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  1. If you are interested in Dental procedures/costs i have been through a quite a bit with it. Growing up, and until i turned 21, i had a sizeable gap between my front teeth. The four teeth making up the front upper row had fuzed together as they were forming to make 2 larger front teeth. I got it all fixed in one shot when we didn't have any kids. It involved using a bone saw to shape the front two teeth and putting four screws in my jaw. Venures were made up and attached to those screws/cemented in. There was also some capping involved, and some cutting of the bone in the jaw. It was expensive, 8000.00, as you can imagine though it was something i had always wanted to do. For major work like this though you pay the price in terms of money and pain. I had most of the cash saved up and financed a small portion. In deciding if i wanted to do this i went to 7 consults with different doctors/dentists. In doing this you learn way more about dentistry than you ever wanted to know. One thing i learned is that there are some cheaper, albeit slower, options out there for almost anything you want to get done.
  2. You guys are great. Love the responses. We have decided to keep it up with the way we are going. I will not surrender the battle of wills, but i cannot afford several 250.00 fines either. After three we were told that we would be asked to "find an alternative place to reside", and that def would not be good. As of now, with the shortened naps and staying up an hour later, we seem to have kind of a stalemate if you want to call it that. My wife sits with her when it gets late, and when she falls asleep we lay her down. Is it the best solution? No.... The best would be to let her cry it out, even with a few spankings. We cannot do that...so this is going to have to be second best. The other thing is that she does not understand a whole lot yet, maybe when she talks a little better and we can explain that she needs to be quiet and sleep in her big girl bed we can make some more progress. It is beyond frustrating after two straight weeks of sitting through the crying, circumstances dictate this time however.
  3. Military. We have a little over 2 years left...
  4. You got it. Once we get her down she is down for the count.
  5. We feel the same way! Im working on figuring this out though. Last night went a little better. I cut her nap time down to 1 hour vice the 2-2.5 that she normally gets. Then i kept her up until 10:00 or so. She finally passed out on the floor and we put her in bed. No battle of the wills on this one. We cannot afford to shell out 250.00 every time she decides she does not want to go to bed. If i have to do it like this for a while so be it, i will until i figure something else out.
  6. We had a notice on our door when we got back from some errands. If they come back out here for a noise violation again we are subject to a 250.00 fine each time. Nice.....
  7. I was going to say I think she should go ahead, that is until i read Jerry's response. It was spot on, what an opportunity!.
  8. Hey everyone! The police understood. They came to our kitchen window, which you get to before the front door. My wife was washing dishes and she heard their radios/keys/heavy steps before they even got there. They told us that they had a report of a child being abused etc... My wife told him no, we simply had a 2 year old who did not want to go to sleep, that she was throwing a fit. She also offered to let them come in and see her if they needed that to satisfy them. They said that it was ok, they did not need to come in and see her. They left after another 2 min of small talk. When i put her down to bed i spend some time rocking her, praying so she can hear me, and then kind of humming a song for her. This works as she calms down, buries her head in your shoulder and just hugs you. She may appear to be asleep, but when you go to lay her down she will wake up. If we lived out in the country, or at least with some space this would not be so bad. Truth be told, if the neighbors weren't busy calling the police, i would not care one way or another if she screamed it out. We know we would win the battle then... Someone on here mentioned before to choose your battles wisely and win every one you choose. We are well into this one i just feel like losing it would set a tone for the future. Today im going to try giving her no nap at all and keeping her up another 30 min later. Sigh.... :pray :pray :pray :pray :pray :pray
  9. I have been gone a few days... Its good to be back.!! Anyway the police came to our house tonight. Apparently a report was filed that a child was being abused at our house. It just so happens that when the police arrived she was in the middle of letting everyone know she was being abused with constant screaming. The abuse of course..is letting her cry it out in her bed. We have been having her cry it out, not going to get her, and hoping that she would learn to sleep on her own. We are up to about 2 weeks straight of sticking to it and this happens. In Hawaii you live in close quarters unless you are lucky enough or rich enough to get a house. Anyway the neighbors all stuck their heads out and of course it was a tad embarrassing for the wife and myself. I tell you...I am at my wits end trying to figure this out. If i go in there and spank her it just lasts longer and she screams harder. If i just wait it out she screams forever, no matter how tired i try to get her before hand. Ive cut her nap times, put her too bed later, tried putting her to bed on a full stomach etc... I know its just rebellion to. If you pick her up she is an angel again. Let her go play, not a peep out of her... Put her in bed and stand by for madness and persistence like i have never seen. She is going to be 2 in a few weeks. I feel like if i give in and pick her up or let her sleep with us ill be stuck with her in our bed for 10 years. She isnt too cold, too hot, hungry, or thirsty. Ive put each of those subjects to rest.......
  10. This is what i was thinking about! You can get that understanding needed for words that do not translate as well.
  11. It is exactly what it advocates! It does a good job of laying out a plan that is flexible.
  12. Since the argument that " they are so close the differences seem petty" is brought up, id like to share something i was taught a while back. A pastor asked me "If you were Satan, how would you penetrate the church?" I wasnt sure what he meant at first, but he went on to say that you would not make dramatic changes. You would make small,subtle ones here and there. Time would pass and few would notice. After a lot of time passes and a lot of subtle changes are made, you end up with something way different than the original. It is not wise to deviate from what is right, not even a little tiny bit.
  13. Would you ever choose to read your Bible this way? Surely your understanding would be better if you could read straight from where the KJV was translated from right? I am asking b/c i may have a chance here shortly to study one or both of the languages and am thinking it would be a blessing to be able to read straight from the originals. What do you guys think?
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