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  1. Bacon meatloaf is delicious. :thumb Evan57
  2. If the judges of the supreme court decide not allow Obama to be the president of the U. S. Then what next? Vote again? I doubt it. The next president would be the Vice President. He would be a worst president. If not vice president then the House of Representative would take over to be the president. She would be much worst president. What can we do about it? Be thankful and move on and God in charge. Evan57 :cool
  3. How about this? Gambling means taking chance on or risk. It is not just only money, but life or living. For example: If the person loses a job or has no job, he is taking chance to move to other place or stay that area to find a job but he doesn't know if he can be able to find the job or not. This person is taking a risk. That is gambling. Or the person is taking chance to have very serious surgery. This patient doesn't know whether will live or die. This is the matter of life or death. That is gambling. Stock is taking risk. That is also gambling whether the stock will grow or downfall. It is same as playing games. Not all people won the gambling become miserable. Some people can not be able to handle money as overspending that would lead to miserable. Some can be able to control money as investment. However, the person need to be careful with it. Don't get a hook to it. Keep it under control. If he can't control it, get out of this gambling. Also if the person has evil heart like greedy or covet to want to win to find a way to be rich, that is wrong. The bible didn't say "Gambling is sin." It did say, "haste to be rich shall not be innocent". Is that called sin? What if the person just happen won and put it in kid's or kids' future fund or church fund or missionaries support or any good cause and make a good living to serve the Lord better than before? This is not haste to be rich. I can't find the words, "gambling is sin" in the bible. Evan57
  4. Since May 1977. That would be 31 years. Vroom! Time sure flies away. Evan57 :cool
  5. Democrats do not listen to people most of the time. Their view "They want what is best for America." But it is not God's please if they don't follow the God's way. So, there is no way to prevent it unless they listen. This is going to hard. God help us! :pray By the way, do you know any conservative Democrats in Senate and House? Evan57
  6. I had thought of "liberals" Democrats are in Congress and house plus Obama that would easily pass all bills within two years that can disaster America. The enemies are cheerring!! My question is how can we prevent the bad bills from Democrats? :puzzled: Evan57 :cool
  7. I also believe there is voter fraud to help Obama expand the lead over McCain. There are alot of people in NYC and other countries are cheering for Obama including people in Kenya where his relatives lived there. I also believe he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. There are a lot cover up that he gets away with it. God allows it happen. Why? I am thinking because God wants us to looking forward to see Jesus' return in other words rapture time after you(saved people) hear the trumpet. Yahoo! Here we go!!! Evan57 :cool
  8. What distract me is having someone walk thru front of the interpreter. Evan57 :cool
  9. Hi I am profounding deaf but I can hear with hearing aids. I enjoy hearing nice music but only understand few words except I can catch up with words in reading. I love the Lord Almighty God who saved me by the blood of Jesus Christ thru faith. Yahoo!! I am bible believing baptist and fundamentalist. I know sign language since I was 16 years old. Sign language helps me to understand better :smile than get confusing and misunderstanding. :puzzled: I also joined the facebook. Evan57 :cool
  10. Read the news: http://www.newsmax.com/timmerman/obama_ ... ode=2A89-1 Democratic party and Acorn are involving in voting fraud to give more votes to Obama. That is so cheating. I pray God send someone to shut down the Acorn businesses and prevent voting fraud from Democratic party. Evan57
  11. I didn't know that Mormon fundamentalists are totally scary but that is funny. They look like this :pmpkn: or :wvlf" That is more scarier. Whoa!! By the way, other religions fundamentalists. They need to know the truth about the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ by faith, not by work to heaven. Evan57 :cool
  12. I am for USC Trojans all the way!! Coolguy :cool
  13. Thanks, That give me points about what the scriptures say about to edify the church by encourage, support, help others and pray for others. If any of you have more to say or type about why believers should go to church, go ahead. It is fun to learn from other believers about this issue. For example: I met a believer said that "go to church is waste of time." I know what he/she meant is he/she knows the scriptures and the preacher preached/taught same old things or preached too long make him/her felt boring. There was nothing news to learn. It make him/her feel is not worth to go to church. This believer would rather things to do than just sit and listen. How am I be able to convince this believer to come to church that is different than the old church we went to before? Evan57
  14. Thanks. I am looking forward to read the sermon of your pastor from last night. Evan57 :wave:
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