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  1. Some people us MSG as a secret ingredient, not good healthwise!
  2. What's the recipe if you don't mind me asking. I like Italian food.
  3. Then I'm sure you would love to eat my lasagna, I can make a mean lasagna!
  4. Not sure what's for dinner, but I had some Jambalaya for lunch.
  5. Ban hermanj for using the same line he used on Sat Nov 25, 2006 7:45.
  6. Looks like it's going to be burger and fries tonight!
  7. Ban ltl because I have more posts than him. :mrgreen:
  8. Ban Tian Long because I found out his real name. :frog
  9. My roommates ministry is with the homeless and I'm thinking about helping out there tonight and maybe join them for supper. He told me their having beef stew. :gathering: Love, Madeline
  10. TheBibleSender, you are a Prayer Warrior!!! Love, Madeline
  11. How about some steak and Kidney Pie....mmmmm, oh yeah!
  12. I remember when I went camping in elementary school, this one boy put gravy in his cereal, eew! A friend of mine puts strawberry jam in his sausage mcmuffin, I think thats just gross! Sweet and salty mixed together just doesn't sit well with me. Love, Madeline
  13. (edited by mod) Their tacos stink! I remember one time I went up to the drive thru to order bean burritos and they told me that they ran out of beans!?! :? Love, Madeline
  14. All this talk about cornbread, I think I'll have some corndogs with ketchup and mustard tonight! :D
  15. Ahem...Mr. Kevin Miller I believe that you never gave me the recipe for cucumber kimchi (did I spell it right?). I like experimenting with cucumbers. Sooo, do you have it? Love, Madeline
  16. Ban myself because nobody wants to ban me :frog
  17. Ban hermanj for banning more than anyone else.
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