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  1. Some of you have some pretty long noses you’re looking down… You really have a knack to ruin what might have just been a small thought that maybe could have been a small blessing for someone into some kind of a stupid [and futile] argument. Why? Just so you could show me [or someone] how much you know? Or was it so we could all see how much you watch others instead of yourself? My first question is: Who do you think you are trying to make me or anyone feel or think that you know more about what God’s will is for them [or anyone other than yourself for that matter] and how and what He is sp
  2. And also the "average" Christian looks upon others who seem to be more prosperous than they are [or wish they were] and naturally assume that since that person has "stuff" that they must be robbing God to get it [or at least withholding too much for their own use] instead of giving that person the benefit of the doubt [and a silent display of grace] by assuming that since God keeps the score, maybe, just maybe, God seems to be blessing that person because that they may actually have been being perfectly obedient to that which God is requiring of them. Funny how we're always so eager to jum
  3. Childlike Faith! Mother: Son, I don’t want you to cry when I drop you off at Gramma’s tomorrow. Son: But I don’t want you to go to work! Mother: But I have to go to work, so I can buy you things. Son: I don’t want things anymore Mommy! I JUST WANT YOU! Matthew 18:3 Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. To have faith as a little child runs much deeper than simplistic thinking and simplistic beliefs. Simplistic thinking and simplistic beliefs just barely scratch the surface of what childlik
  4. In the Fire! Life's Lessons from the Forge - Part 1 In blacksmithing, a piece of iron or steel is heated to varying degrees and worked into shape between the Smith’s hammer and his anvil. In order to heat the steel, the Smith places the steel into the forge, which contains burning coal, or coke. The Smith then pumps air through the burning coke which makes the fire reach an extreme heat, which in turn heats the steel. When the fire is hot, the Smith cannot just lay the steel on top of the fire for it will not absorb any heat, it will get “warm” but it will not get “hot.” I
  5. I think I've heard it said along the lines of ~ Forgiving someone sets a prisoner free, and when you forgive, you discover that the prisoner was you.
  6. Yes you can set up Outlook and Gmail to work together. I've done it and it works pretty well although I did go back to simply using the web just to keep it simple since I use it quite often away from home.
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