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  1. Bacon meatloaf is delicious. :thumb Evan57
  2. How about this? Gambling means taking chance on or risk. It is not just only money, but life or living. For example: If the person loses a job or has no job, he is taking chance to move to other place or stay that area to find a job but he doesn't know if he can be able to find the job or not. This person is taking a risk. That is gambling. Or the person is taking chance to have very serious surgery. This patient doesn't know whether will live or die. This is the matter of life or death. That is gambling. Stock is taking risk. That is also gambling whether the stock will grow or downfall.
  3. That is a lot of ban!!!! whew! ban the clown - madeline! :frog :loll: Evan57
  4. Close to 5 6. Whew!! Smile!! :smile God loves you!! :cool Evan57 :ears:
  5. Boo Hoo!! That is so sad. :sad Wait I have an idea. :ideas: Go to restaurant to get food. Yummy! Or Look up in the recipe books that you can find it with the Lord leads you. evan57 :ears: w/o hear
  6. I chatted with my friend about the divorced to be a pastor issue last Saturday. I believe divorced can become pastor if: 1. He did his best as he can to get his wife reconcile to him but she left her husband to marry another man. It was not his fault. After his wife married to another man, he then found another woman and got marry. 2. He was divorced while he was unsaved that he didn't know what was right and wrong about divorce. Then he got saved and got married to godly woman. 3. His wife passed away then he married to godly woman. All three that the divorced man does rule his own h
  7. It is interesting discussion about this issue. It is wonderful how God put each one of you have same beliefs and different beliefs. Just use your common sense with bible verses and God's help you to understand the word of God. I stand what the Bible says. I do believe God has mercy and grace and give them chance to serve the Lord than ever before. God allows it happen the help them to learn from their experiences and get second chance. For example: John Mark went with Paul and Barnabas on the first missionary. Then he ran back to his home. After Paul and Barnabas' first missionary, Barna
  8. If the husband did rule his own house and loves his wife but she refused to submit and obedience and decided to divorce even he did best as he can to deal with his wife. She went to another man. Then he married to second wife, he rule house well & loves his wife and she does submit and obedience than with the first wife. It is a blessing in second marriage than the first marriage. He still can be a pastor. It is a present tense not past tense according to I Timothy 3:1-5. Smile! God loves you all!! in the precious blood of Christ, Evan57 :ears: w/o hear
  9. What if the wife decides to leave and divorce her husband because she choose her way rather than follow and submit her husband? Her husband did his best as he can to deal with her but she rejected him. It is not his fault. He still can be a pastor as long he stands for the Lord and encourage people not to divorce. Work it out with people to stay in marriage. It shouldn't be a problem. I believe God gives him second chance. Didn't you read what it said previously that I send the message about the sentence of the bible verse that is present tense. Not past tense of the "husband of one wife." E
  10. I just want you to read this again and think about it and pray about it. Evan57 :ears: w/o hear 'An Independent Baptist Church' Can a Divorced or remarried man be a pastor? Many churches and denominations will not allow a person who has ever been divorced or remarried to hold the office of Pastor or deacon in church. They base this view upon their interpretation of 1 Timothy 3:2 "A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach; 3 Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, n
  11. Then read the website from an Independent baptist church: http://www.gospelcenterchurch.org/divorcedpastors.html What do you think of this?? Evan57 :ears: w/o hear
  12. What about a pastor's wife decides to leave him while a pastor was trying to reconcile her? He was trying his best as he can to have her back but she decides to leave him because she wants her own life and her own way and decide to divorce him. Can he still be a pastor? Is pastor fault? Is this blameless? Evan57 :ears: w/o hear
  13. I would like to see your answers to this question and your points of view to discuss this issue before what I can make a right decision about this issue. Can you help me with this? But please let not have an argument of this issue. Thanks. Evan57 :ears: w/o hear
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