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  1. Hi, Matt, from a lifelong Christian - glad you found your way (here and in other ways) and looking forward to reading your posts. Btw, I'm Jim.
  2. Good to hear, thanks for the updates and will continue praying for Randy and for you.
  3. Well, ham tomorrow, of course but tonight it'll be a porterhouse, baked potato plus dinner rolls. Like the mac-n-cheese from scratch better, my kids used to like that weird orange type you get from the box.
  4. Oh, I dout he will be the nominee, for reasons others here have already stated - his marriage/infidelity record is a big turn-off, as is his behaviour on that reality tv show he used to be on. But he can seem to suceed at anything he puts his mind to, and unlike Obama, he's a self-starter> I'd vote for him or anyone else in a heartbeat over that loser we've got as president now.
  5. I don't drive quite that far, Annie, but my church is 35 miles aways. In a rural area in a secular state, it's the closest Baptist church - but I am happy with it.
  6. I'm afraid you're right, John and Jerry - this is unbelievable to think one homosexual judge can undermine seven million people. I think SCOTUS is going to reverse this ruling before all's said and done, but it should've never occured in the first place. This country could really use some prayers right now, many of them.
  7. I see this cult is still going strong. Phelps and his bunch will do just about anything to get their names in the news, protesting military funerals because of homosexuality makes NO sense at all, but then that may be the point. I've wondered before how they'd think if Fred Phelp's funeral was protested - it's tasteless and tacky to do what they do, even if it's constitutional.
  8. I usually wear a cross around my neck, so I voted for that option. I'd like to think I advertise my faith by words and actions as well.
  9. difficult question to answer - all four are good and have all the strong points . . . guess I'll go with the one I read the most often, and that'd have to be Mark. Clear and concise.
  10. I think the whole thing backfired on him, he'd have done it a year ago if he was actually interested in other ideas. I rue the day he became POTUS even though I didn't vote for him.
  11. Why don't you ask some of your neighbors? They've prOBably already had to deal with this rather odd prOBlem of yours. Wow, you learn something new every day.
  12. I agree. While I do have some sympathy for his plight, he handled it in the worst way possible. He was OBviously unhinged and separated from God. Praying for his victims, his friends, and his family as well.
  13. They just can't resist those search-and-destroy Chicago political tactics, can they? This is certainly unbecoming of a sitting POTUS, and that Dunn woman is just another lefty loon. What are they trying to do, marginalize FOX News? They've already managed to do that to MSNBC and CNN, although that was not intentional. All the WH whining will do here is to make those ratings even higher.
  14. Very interesting article, although I can see why it'd be at odds with the sci-fi community. You know, this should be a pretty obvious point, but I'd never thought of it this way: There's the life in outer space. Thanks for the article.
  15. Reason #7,629,336,207,466 NOT to support this bill - socialsim guised as "healthcare". This new parent *help* sounds as voluntary as their plan to give seniors "voluntary" end of life sessions - the bill never says that word, or "optional", anything like that. This bill's evil and needs to be defeated. I'm still wondering why turning off the lights can cause an infant to suffocate, but then I remember some "expert" said that.
  16. I guess he trusts the other socialists in Congress to write an acceptable bill. Gee, it would be nice if he at least could have an aide give him the highlights of this awful piece of legislation before he hams for the cameras again tonight.
  17. Cool, although I could never do this - severly allergic to insect stings - there ARE a lot of people out here that have been bee-keeping for generations - it's almost a lost art. Some of them do make a good living at it, come to think of it. Good luck with it.
  18. A lot has changed since the age of chivalry, but the most of the principal virtues are found in the Bible, so, yes.
  19. The MSM is already in a "destroy Jindal" mode - it doesn't matter who it is as long as the individual is a threat to their plans for permanent one-party rule. Yeah, there are strings attached, why even the Democrat governor of Wisconsin is hesitating about accepting this "free" federal money. I bet he will in the end, though, so he won't offend his party's leaders. You're right about who to put hop into.
  20. :Green Somebody here thought it was a good choice, everyone else thought it wasn't. I'm with the latter group - too expensive, too extensive, too big government for my tastes. Too much pork and not enough programs that would actually create jobs. That thing is going to do far more harm than good.
  21. I voted "sometimes refreshed, sometimes discouraged" because it all depends on the posts I happen to read. Liberals SHOULD be "more open to disagreement", since they thrive on misery. Go to one of their boards, and you can see just how "tolerant" they really are.
  22. I, as well, am rather disappointed at the Baptist showing. At least Carter left the SBC, and I've never been quite sure of what kind of Baptist Bill Clinton is, all I know is that his wife is still a Methodist. I wish Barack Hussein Obama would up and join a Baptist church, but he probably won't. TUCC (barf). :roll
  23. And how good are your *convictions* going to do you when the thug outlaws the Bible and the CP? He's already trying to suppress dissidence. That's what totalitarians do. I'm not talking about the Second Coming, I'm talking about this next election. This is the secular world here, and it's very possible to argue things have gotten very bad and that's no reason to aid and abet evil further. You're doing exactly what George Soros wants you to do. :roll As someone else has already said, it's always about choosing the lesser of the two evils, even when your precious Ron Paul was on the ticket. Like I said, do whatever you please, but I'm post-mil and have no idea if and when a Rapture will occur, and I'm not going to just let some Chicago thugs take over the government.
  24. I'm not a pacifist, so I don't buy this abortion = war argument. That's standard NARAL propoganda, as if there's no difference between an adult who volunteers for the military and an unborn child. As for voting, I've said my viewpoint, but I'll state it again: I will do anything to keep the Soros shill away from the White House, including voting for John McCain, since he's the only alternative, whether I like it or not. This "voting for the lesser of two evils"excuse would only work for me if I didn't have a problem with the greater evil prevailing, but I do.
  25. At the risk of sounding like a bird or something, I voted grain. All the others on the list are okay as well, though I never had a real sweet tooth - I'd always go for a bag of potato chips over a brownie. But grains are versatile and fun to cook with, machine or no. I have some starter in the fridge right now that will make a good loaf of sourdough very soon.
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