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  1. I am reading The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee. It is phenomenal, I strongly suggest it. [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watchman_nee[/url]
  2. YHWH is a transliteration of ???? which is Yod he vAV he, essentially. It is used throughout the Old Testament. It was ???? before the birth of Christ. And it was before 1611. YHWH is used in Jewish to English translations often. The irony is that W has no equivalency in Hebrew prior to Modern Hebrew which is a double vav, that did not occur . So If we want to bring the word from the Old Testament perhaps a better translation would be YHVH. It is often translated to English with words like Jehovah, LORD, or God. it is first seen in ?????? Genesis 3:14. Vowel placement alters throughou
  3. You can always put up a link to a flickr account or something...
  4. I do not wish to upset or negate. I will show respect by sticking with the King James. I read the King James often. It was all I read for over a decade simply because I owned only King James bibles. I do not care for the NIV. I tend to prefer an NASB or ESV when it comes to English. I also realize that anything in English is a man's interpretation. I know many may get angry, and I do not wish to persuade you to that belief. I do however wish to state that It is my belief that God has given us over to depravity for removing entire books from the bible. The scripture at the time of the
  5. A car has no gender it does not lead me to the conclusion the the car is androgynous, in fact I see cars as masculine objects. The thought that God has to be a male or female is an extremely culturally bound concept. It is an extremely westernized philosophy. People have gender for procreation. God does not procreate. He does not make other gods with a woman god. There is one God gender is not a necessity for his existence or perpetuation. He never dies and does not make baby gods. That is a humanistic concept of God. Gender terms were used as a way to relate and understand God with l
  6. Where exactly in scripture were we told about the genitalia of God? I don't think that was ever in any King James I have read. No, I have not seen God bound by that mortal of a concept where he has even a need to reproduce. There is no way anyone can know that in fact to do such would be anthropomorphism. Man and Woman were both created in the image of God. God has no gender, he does however have feminine and masculine qualities.
  7. I collect Bibles. I also do Scripture Reference books. I collect Books in general, but Bibles seem to be the main focus of my books. I also like to collect older historic writings such as Josephus, Roman writers, early writings especially from ancient Mesopotamia, Hellenistic, and Jewish histories culture and other sorts of historical information from the time of the old and new testament, including Egyptian.
  8. Passages like those found in 1 Timothy which seem to say women should keep shut are greatly taken out of context. First off we have forgotten the history and circumstances in which they were going on. Secondly we tend to cling to those few fragments in opposition to the rest of scripture which clearly states otherwise. We see Priscilla teaching Paul. We have examples of Women teaching. We see the new testament which is set in one of the most extremely sexist societies and men like Paul who may not seem like it in today's culture, but he was extremely progressive on these roles for his tim
  9. I believe it is about that glorified state when we are with him. If we look the passage is full of depth, and has much profound to focus on, and looking at that one scripture without the rest seems to be an injustice. We see that we know in part and that we do not know it all or have all the answers. We see through a glass darkly. We have a clouded view. It is telling that this passage that speaks of when we shall know and see is in the love chapter. I feel this is one of the greatest passages of scripture. I read it often, and often I see where I have flawed or fallen short. It also a
  10. The argument of Rachel holds no validity. To say that G-d is the only one who opens and closes the womb and then say that a doctor opened a womb in itself is a contradiction. Did that Doctor take G-d's power away? No he did not. If it was G-d's desire to close her womb it would have been done. The scripture shows nothing of a commandment against medical procedures to cure an ailment. That is building a straw man based on a cultural bias and close to xenophobia. If anything Isaiah said to care for the widow and orphan and Jesus Christ the Messiah told us not to cast the first stone b
  11. The Lord gave me a chance yesterday to do this and I can't help but feel I should have shown more friendship and compassion. I thank you all for your prayers, I need them.
  12. It is an underwhealming thing because my pride wants to say I've been called to teach, preach, lead, but no. He just wants me to be a friend. Now the worst part is I think that one little thing is harder for me than most anything. God seems to be addressing the problem with me alot in my time I spend with him each morning. He seems to have me focusing on love and being judgmental. I was getting to a point where I was judging other Christians for their faults when all along I was having alot of the faults myself I just choose not to see them or how they were manifesting. God has shown m
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