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  1. Those guys can be pretty rough there, but their not shaking my faith. Here is where I am at with them currently, there seems to be no progress. And AMEN Samer!!! Love, Madeline
  2. Yes yes! I want to minister on an atheist forum. Anyone who rejects Jesus after being influenced by atheists would have proven to be a false convert. Jesus said that none of his sheep can be removed from him. And I may be young, but am not a young christian. God made you stronger after debating with atheists, and I'm sure he will do the same for me. Yay!!!! Love, Madeline
  3. I'm actually using some of the pointers here on this thread on an atheist forum and see if I can get some ministerial experience. Well at least they can't chase me! Love, Madeline
  4. WOW ltl! You're brilliant!!! You must do a lot of ministering. I typically find the evolutionists the most difficult to deal with. I tried to run away from someone who got violent and he caught me, this scares me. So now I pray for God's protection each time I minister to strangers. I'm going to use those pointers you gave me, thank you ltl! Love, Madeline
  5. Those are some excellent suggestions samer, thank you! And I love that picture, I can almost smell the trees! But then I don't smell to well. Love, Madeline
  6. How do you minister to atheist? Most atheists I minister to don't care what I have to say. The Gospel bounces off of them like bullets to Superman. If I tell them that God loves them and sent his only Son to die for them, they respond by saying, 'I don't care, I don't believe that!'. Or if I were to ask them if they believe that they will go to heaven when they die, they respond by saying, 'I don't believe in God or Heaven' What am I suppose to do? And I don't want to go force the Gospel on them, they get upset sometimes and this scares me!!! Love, Madeline
  7. If you are not a Christian then please respond to my post! :ha
  8. The bible tells us that if we fail to tithe than we 'rob God', unless we absolutely have nothing to give but the clothes off our back, but then we'd be nude! :ha But essentially we should give what we are able to give, but not give what we don't have. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required. [Luke 12:48] But I am guilty too in the area of tithing and have trouble in the obedience aspect a lot. It'll be ok, our faith grows as Christians, and when our faith grows our obedience grows with it. Love, Madeline
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