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  1. Praise god! I will keep you in my prayers. :pray :pray
  2. :praying for your brother and your family.
  3. You really didn't ask that did you?
  4. A few weeks ago, my friend had surgery for cancer. This was the 4th surgery she had. Last night in church, our Pastor advised us that she (my friend) is to undergo more surgery, this time for cancer in her lungs. I don't know the exact date of her surgery, but it is in a few weeks. PLEASE PRAY for my sweet Sister in Christ. She has maintained such a beautiful testimony throughout her battle with this wicked malady :sad and she has been such an inspiration to many of our church family (including/especially me). My friends name is Patty, please keep her in your prayers. :pray :pray :pray Thank you!
  5. You should obey your father, however, talk to him, tell him you're going to obey him because that's what Gods Word commands us to do but explain to him that you don't like being put in the middle because your mom will get mad at you. Pray for discernment. :pray
  6. How about this "FOOD FOR THOUGHT"? I don't think anyone can beat it...
  7. I tried to witness to my neighbor and explained to him that when you die, you're either in heaven or hell. Heaven is pure glory, & hell is a place of constant torment. He responded to me, "try living with my wife, that's constant torment. I'm looking forward to going to hell, that's where all the good looking chicks are." My heart truly aches for my neighbors soul and it seems no matter what I say, he keeps telling me he's looking forward to hell. I ALWAYS ask the Holy Spirit to lead me when I talk to my neighbor, but I find myslef crying for his eternal soul while I talk to him & he seems to get a kick out of that.
  8. :dead: let's move on to a new subject now.... :2cents
  9. My daughter was very picky when she was a toddler. I fixed nutritional meals, my daughter learned that if she didn't eat them, she didn't get anything to eat. Trust me, she'll eat. Depending on what times you eat, she may not be getting hungry by dinner time. I suggest your wife and mother-in-law STOP giving her other stuff to eat if she doesn't eat dinner. Of course, if she eats all her dinner, then by all means, reward her with desert or snacks before bedtime. As far as the tantrums, my daughter had them too & when she did, I put her in her bedroom & made her stay there until she felt she could come out and behave properly. I did spank her a few times for it, but I would suspect that because this is a "new" behavior for your daughter, it's working with someone she is around. Just be sure your give positive feedback when she does behave properly. You don't want her to think there are only negative ramifications for behaviors. I admit, parenting is a VERY tough job. Even if you'd have had experience in the past, each child is different & your experience wouldn't necessarily be of benefit to you. The best advice I can give is pray that God give you discernment and patience. After all, look at how His children act. :2cents
  10. Another side effect of soda/coffee is kidney stones. If any of you have ever had a bout with them, you'll steer clear of it. So many times, we do things because that's what we've always done. I don't always listen to what doctors say, because I don't think they always "know" (after all, their profession is called 'PRACTICE') but science has made remarkable discoveries that we can sometimes benefit from.
  11. Praise the Lord, God knew humans would try to over analyze things, so He made receiving His precious gift of eternal life so very easy. :pray
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