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  1. I did not even know that this mag was still around. Used to read it in my 20's (30 years ago).
  2. We faithfully hit Sunday AM services (Sunday School and regular services) We hit Sunday evening and Wednesday evening as much as possible, with Sunday evening usually winning out because of mid week work, school, homework schedules. But usually someone can represent on Wednesday, much easier during summer months.
  3. Registered. Classes start 9/2. Excited to start.
  4. Just wanted to insert a clarification. "America in Crimson Red: The Baptist History of America" is authored by James Beller. And, yes, quite an interesting read. I met the author at a conference several years back I attended with my Pastor.
  5. Thanks for the tip on this one. Checking it out. Not interested in accredidation or anything, just a good structured BI program for my busy lifestyle (church, family, household stuff, work, AGE )
  6. One of the reasons I still prefer the Book. Although I have been known to carry both. The tablet is small and thin and does carry some good reference library material.
  7. It is the same as with any tool. IT is how it is used. Now, I PREFER using and carrying a Bible. That said... Using my tablet in church provides many advantages. You can split the screen and have one pane with the primary verse and follow other verses on another pane. You can have a dictionary pane open. Concordance and cross refs are but a touch of a link. Plus, note taking can be simplified as well, all in one convenient tablet. An integrated prayer journal Teaching notes with links to Bible verses and other refference sources available Electronic devices can, and do hold many distractions for people, as well as forms of idolitry, as unfortunately, so can the Book. There are those small circles who appear to put the Book above the Words inside. I do not have cellular in my tablet and we don't have wifi in our church, so any online distractions are not an issue. I would turn those off in church if we did have wifi, as I do my phone. I am not a big fan of electronics in church as they seem to promote a worldy atmosphere as in flashy images 8 feet tall, etc. We have a projector, but use it minimally. Missionaries and speakers use it for presentations, we will have special videos on church anniversaries, etc shown, but never during a sermon. Bibles made a big transition from scrolls to bound form. That is happening again. It is more important to mind the words, not necessarily the medium they are conveyed on. It is just unfortunate that anything can be used to pervert and distort God's Word. As in all things honour to God is primary. I am, though, still a bit on the fence.
  8. I am suggesting nothing. A rather clear statement, i thought Where is it stated? Either way?
  9. No argument there. Many verses on both sides of the aisle. But, when looking at the 5 times in the OT that "sons of God" is used, particularly Job 38, compared to the 6 times in the NT, there appears to be a distinct difference, and never do the two paths cross, so to speak (or at least appear not to).
  10. I do not remeber seeing anywhere that this is stated. God's word says that angels are not given in marraige, says nothing about apparatus or original intent. There could be questions raised as to what angels could or could not do when taking on a physical form, and always in male form.
  11. Just a couple of points for thought. In Job, the "sons of God" presented themselves. They went to God. Where He was. Infer Heaven. In Genesis 18, God specifically cam to us mortals and appeared to Abraham. God came to him, where he was. Earth. Just different ways of looking at things.
  12. I did not know anything about the homosexual stance, but it is difficult to get by without contact of some sort. A year or two ago, AARP was did some sort of marketing ploy with Mrs. Obama. That coupled with their stance on Obamacare, I called them and asked to be removed from their mailing list permanently. I have not received a mailing since. I knew there were other organizations available when I may need to use them. Good riddance to them. Just an FYI. Closing a line of credit is and will be reported to the credit companies. Your permission is not needed. It is part of the normal reporting process. Depending on your other credit accounts, it can make a difference on your rating. If you watch those things.
  13. Yep. That is where I cut my teeth in the IS career field. Even schooled in assembly and JCL, along with Cobol, Fortran, and Pascal. I really liked those ancient languages. We still have and instance or two with Cobol in our shop, but as far as the others, relegated to hobbyists and such, if even that.
  14. brother_mike

    Pc Vs. Mac

    With my laptop, the issue has always been my wifi card. None of the mainstream distros would work with it. Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and SolydX would right out of the "box". These are all Debian dirivitives. When I finally went to true Debian, it did not have the driver on disk, but the install told me exactly what I needed. PCs and especially laptops and notebooks, etc are using a log of vendor specific hardware these days. Not as generic as they used to be. And especially now when vendors are designing the hardware to meet the needs of a few specific OS vendors.

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