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  1. It's been a while since I have been able to get on, so I thought I would send a Good Morning out to everyone!
  2. Would you believe I remember seeing that on TV, when I was really young?
  3. Ban Madeline because I got to ban Bro. Matt
  4. Do you think I would remember who Dr. Who was if I did google his name?
  5. Would you believe that did nothing for my memory, except confuse me more?
  6. Nope, no can do!!! TPNTM is going to try and figure it out
  7. Another quick update... My brother has made an appointment to talk to a therepist. I believe right now it is what he needs. Yes I believe that through Salvation anything is possible, but I also believe that he needs help, and if he isn't ready to take Jesus into his heart, then the next best thing for him is to talk about all the things that are weighing so heavy on his heart. I just pray that he will come to Christ, and accept Him, as his Savior! ** Thank You All for all your Prayers!**
  8. Mounds Snickers or 3 Musketeer
  9. My cousin and I took a job doing strawberry picking for a company, but we ate way too many that they asked us not to return the next day. We picked and ate the biggest ones, and put the smallest ones in the box. By the end of the day, we were calling them anything but strawberries. It was a fun day, though we both ended up sick.
  10. Of course I do TPNTM has no clue what is going on in this thread
  11. :yeah: (my father is out of the hospital, and doing wonderful)
  12. Is that so bad? TPNTM thinks that TPNTH talks too much
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