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  1. I bought a new gas can a few months back and I guess it's one of these new ones. I hate that thing (are we allowed to hate an inanimate object?). It's a righteous hate, does that count for anything? Anyways, I digress. As others have mentioned, I spill more with this one than with any I've had before. I guess some bureaucrat somewhere, who never uses a gas can because he pays people to cut his lawn, decided it was a good idea.
  2. Still free here in Texas, but we do joke that plastic bags are our state flag because there are so many of them flying around stuck to trees and such. But, here it's really just trash in general. People have a mindset that it's okay to just throw their trash anywhere. It's pretty sad.
  3. Yay, I get to be the dissenter. I disagree that it's logical. I think it's 100% illogical. I still believe it, but it's illogical. But, I accept it because I accept that God's Word is perfect, even if my imperfect, mortal mind can't comprehend the depths of who God is.
  4. I remember being on deputation and visiting a church for their missions conference. The pastor sat us missionaries down privately before the service and explained that he'd be seated behind us on the stage. This was so that he could address any errors we made while preaching. I was a little startled by that, as I'd never experienced that before. Then, he went on to explain that he'd had a missionary preach one time and his whole message was way off Doctrinally. The pastor was quite embarrassed and when the man finished preaching the pastor got up and preached to correct the first preaching. Definitely the right thing to do! A pastor has a dire responsibility to ensure his congregation know the truth. I can imagine it was embarrassing for him, but I bet the people respected him for it. Personally, I've never had to deal with that side of the equation, but I will share a different story as I've had to deal with a church member correcting me. I won't go into detail on the exact subject matter, but I was preaching one day and a new member disagreed with a very minor point I made (nothing to do with salvation or any other "weighty" matter). He interrupted my preaching to make his point. We had a dialogue back and forth which was getting nowhere, with each of us defending our position. In hindsight I let that go on for too long. Finally, after about 15 minutes I told him we'd have to agree to disagree and could talk about it more after service, privately. He backed off, but that was also the last time he ever stepped foot in our church. He and his family left and never came back. I called to check on him after a couple of missed visits and he told me it was "too expensive" to come to our church due to the cost of gas. However, he was telling our church members whom he saw in the store that he was angry and wasn't coming back. I guess lying is an okay sin, but disagreeing on minor points of the Bible isn't. Interesting. Anyways, I say that to say that as was mentioned prior you should let minor issues slide and deal with them privately as there's a large chance it's an honest mistake (we all make them) and you don't want to embarrass them over it. Anything large should definitely be handled by the pastor himself.
  5. Some may label me as "liberal", but, I see no problem with women wearing pants. As long as they are modest. I fully understand that the Bible says a woman should not wear what pertains to a man (and vice-versa). But, what does that mean? It 100% has to be a cultural thing. If you go to the middle east they wear different style clothes than we would wear here. If you go back to Bible times, again, they wore different clothes. I find it ironic that people reject the argument about what the wore in Bible times. Why should it not apply? Did the Bible not apply to them in their own time? In our culture it is widely accepted that women can wear pants and so we should not make a huge point out of it on a legalistic basis. There is a Fundamental Independent Baptist church near us that does do so. We didn't know how far they took this preaching. When we arrived here we tried to work with them to "restart" their work before starting our own church. That didn't last long. One day the pastor preached that women who wore pants were whores. I confronted him (after the service, privately) about the matter. He explained that any woman that wears pants is obviously trying to attract men. My wife wears pants. She's not trying to attract men. So, he's obviously wrong. We discussed it for a while, with me sticking to the "modest" principle". He finally admitted that the Scripture didn't specifically teach that a woman couldn't wear pants, but it was his opinion that they shouldn't. BUT, he wasn't going to change what he preached. What an admission! How often do we lift up opinions as doctrine? Be wary! All that said, I "prefer" that a woman wear a dress or skirt/blouse to services. Why? In our culture it is generally accepted that for special events a woman will wear this style of clothing. Ever watch any large gala on TV? What do the women wear? If a woman is invited to the White House, what will she probably wear? What does a woman wear at a wedding? Yes, in all of these she will wear a dress or a skirt/blouse because it's traditional in our culture. If she'd dress that way for these "special events", why not for church? That said, be wary to apply this to men also. Men would wear a suit/tie to these events and thus I believe they should wear a suit/tie to church. This style of dress is intended to demonstrate the sanctity/dignity of the worship service. Yes, other clothes are "more comfortable". But, comfort is not our primary goal when worshiping God. Adoration is.
  6. I guess I'm fortunate to live in an area not exposed to this heresy. Well, sort of. My ministry is actually in a 99% Hispanic population which is 99% Roman Catholic. So, I'm certainly exposed to lent (it's funny to watch all the restaurant signs start announcing that they are offering fish during the week of lent). However, the few Baptists in this area are so staunchly anti-Roman Catholic that anything even remotely close to an RC position is strictly avoided. We wanted to sing "Mary Did You Know" one time in church and the folks resisted because they felt it was too close to worshiping Mary! I could see their viewpoint and we just let it go and chose a different song. That said, I do regret the direction I see other Independent Baptists moving in trying to "appease" the world.
  7. At our church we're just now finishing up a study of Job that we've been on for some months. Very enlightening. I came across the same information - people blaming Job for his trials. I was actually shocked, and dumbfounded, considering as you said that the Lord Himself declared Job righteous. I mean, how much clearer can it be? The only thing I could fault Job for, if I wanted to try and find fault, is perhaps a little bit of righteous indignation towards the end of the book as he "orders" God to allow him to present his case and "demands" a reason for his suffering. God certainly addresses that and tells Job he has no right to "order" anything (ask for, yes, order, no). In my take that's the reason for the Lord's response in the final few chapters, humbling Job before the Omnipotent Creator. But, that certainly doesn't mean that Job brought the original affliction upon himself. Like you said, anyone who "declares" that Job brought his affliction upon himself is just like his friends. The danger with this, of course, is a tendency to arrive at the same misguided conclusion as his friends that if you are experiencing prosperity that it must be because you are a good person being blessed by God and that if you are suffering affliction that it must be because you are a bad person being punished by God. Obviously that's not true!
  8. I'm of the same mindset. Before entering the ministry I was a computer programmer, so I'm fairly attached to my computer. All of my Bible study is done in front of my computer. I have 2 Bibles at my desk - 1 in English, 1 in Spanish....both are the $1 "disposable" type Bibles because I find that the bindings come apart regularly. I make 0 notes in my Bible. At Church I use a nice bi-lingual Bible which never leaves the pulpit. Again, I don't move it because the bindings come apart too easily. I love "the Bible", but I'm not sentimentally attached to "a Bible". I can fully understand why people have such deep respect for a particular copy of scripture, which has sentimental/historical attachments, but I'm just not one of those people.
  9. I won't claim any great knowledge of Landmarkism, but I will agree with the consensus that this viewpoint does sound very cultish. I can realistically see how a church arrived at that point, though I would still disagree with it. There's actually an independent, fundamental (or so they say) Baptist church nearby that would probably be heading this direction in my opinion. VERY closed off and have even told their members they can never attend a service or event at any other independent baptist church - only with them. Made it interesting when their friends/family invited them to our church. :) But, per your question, I would daresay it's not "widespread".
  10. It's been said that door-to-door evangelism is the least effective method. I tend to agree. BUT, that doesn't mean it's ineffective. The absolute least effective method is doing nothing at all! We've not seen a lot of success in our door-to-door efforts, but we have seen some success. We even had one family come visit after a full year of monthly visits to witness to them and leave tracts at their home. So, it can work. As for advice, I'd say be sure to complete the process. Too often we go "soul-winning" and then we leave these new converts on their own. When you do see fruit, be sure to follow up with discipleship. If you don't teach them somebody else will, and most likely they won't teach them the truth.
  11. Hello Bro. Allen. I'm a veteran missionary currently serving on the field in Southern Texas. We completed deputation in 2 years and have been on the field for 9. If you'd like to talk about the deputation experience, or one opinion (for there are many) on how to prepare for it then feel free to shoot me a note. I'd even be happy to take the time to talk on the phone if it could be a help to you. Just send me a message and we can set something up.
  12. Welcome. I feel strange welcoming you since I'm almost as new as you are, but, HELLO ANYWAYS!
  13. I'm hoping someone on here might be able to point me in the right direction for an affordable (you can translate that as cheap/free) bus to be used in a church ministry. We have families that are interested in attending, but who lack the means to come on their own for one reason or another. We do have a single 12-passenger van which we use currently to transport folks, but it is insufficient to meet the full need. I'd love to be able to acquire something in the next 2 weeks so that we can use it for VBS. We have 30-40 kids for VBS and most of those need transportation as well. You can imagine how fun that is with a 12-passenger van! I'd prefer something like a 30-40 passenger bus. We do have 1 member with a CDL and 2 more who are willing to obtain a CDL to be able to help with driving. If we can locate more than 1 bus that's even better....lots of opportunity, just limited resources to take advantage of them! You can reply here or private message me with any leads you might have.
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