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  1. Panicking serves no one - not yourself, not the people who are suffering, and not the planet. Allow yourself to trust that there is a larger purpose and that it may not be necessary for you to know that purpose at this time. Allow yourself to have faith that ultimately, all will be well.

  2. Bro. Cloud is right. As some have pointed out, there have always been weak churches that like to retain the label of IFB. The most irksome thing is that they refuse to simply leave the "movement" they so obviously despise. I was in an IFB church for a short time where the pastor seemed to bash independent baptists at every turn. He used all the famous one liners: "We IFB's are the only ones that shoot our wounded", "We IFB's are the only ones that can't get along", "We IFB are the only ones that don't love the brethren", "We IFB's are the only ones that are late for church all the time",
  3. Having been the victim of covered-up abuse myself, a lot of what was said in the 20/20 episode and on this thread hits close to home. I thought the 20/20 production was relatively balanced in its approach and they did not verbalize a conclusive view that all IFB churches are cults or that they all have the types of problems highlighted in their show. Near the beginning and again in the closing sequences, they equated having standards (specifically dress and music standards) with being a cult, which is dishonest, and they also edited the music and video clips of IFB churches to come across i
  4. Not long ago I was preaching at a local church and the Sunday school class I sat in on (ages 18-30 or so) was discussing spiritual discernment and maturity. The definition I gave to them for spiritual maturity was as follows: Spiritual maturity should be the ever increasing state of a believer's spiritual life when he ceases to constantly attempt to justify what he wants to do by pointing to the things that aren't clearly spelled out in God's word, and he begins to seek only to glorify God through simple obedience to the commands that are clearly spelled out in His word. Once the maturing
  5. I'm a dad again! Ava was born @ 1:49 pm weighing in @ 7 lb. 9 oz. and measuring 19.5" long... pics soon to follow.

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    2. Brother Rick
    3. John81



    4. 282Mikado


      Congratulations! Don't know if you'll remember me; I used to frequent here about three years ago. I came back to check on someone and found a friend of mine, Ted Snyder on here. He's a good man. Thought I'd look around some and found you again. We just had a daughter too, on April 8, 2011. Sarah Grace came in @ 10:23 AM. 20" long and 7 lbs. 6 oz. She is a true blessing. Congratulations again and God Bless.

  6. First day of Grand Jury duty is history... just 11 more to go: once per month for the rest of the year.

    1. Ocracoke_Pelican


      Never been called for Grand Jury duty but always thought it would be interesting.

  7. You are right in that the passages I had mentioned are speaking specifically about our relationship with our "brothers" and that does indeed change the dynamic of the warnings Christ was issuing. However, your premise that it is impossible to "commit 'heart murder' or 'heart adultery'" is invalid based on the passage you cited. Jesus never claimed that one could actually outwardly commit any sin simply thinking about it or dwelling upon it. It is clear, though, that his instructions during the sermon on the mount are not descriptive of how the kingdom of heaven will be, but rather examples
  8. Those are great verses from James on the tongue. They demonstrate that great damage can be done with the tongue whether it is on purpose or by accident. That is why it must be crucified with all of our other members daily and given over to the use of Godly purposes and not for our own purposes. (I may be missing something: what do you mean by, "why did God put it in a pool of water?" )
  9. I occasionally listen to Wretched Radio with Todd Friel. I enjoy a lot of things about the radio program and I especially like "Witness Wednesdays" because he spends time evangelizing the lost. I do not listen to the entire program, but I listen to their podcast which is just one segment of the program called "Segment of the Day." Todd Friel uses the Way of the Master's popular "good person test" when witnessing, which is fine, but one thing he has done several times concerns me and I wanted to get some input from the forums on it. If you can, find their podcast from Dec. 22, 2010 and lis
  10. Really thankful for our family traditions right now! Our Christmas Eve tradition is to have a pizza any way we want, which happens ONLY at Christmas. This year it was simple, but really good... Little Caesar's large with extra cheese and extra bacon.

    1. John81


      We had pizza at my daughters tonight. Four different kinds to please everyone.

  11. Well... it will be three statuses in one day. I got an early birthday gift from Greenville County when I checked the mail tonight. I got JURY DUTY!! Wahoo! :-)

    1. John81


      Yep, proof you're all grown up now! ;-)

  12. Last day of my 20's! Had a successful time at the gun show and a good time doing some Christmas shopping after that. Now, I'm being tempted by the chicken enchiladas Heather is preparing for lunch tomorrow. It smells so good in the house now!

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