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  1. Ban kevinmiller because he doesn't want to be called kevinmiller.
  2. Ban ltl for doing :tease: and running away! ltl's probably :hide and when I catch him :B
  3. Masons also deny the Deity of Christ, so no they are not Christians. Love, Madeline
  4. Don't play coy Birthday Boy! Love, Madeline
  5. Tim, your being naughty on your birthday! Love, Madeline
  6. Ban hermanj, joyfulpraise93 and John81 because the title of this thread told me too!
  7. I'm going to eat some sushi tonite. Love, Madeline
  8. Hi arch! I shook the dust off my feet today, and I can honestly say that there was plenty of dust. But yeah, I will see you sunday. Love, Madeline
  9. I had asked them the big bang question, this one guy told me in words I could not understand that 'the big bang' is a theory. Thus, the question 'where did the big bang come from' is a moot point. Their posts are also filled with sexual innuendos toward me which I find abhorrent. I'm just about to give up, they hurt my feelings too often. Love, Madeline
  10. Thank you ltl! Those are some excellent pointers and your probably right about not debating with them. Someone there new that I was from IFB and even knew which thread I posted on which was strange, this thread in particular. As for what you wrote. You can preach a sermon from what you wrote in your excellent post! I just wish atheists would understand it from the spiritual perspective. Thanks ltl! Love, Madeline
  11. Hi kevinmiller! I was wondering if you do find some on the web, can you give me the links. I found a couple, but they were able to refute them. So apparently my sources failed. Love, Madeline
  12. One thing I have learned thus far from debating with the 'hard core' atheists on the forum is that they will never believe the bible unless you can bring scientific evidence of some sort to the table. Love, Madeline
  13. It is easier said than done grace. I bombarded them with scriptures, they can't stand it when I quote scriptures, it makes them angry. I have made almost 80 posts in less than 2 days and nothing has progressed. If you think you can give them a change of heart, be my guest. Love, Madeline
  14. No, not really! They hurt me emotionally there and I could not take it so I left. They don't want to learn. Some of their posts are filled with sexually explicit remarks and explitives which are too offensive to mention. But as you said, I will leave it up to God as of now since there has been no progress. Thank you! Love, Madeline
  15. I do a lot of witnessing in person and will continue to, just a little timid. I sweat sometimes. But what about the people on the forums, should I continue? Love, Madeline
  16. I posted almost 70 replies just today on the forum and nothings changed. Should I quit? and what should I say to them if I decide to quit ministering? Love, Madeline
  17. What am I doing wrong? I tried to minister to the atheists on the forum and gave it my all, how come it has no effect? What am I doing wrong? Someone please help me!!! Love, Madeline
  18. Uhhhhhhh! I don't think the atheists on the forum are going to change their mind. :cry: I tried but nothing seems to convince them. It's so sad, the devil has blinded their minds and my heart grieves for them. With love, Madeline
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