to do than just sit and listen. How am I be able to convince this believer to come to church that is different than the old church we went to before? Evan57
  14. Thanks. I am looking forward to read the sermon of your pastor from last night. Evan57 :wave:
  15. Candlelight, I am hearing impaired and unable to understand the preacher preaches thru audio. Oh well. Thanks, anyway. Though your church has many ministries that is good. Praise the Lord. :praise: Evan57
  16. Some believers and unbelievers are not interesting going to church because: 1. the preachers' sermons are boring that not apply to their lives. 2. they may know pastors are interesting in your wallets than souls. 3. they are more interesting in entertainments than go to independent baptist churches that they have to sit and listen the sermons. 4. They would says it is waste of time to go to church for just sit and listen. 5. They would say work is more important than go to church. Also there are some independent baptist churches do not accept or want any handicap come to their church such as blind or deaf or so forth. They send them to other churches that they provide ministries for any kind of handicapped. I think that is rude. Don't you agree? My question is why do believers have to go to church? [i know that you would use Hebrews 10:23-25. I just would like to gather information from you so that I can make a sermon in you tube to deaf believers and unbelievers.] Evan57
  17. I did sell something on craiglist once. It took about three weeks for someone bought it. I will try ebay to sell my car soon as I get the title. Craiglist is not an auction while ebay is an auction. When auction comes is harder for someone who can't afford it. So, Craiglist has some good and bad deals. However both are good. Evan57
  18. Hi, I do not find any scripture about parents chose the mate for their kid except Abraham sent his servant to find the woman for Isaac. The Lord led Abraham's servant to find the woman for Isaac is Rebekah and brought her to Isaac. It is interesting parents chose mate for their kids in the different countries. That is their custom. Some kids do not agree with parents' choice but they have to live with it in their custom in their countries. The best way for kids is to find the right mate thru the Lord's help and have them meet their parents for approval before they can get marry. Don't you agree? Evan57
  19. One family moved from awesome growing independent baptist church in northeast to the midwest area. We went to small independent baptist church that is kind of strict and not growing. Pastor preached. The family attended that church for six years then wife stopped attend this church. Seven months later, son stopped attend this church. That left daughter and man. He realized this is not the right church because pastor did not do what he asked for and greatly disappointed. Pastor preached is not new. We already know this and that. We learned some but not much. Also, he preached about tithe so much. That turned him off. What's more. Pastor does not allow any church members visit other independent baptist church in the same area except it is okay to visit other church that is far away. Only with his permission to allow visit other church in activities. He decided to leave this church to other independent baptist church that benefit God's words. Daughter loves other independent baptist church that is much better but it is smaller than previously. Ugh! It has personal evangelism and discipleship. However, the way presently pastor preaches and teaches is same as church from northeast. So, pastors need to preach and teach that benefit God's words to them. Not to preach so much about money or offense them that make them leave. Also, he should not hold them to stay at his church. Pastor needs to let them go if it is not benefit to them. [sadly, both wife and son refuse to check it out with the new independent baptist church.] Evan57
  20. Don't you think it is okay for parents choose the mate for their kid? I know most believers depend on God to find the right mate. That is great. Sometimes God guides parents to pick the right mate for their kid. It would come out wonderful marriage. This is from the yahoo answer by Sabrina. This is interesting: An arranged marriage is a marriage that is at some level arranged by someone other than those being married. Such marriages are common in the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia. Other groups that practice this custom include the Unification Movement and royal families. Types of arranged marriages An arranged marriage involves the parents of the married couple to varying degrees: In a forced marriage, the parents choose the child's future spouse with little or no input from the child. In this rare form of arranged marriage, if the child refuses the choice, he or she may be disowned or punished (in rare cases, killed). In most such cases, the marriage simply takes place anyway, overriding the child's objections. Motivating factors for such a marriage tend to be social or economic, i.e., the interests of the family or community that are served by the marriage are seen as paramount, and the will of the individual is insignificant. In a traditional arranged marriage (not forced), the parents again choose the child's future spouse with little or no input from the child. If the child refuses the choice, the parents tend to respect the child's wishes and choose another possible spouse. However, considerable emotional pressure may be brought to bear to make the child "see reason". The main motivating factor in such marriages is the happiness of the child, but viewed from a paternalistic/maternalistic angle ("Parents know best"). In a modern arranged marriage, the involvement of the child is considerably more. Parents choose several possible mates for the child, sometimes with the help of the child (who may indicate which photos/biographies he or she likes, for example). The parents will then arrange a meeting with the family of the prospective mate, and the two children will often have a short unsupervised meeting (an hour long walk around the neighborhood together, for example). The children will then eventually choose who they wish to marry (if anyone), although parents may exert varying degrees of pressure on the child to make a certain choice of which they approve. The happiness of the child is the main concern, and the parents see their role as responsible facilitators and well-wishers. A modern arranged marriage with courtship is the same as the above, except that the children have a chance to get to know each other over a longer period of time via e-mail, phone, or multiple in-person meetings, before making a decision. It takes considerably more courage on the part of the parents (as well as the children) to go through this process. Some girls actually prefer a short (or no) courtship as they fear the stigma and emotional trauma of being rejected after a courtship. Finally, in an introduction only arranged marriage, the parents will introduce their child to a potential spouse (that they found through a personal recommendation or a website, et cetera). The parents may briefly talk to the parents of the prospective spouse. From that point on, it is up to the children to manage the relationship and make a choice based on whatever factors they want, love or otherwise. In almost all of the above cases, except the forced marriage and occasionally the traditional arranged marriage, the child is free to ignore the process and find a mate on their own. The parents then tend to take over and handle the logistical and financial aspects of the union. In many cultures that are modernising, children increasingly tend to view arranged marriage as an option they can fall back on if they are unable or unwilling to spend the time and effort necessary to find a spouse on their own. The parents then become welcome partners in the child's mate hunt. In cultures where dating, singles' bars, etc., are not prevalent, arranged marriages perform a similar function--bringing together people who might otherwise not have met. Sometimes, the term "arranged marriage" is used even if the parents have no direct involvement in selecting the spouse. This could mean a meeting through a matchmaking site or third party. In India, "Love marriages" are sometimes called "Self-arranged marriages", perhaps to avoid some of the negative opinions that are still held against young people choosing their own partners. "Marriage of convenience" is a term sometimes applied if a couple decides to marry primarily for reasons other than love. This term might be applied to an arranged marriage, but does not necessarily imply an arranged marriage. The term carries negative connotations and would not usually be used to describe one's own marriage. Arranged marriage custom In many cultures, arranged marriage is a handed down tradition. Parents who take their son or daughter's marriage into their own hands, have almost always had this happen to them. For some parents there is pressure from the community to conform and in certain cultures, a "love marriage" or even a relationship is considered a failure on the part of the parents to keep control over their child. Children are brought up to have a stronger emphasis on family and their future instead of love [1]. For some, it is fear of what the community - social and/or religious will think if their child is not married, often by a certain age. In some cultures, the son or daughter are deemed less likely to find a suitable partner if they are past a certain age, and it is considered folly to try to marry them off at that stage. The religious and spiritual aspect of arranged marriage can play a large role in finding a "suitable" spouse. Numerology (Horoscopes) are often used in Indian culture to predict the fruitfulness of a particular match. This can sometimes be expressed in a percentage, ie a 70% match. Caste can play a large role in Indian marriages, as well as salary, education level and social standing (often related to caste). Often high castes only marry high castes. One reason for Indian parents opting for an Indian arranged marriage, rather than a marriage of mixed races is that the caste cannot be found out or simply does not exist in that culture/country. This ambiguity can create a "fear of the unknown" and so an arranged marriage may be insisted upon. In Indian culture, Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers and Engineers/Scientists are traditionally valued highly as excellent spouse material, although increasingly salary is becoming more important. What do you think? Evan57
  21. God gives you a free will choice to give with cheerful and we are under the grace of God, not under the law. Evan57
  22. My average sleep is 5 1/2 to 6 hours during the week but I tend to get 7 hours average over the weekend. Evan57 :cool
  23. This is crazy. I read the whole forum about tithing situation. Jerry, I love you in Christ. You pray about it and search the scripture and let the Lord lead you. If you stubborn to believe in tithe, that is fine. It is your choice between you and your God. Everyone of you make a choice to believe in what you want to believe. Let the Lord guide you in the right heart in the sight of the Lord thru scriptures. Just remember this. We are not under the law of God but under the grace of God. There was a guy who was tithing until he and his family moved to another state. He couldn't be able to afford giving tithe. He doesn't want his family to live in the street while tithing. He was broke and had to borrow money. He wanted to tithe but he couldn't afford it because his salary is so low. One pastor preached about tithing several times per month drove me crazy and bothered me about it. I decided to study the scripture. He realized there is not commanded tithe but be a cheerful giver in the New Testament. I talked with others about tithe. Some agreed and some don't agree. I thank God for showing me the scripture that is not commanded tithe in the New Testament because we are under the grace of God not the law of God. Even before the law that Abraham did give 10% to Melchizedek. Did the priest Melchizedek commanded him to tithe?? I doubt it. It was base from his heart that he wanted to give 10% for thank God a victory over the enemies. That was the only one time he gave tithe after conquered the enemies I find in the Old Testament before the law exist. If you want to give tithe with cheerful. That is great! Praise the Lord! Don't stop tithe! If it is less or more than tithe with cheerful. Praise God! That is nothing wrong with it. Let the Lord lead you to give more or less with cheerful. :praise: Everyone of you make a choice to believe what the scripture said word for word. I encourage you to ask the Lord then study the scripture. If you believe in tithe or not believe in tithe, that is fine. I just don't want to see argument in this forum but share you believe with others and help others what the scripture said. Help one and love one another. Smile! God loves you!!! :smile Evan57 :cool
  24. John81 did explain very clear. I thank God for this. It is giving out of the cheerful heart. It is up to believers to give more than tithe, at tithe, or less than tithe (10%) with cheerful give. It doesn't matter how much believers give but it is matter on believers' attitudes to God, not to people. I am strongly encourage believers help the churches for pastors' financial, building, electric, water, so on and be involve to serve the Lord. Love and support your churches and pastors. Smile! God loves you all!! Yahoo!! :smile Evan57
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