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  1. Me and a friend thought about making Turducken for her Thanksgiving but I did some research here on OB and had a change of thought. LOL!!![/align]
  2. Wow, I didn't realize I have I.E 6.0.2600.0000. I was always worried about downloading new versions of I.E. because the last time I tried my computer mysteriously crashed, so I kept my old I.E. 6. Love, Madeline
  3. Ban Kevinmiller because unfortunately I can't seem to stay long enough on OB without my computer slowing to a crawl. See computer forum.
  4. Ok, I pinpointed the prOBlem. The mem usage starts out low (e.g., "4,000 K"), and begins to increase with each link clicked on. For example: 1). Log in (4,000 K) 2). Click on Computer Room (4,500 K) 3). Click on read last post (6,000 K) 4). Click on Post Reply (10,000 K) 5). OB main index (12,000 K) And so on... It's 82,000 K mem usage now and jumped to 87,000 K mem usage after I previewed the post. Love, Madeline
  5. Ban Kevinmiller because someone resurrected an old thread which brought back a traumatizing event from the past, and now I can't stop crying and need a break from OB.
  6. For some reason my computer slows to a crawl after I log into OB. It's fine for a few seconds, but after that I can barely move my cursor. All other websites are fine. When I check the taskmanager...it shows that OB is using about 150,000 k memory usage. Does anyone know what's going on? Love, Madeline
  7. I don't know what it is exactly, but Satan has been doing his best to bring back past traumatic events. It happened to me twice at work, today at church, and now on this resurrected thread. I have loooooooong forgotten about this thread and wasn't aware of what I had written about my father in the past until today...and now my heart is again grieved. It's time to lock this thread and put the past where it belongs. The Lord rebuke thee, Satan! Love, Madeline
  8. Ban BroMatt because he's no longer the Big Stick Wielder.
  9. I first became concerned after I heard a sermon where the speaker questioned whether anyone who would attend a 501c3 church were even saved, so I did some research. Btw, here are his sermons on 501c3 churches. 501c3churches It does appear as if the speaker takes the issue of holiness beyond the biblical norm. Sometimes we can take the "separation" issue too far and separate ourselves from the body of Christ and actually stunt our spiritual growth rather than become "more" holy. Thanks for the replies, and welcome back, Kevin!:icon_biggrin: Love, Madeline
  10. I believe that my church is a "501c3" church, and this article I found on the internet makes me wonder if I should leave my church solely because of this. The sermons are biblical and the Pastor is a very godly man. Most churches that aren't 501c3 are IFB churches and there aren't too many of those where I live, or perhaps none. Should a Christian leave a 501c3 church? Love, Madeline
  11. The confusion is over which verb we are talking about in JOB 1:7. I was talking about the first verb Satan uses, which the KJV translates "going to and fro". Clearly, this does not require ambulating by foot. That verb, /shut/, is used for other types of locomotion such as, e.g., swimming (Isaiah 25:11) or rowing (Jonah 1:13). So the type of locomotion is determined by the context. I would suppose that the "going to and fro" (/shut/) means rapid deployment from one geographic area to another (by flying, as angels are wont to do), and that the "walking", KJV's translation for the second verb, may mean more intensive scouting of specific areas. However, even this second verb is used of general locomotion (this is the /hithpael/ stem of the verb /halak/). For example, it can be used of the flight of arrows and lightning (Ps.77:17), and also of the flow of water (Ps.58:7). Now we wouldn't be correct to say that God's arrows "walked" or that His lighting "walked" or that the wicked vanish like water "walks", would we? These verbs are general and the specific type of locomotion depends upon the context of who and what is moving. Angels fly. The devil doesn't walk to heaven (or from point A to point B on earth for that matter either). So "roaming" and "going to and fro" are fine translations, but they certainly do not rule out the devil's flying from place to place. Love, Madeline
  12. That reminds me of the ultra-famous Joel Olsteen and his giga-church and how he flat out denied that Jesus IS the one true path to heaven, but for a Christian, life is not a popularity contest. Both Billy Graham and Martin Luther King Jr. are both popular and are both apostates. However, this comes as no surprise since the sciptures explicitly says in 2 Thess. 2:3 that there will come a "falling away, or apostasy" (Gr. apostasia) first along with hypocrisy and doctrines of devils (1Tim. 4:1). Romans 6:4a - God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; Love, Madeline
  13. WOW!!! I spent 4 hours getting the high score on bookworm (over 999,999) and it woudn't end. How do you lose in this game? Then I hit the "end game" button because I wasn't able to loes and I got an "error...game does not exist!" message and lost my high score. Not fair! Love, Madeline
  14. Scott Johnson has a sermon on Billy Graham and exposes his true colors. Here is a summary of his sermon. Billy Graham Love, Madeline
  15. Sinless perfection? No! However we can live a life pleasing to the Lord by walking in the Spirit and living a holy life. I posted this before a while back and thought that it's worthy to post it again. Love, Madeline
  16. How many BEST pizza can there be? It reminds me of when someone says, "go see my doctor, he's the best!" And my doctor's the best, and so is my best friend's, etc. lol!!! Anyhow...if you're going to eat the topping and toss discard the crust, then you're OBviously not eating authentic italian pizza. Authentic italian pizza begins with the sauce and the crust. The best kind of pizza are the one's made by italians at an italian restaurant. ;-) Love, Madeline
  17. The Hebrew verb is /shut/, and it means "to go/roam/rove quickly/eagerly". In other words, it does not really say or imply "walking" on one's feet. I would suppose the devil flies from place to place. And as to 2 Chronicles 18:18-22 and JOB 1-2...I definitely see a parallel between the two Love, Madeline
  18. This is my last reply because it's OBvious that your mind has been made up no matter what response is given to you. These OBjections are so far out in left field and so non-responsive to the important points raised previously that they really don't deserve a response. 1) No response to the fundamental point that "sons of God" always means angels in scripture. 2) No response to the equally fatal point that it certainly can mean angels, even if point #1 is disputed. 3) JOB 1-2 describes a formal assembly of "the sons of God" in the presence of the Lord. Clearly, what the devil does invisibly on earth among mankind not so assembled has nothing to do with this scene in JOB. 4) JOB 1-2 clearly describes all the assembled parties as witness to this conversation. If JOB were "there", he would have heard all this. 5) Therefore all of these "points" fail to address the central issue that JOB 1-2 is clearly describing a formal assembly of angels in the presence of God; angels are the only ones who could at that time appear before the Lord; whether or not Satan was "invited" is entirely beside the point; scripture tells us that he was there with the other angels -- the sons of God. 6) This meeting had to be in heaven because God is in heaven. The earth is described throughout as another place (from whence Satan came; where JOB is). This meeting could not be on earth because God will not return to earth and hold court as God until the second advent (when Christ will do so) and the eternal state (when the Father will do so). 7) I suppose I'll have to spell it out. a) Satan shows up at a conference before God God asks him where he's been c) he says "From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it." (which means ipso facto that they are not on earth, otherwise it would be a non-descriptive answer) d) God asks then him "Hast thou considered my servant JOB?" e) So clearly JOB was not there because i) he would have heard God if this were a conference God had called ii) the devil describes him in the third person and thus as not at the conference iii) JOB is at home in the very next verse (1:13) iv) in JOB 2:7, after another conference, Satan afflicts JOB immediately (JOB who is at home and not at any conference). v) and of course God is in heaven not on earth -- so that was the place of the conference and the reason why earth is presented in opposition to the place of the conference. 8) Can you cite anyone else who has taken this conference before God to be on earth and involving men and not in heaven concerning angels? The clear meaning of these chapters is so OBvious as to require a very high burden of proof from anyone who seeks to overturn what any reader, sophisticated or first-time, would naturally glean from these verses. We know God is in heaven and we know Satan is an angel. Thus to suggest that somehow the conference is made up of human beings and being held on earth flies in the face of the entire context we are given (all the more so when "sons of God" is examined elsewhere in scripture and seen to always refer to angels elsewhere too). You not only do not supply convincing proof that the clear and OBvious meaning is mistaken; you supply no proof whatsoever. Love, Madeline
  19. heartstrings, the presence of Satan in a colloquy with the other "sons of God" makes the argument for these being human beings rather silly. We do not "get together" with the devil or any other angels for that matter for any purpose this side of heaven and the resurrection. These events clearly took place in heaven. What does the devil say to the Lord's question, "Whence comest thou?"? He replies " From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it". This, and our Lord's latter OBservation about JOB that there is none like him in the earth, make no sense whatsoever if we assume that this is all taking place on earth. Finally, if these are "righteous believers" with whom Satan appears before God, why then isn't JOB, the most righteous of all then living, present as well? Love, Madeline
  20. I just wanted to add. This anti-hate bill that OBama is passing is calling evil good and good evil. To say that you can't speak out against homosexuality is to say that you can't practise your religion. And what angers me is that most Christians are not stepping up to the plate and speak out against such disgusting abominations. Friendship with the world is enmity with God. WAKE UP!!! There's a saying ..."If God doesn't soon bring judgment upon America, He'll have to go back and apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah." Love, Madeline
  21. As I heard in a sermon..."God's law supercedes man's law. Therefore when you make law contrary to His word, you're in rebellion to God." When these people stand before God on the day of judgment, the federal law will be useless against the law of God which clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination.. And what an OBamanation!!! OBama states, "Who they love and HOW THEY PRAY? What a hypocrite! We are definitely in the last days!!! Love, Madeline
  22. There is no clear evidence in 2 Sam 12:23 that David was referring to his child being in heaven when he said "I shall go to him". It is unclear as to whether David simply meant being buried with his father's (go to him) where his child would be buried along with him, or that his child would reside in heaven. Also, salvation rests upon whether YOU know that you are secure in Christ, not others (David, Job, me, you, etc.). Further, Eph. 4:30 states that it is the Holy Spirit that "seals" the believer until the day the body is redeemed. Separation from the Spirit of God implies separation from God. Love, Madeline
  23. Eternal security was not a promise found in the Old covenant. There is however a passage that promises eternal security under the New covenant. Jeremiah 32:40 - I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good to them, and I will inspire them to fear me, so that they will never turn away from me. In the OT...the Spirit of the Lord (The Holy Spirit) was able to depart if grieved (1 Sam. 16:14; cf. Ps. 51:11) 1 Samuel 16:14 - But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD troubled him. Psalm 51:11 - Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me. Love, Madeline
  24. I get annoying calls from telemarketers at least 3-5 times a day and I was wondering if there anything I can do about this? Sometimes I've missed important calls as a result of turning my ringer off because of these telemarketing calls. Love, Madeline
  25. For such a "brilliant" man...I find it ironic how Newton as a mathematician can't use simple arithmetics to count to 3 (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit). Newton denied the Trinity and died an Arianist. Spending so much time trying to find "hidden" messages in the bible...he failed to see such clear teachings as the Triune nature of God. Love, Madeline
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