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  1. Greetings my new friend
    Please contact me here hannah_majzoub@yahoo.co.uk
    How are you today?? My name is Miss Hannah,I was impressed when i saw your profile today at (www.onlinebaptist.com) I like to be your friends ok; Please send me your e-mail to my inbox at (hannah_majzoub@yahoo.co.uk) so i will send you my Photos to you.
    waiting to hear from you soon.
    Miss H...

  2. Alen

    Word Game

    toe (sorry to make it hard ) -Alen
  3. Alen

    Word Game

    veto (I feel better now ) -Alen
  4. Alen

    Word Game

    nectar (I'm glad I've got spell checking on my browser, because I can't spell to save my life ) -Alen
  5. A boomerang is a weapon used to kill animals like birds kangaroos etc. It was designed to come back if it missed the target, most were not designed to come back due to their massive size. Only the smaller ones come back, but it takes practice to get it right. -Alen
  6. I haven't heard anyone say "G'day" to me in a long time My day was fine, it's evening here, should go to bed, it's just after mid night, and your's? -Alen
  7. It's like those duracell ads on TV, with the rabbit -Alen
  8. I carry a bunch with me mostly, sometimes I forget or run out, I generally leave then on the bus or train I catch, in a restroom, and of course hand them out in the street, or when door knocking :) I am still a bit nervous talking to people on the street, yet I have no nerves when I door knock, perplexing :? I think that door knocking gives you the opportunity to build up your nerves while you wait for the door :) -Alen
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