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    brother_mike reacted to ASongOfDegrees in Christ In The Old Testament   
    Redemption comes only through the blood. Since the blood wasn't actually shed before it was shed the OT saint had to wait until their redemption was completed at the cross. Until that time they had to obey God and keep the sacrifices and when they died they were put on hold in Abraham's Bosom.  It's kind of the same principle as our bodies being redeemed. We have the promise of redeemed bodies and it is even spoken of already having occurred  (Romans 8:30) but the actuality won't happen until the rapture. We have to wait until then.
    Like I said in my previous post EVERYONE is ultimately redeemed only by God's grace through the blood of the lamb but at that time the OT saint lived in his salvation was not complete. He still had to obey the law in the OT for his righteousness. This doesn't mean he was redeemed by his works though. The sacrifices were a temporary covering for sin and almost all things under the law was purged with blood (that verse is talking about the blood of ANIMALS).
    Romans 3:24-26
    [24] Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:
    [25] Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;
    [26] To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.
    Christ's sacrifice declared God righteous for remitted sins in the past. The argument could have been made that God was unrighteous for remitting the sins of OT saints purely on the basis of the blood of animals. Yet Christ's sacrifice ultimately proved God righteous for doing so. "....through the forbearance of God" means that God "put up" with this temporary covering of the sins of the OT saints because he foresaw the sacrifice of his dear Son. Now God can be declared righteous for remitted sin and justifying souls.
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    brother_mike reacted to Calvary in Christ In The Old Testament   
    "Esteeming the reproach of Christ..." vs. 26
    One should notice that this is a case like Abraham, "seeing Christ´s day" (John 8:56). The writer is not saying Moses was suffering because he was telling people about Christ, or personally believing on Christ,  he is simply saying that the same kind of reproaches that fell on Christ (John 2:17  And his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.; Psalms 69:9, For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up; and the reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen upon me.), fell on Moses for doing right.
    "The recompense of the reward" was a reward for doing right and not enjoying the pleasures of sin for a season. Moses esteemed that any reproach that he would take for doing right was better than any payment, which is exactly how the Apostles figured the matter after they "suffered shame for His name" (Acts 5:41)
    Moses could enjoy sin or he could suffer, he chose "rather to suffer affliction with the people of God" (Hmmm, no "sons of God " there, only people of God - lol)
    For he endured as seeing HIM WHO IS INVISIBLE.... That is the key to it all. That is his real motivation.
    Reading New Testament doctrine back into the Old Testament will always lead one to a wrong conclusion. It will have born again believers where there are none, it will have men looking forward to the cross who didn´t see any cross anywhere. It will have the Holy Spirit indwelling men when He did not. Always be very careful of taking New Testament facts and placing them over Old Testament saints. Most of the time it will lead one to error.
    God bless,

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    brother_mike got a reaction from swathdiver in Christian Colleges   
    Registered.  Classes start 9/2.  Excited to start.
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    brother_mike reacted to JerryNumbers in Zimmerman Found Not Guilty   
    Yes, the black man attacked the Hispanic man, seems he did so from behind, had him down on the ground, & on top of him, beating his head against the sidewalk.
    If you have someone on top of you trying to do you harm, trying to perhaps kill you, you do have the right to defend yourself.
    But I will say this, its a no win situation, its sad that someone died, & its sad so many are divided on this.
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    brother_mike reacted to Standing Firm In Christ in Christian Colleges   
    I can't even afford $270 a year.  Cherith is free and one can get degrees through them.
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    brother_mike reacted to JerryNumbers in Way Of Life - Paul Chappell Misses The Fundamental Point In The Music Issue   
    Yes. Even when its about love sometimes thing have to be pointed out that are wrong, instead of just patting them on the back saying, "That'a Boy," pretending things are just great when they're not.
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    brother_mike reacted to swathdiver in Way Of Life - Paul Chappell Misses The Fundamental Point In The Music Issue   
    What if the fruit is rotten? 
    How can good fruit come from a tainted ministry that produces liberal graduates, adapted CCM music in public and full on rock in private and the preacher himself reads and recommends books by heretics?  He spends so much time writing to us with both hands I believe he's forgotten how much he needs to keep reading and learning for himself.
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    brother_mike reacted to JerryNumbers in Vehicle With Mounted 'gun' Panics Detroit Suburb   
    When someone see's & hears it from a distance, or a place where they can see there's not real bullets being shot, it would cause much alarm, & gain many 911 phone calls. When you see something like that talking place, if you wait too long to call 911 many people might be killed.
    So really, out in the public, on a public road is no place for something like that. In a parade or something of that nature would be a different thing, & it would be OK.
    There is no sense in scaring people half to death, not after all the mass killings we've had in the past few years, & it might make someone hurt their self because they are scared out of their mind, & there would be nothing funny about that. Although i know many people get their kicks by going around trying to scare people half to death, but you can go to far overboard when doing that.
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    brother_mike reacted to Salyan in The "sons Of God" In Genesis 6:2 & 4 Are Angelic Beings?   
    Okay, I think we've had enough of this. Let's stop it before it gets any worse. 
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    brother_mike reacted to John81 in O'bama   
    Followers of Christ are called to pray for those in leadership, show them respect, and shine the light of Christ.
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    brother_mike reacted to Salyan in O'bama   
    So if I don't vote for someone, I don't have to honor them as head of my country? Be lovely if it worked that way, but I don't think it does.  That's a wee bit beside my point, anyways. As Christians, should we be mocking anybody? 
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    brother_mike reacted to Salyan in O'bama   
    Umm... not trying to be all righteous here or anything, but its really bothers me to see you all mocking Obama so.  I'm quite sure he deserves it, but it doesn't reflect well for Christians to be speaking so of anyone - much less your leader.   Just sayin'...
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    brother_mike reacted to JerryNumbers in They Shall Mingle Themselves With The Seed Of Men   
    You will get a big disagreement on this. I've been called many things for saying the sons of God are fallen angels. And of course that's exactly what they were.
    With that said I can see how some can come to the conclusion that they're not fallen angels & I do not ever call them what they call me. 
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    brother_mike reacted to ASongOfDegrees in Dorightchristians - The Fruit Of Jocelyn Zichterman’S ‘I Fired God’=Atheism   
    Yup, just what I thought. You really should take you disingenuous bashing someplace else. Maybe start your our website committed solely to it.
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    brother_mike reacted to ASongOfDegrees in Dorightchristians - The Fruit Of Jocelyn Zichterman’S ‘I Fired God’=Atheism   
    Somehow this will turn to more Hyles/Schaap bashing.
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    brother_mike got a reaction from Miss Daisy in Heavy Loads Could Burden Women's Infantry Role   
    The logical thing to do would be to keep women out of these roles.  But in the all inclusive, politically correct, illogical world we live in will be to do like all else and lower the standards, eventually.
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    brother_mike reacted to Salyan in Msnbc Host Under Attack For Saying Children Shouldn’T Belong To Parents   
    The problem, kindofblue, is that nowadays that sense of 'strong responsibility' is actually the belief that the children actually belong to the village/community/state/UN and thus those organizations should have the final say over how said children are raised and taught. It's not for nothing that it is said that 'the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.' The founders of the Jesuits knew that if they could have the training of a child while he was young, they could influence the man. Hitler knew the same thing. He considered the German children to belong to him - to the community - and organized a hugely efficient system to separate them from their family as much as possible and indoctrinate them in the ideals of his Third Reich. Our modern liberals and world-community folk know this as well. Yes, as you said, any community that you choose to include your children in will tend to take care of them and look out for their interests. Churches, etc. However, this tendency takes a far more sinister turn when a group that you want nothing to do with claims that your children belong to them and then proceed to tell you how to raise them. Usually, today, these directives are directly opposed to the Bible's injunctions of how to 'raise up a child.' Eventually they will remove parents who refuse to take their directives. They did so in Soviet Russia, and in Nazi German. History repeats itself, does it not?
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    brother_mike reacted to JerryNumbers in Msnbc Host Under Attack For Saying Children Shouldn’T Belong To Parents   
    No, it takes a father & mother to raise a child, & if the child is going to be raised properly that father & mother will have to protect that child from the village, the village is what corrupts many Christian families children. The village, the world, is not friends to the Christian.
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    brother_mike reacted to JerryNumbers in Heavy Loads Could Burden Women's Infantry Role   
    Yes, the logical thing to do is not send women to war, but we have many women that do not want to be in a woman's role, & I guess we have men that wants women bedside of them in combat.
    I think it just further proves this country is not a Christian nation.
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    brother_mike reacted to JerryNumbers in Son Of Pastor Rick Warren Commits Suicide, Family Says   
    I'm going to lock my topic, I do not like the direction its going. And this is not the topic for going in that direction.
    When a subject like this comes up, its time to show compassion, & kindness.
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    brother_mike reacted to HappyChristian in Son Of Pastor Rick Warren Commits Suicide, Family Says   
    Even the most wicked person loves their child.  Parents are grieving over the fact that the little boy they loved, nurtured, and raised chose to end his life.  Yes, Rick Warren has skewed teaching.  But does that mean he isn't hurting right now?  No, it doesn't.  
    I can't imagine the pain of losing a child (even as an adult), let alone knowing that said child died by his/her own hands.  Biblical compassion would cause us to feel sympathy for the Warrens, without accepting his teachings. 
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    brother_mike reacted to DaveW in Son Of Pastor Rick Warren Commits Suicide, Family Says   
    There is certainly a place for common decency and compassion in referring to this matter.
    Or at least there should be.
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    brother_mike reacted to Salyan in Dorightchristians - Why Fundamentalists Don’T Listen To Our Critics   
    I don't really like the tone of that site. It is good to expose the lies and hypocrisy of such groups, yes, but to do so in such a crude, mocking manner seems almost to prove their point. "Stuffed undies?" "Wackos"? Really? Can't these be written with more 'grace, seasoned with salt'? :twocents:
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    brother_mike reacted to DaveW in Police Officer Trips, Sues Garage Owner   
    Why would you think it is in any way appropriate to voice opinions like that without any indication from the article?
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    brother_mike reacted to JerryNumbers in How Secure Is Your Passwaord   
    C/net recommends this site.
    lifehacker recommends it
    Maker of Nortons antivirus recommends it
    Test your password : How Secure Is My Password
    Download Squad recommends it
    Business Insider recomends it
    And there's many more that recommend How Secure Is My password, & they would not recommend something that would make them lose their credibility. Some people do not know how to make up a secure password, often its someone that is new to computers, & a stie like this can help them understand if their password is safe or not.
    Of course you will always have conspiracy theory makers, people that tries to place conspiracy theories in everyone's head about everything, while they trust no one, they feel everyone in the world ought to trust them.
    My ex-son-in-law is bad about cheating people, in return he will not trust anyone. He thinks everyone is out to cheat him out of anything or everything possible. In truth he thinks I should change everyone double, but because of who I am my friends ought to sell & or do work for me at cost only. he has been involved in several fights with friend over this issue, of course once that happens that person will no longer have anything to do with him.
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