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    heartstrings got a reaction from wretched in Can a Christian be a Liberal Voter?   
    Those who voted for this gay rights, abortion loving, God hating, Christian hating crowd.... I doubt very seriously that they have been born of the Spirit of God. Can't be.
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    heartstrings got a reaction from Jordan Kurecki in Can a Christian be a Liberal Voter?   
    2 Thessalonians 3:10............ if any would not work, neither should he eat................
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    heartstrings reacted to Pastor Scott Markle in Can a Christian be a Liberal Voter?   
    Biblically, there is a distinction between those who are poor because they CANNOT from those who are lazy and WILL NOT.  In order to be strictly Biblical, we must develop an understanding and behavior that includes both sides of the distinction.
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    heartstrings reacted to Salyan in Can a Christian be a Liberal Voter?   
    The government was specifically designated by God "for the punishment of evil doers and the praise of them that do well." We could also extrapolate a responsibility for national security in that. Anything beyond that is out of scope.
    1. Christians are told to support the poor and needy. (This is an individual responsibility, and not given to the government.)
    2. "If a man does not work, neither shall he eat." (this implies that programs that give money to those who WON'T work, rather than CAN'T work, are in violation of God's principles).

    I feel like conservative government aid programs, that focus on private charity and demanding responsibility on the part of the recipients, are a better representation of Biblical principles than socialist ones. 
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