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  1. Please pray for my friend, Luray, and her 32 year old daughter, Joyelle. Joyelle is having her 4th brain surgery for cancer today at Hershey Hospital. The doctors have never done this type of surgery and there is a great chance she won't make it. I know we serve a GREATER God, though. They are removing a tumor the size of a cantaloupe from her head and are using her hip bone to replace her jaw, which they will also be removing. Luray is saved, but Joy isn't. Joy has 3 small children. Please take time today to pray for them. Please pray that the surgery will go well and also for Joy's salvation. Luray needs great strength from the Lord right now as well to go through this with her daughter. Please pray.
  2. I'm there! My new years resolve was to pray more. Looks like this website is an answer to prayer! Thanks, Bro. Danny! :wvlf"
  3. My brother always said Beef Jerky was great. Letters, magazines, hard candy, toiletries that have a good smell--it gets soo stinky being around a bunch of guys all the time.
  4. Aww, I like this topic. It's neat to hear everyone's stories of their wedding day experiences! I suppose I should'nt have responded to the whole money comment..lol, sometimes it's better to just let things alone than give someone the satisfaction of seeing a debate start. Sorry about that.
  5. I think the "fasting" point is a good one. Sometimes I fast from the internet because it takes up a little too much time., It doesn't mean it's a bad thing and I should never go back to it.
  6. LOL nothing could be further from what I was thinking when I wrote what I did. I was merely saying we shouldn't lump everyone into the same category. Some people spend more than others on their wedding, does that make them wrong or gaudy? No, nor does it make the people who spend less cheap or not in love.
  7. Burgers, fries, and frosties from Wendy's because hubby had to work late in Philly.
  8. Congratulations!! I really like the name Logan. It's not overly common; great choice! I'd love to see pics...what's your name on facebook?
  9. I don't think there is anything wrong with spending money to make the day special. It is up to the bride and groom to manage their money how they see fit for their own wedding. My hubby and I have been married almost a year! April 5th will be our 1 year anniversary. Our wedding was small and we worked hard to keep the cost to a minimum while still making it a special and beautiful day to remember. It was a perfect day that I will never forget as long as I live. It was the only day in my life so far that was perfect--nothing went wrong and there is nothing in my mind but bliss when I think of it. We know a couple that was married the week after us and then we attended our best man's wedding 2 weekends after ours. All 3 of us couples are doing really well. We encourage one another in the way and we all really just want the Lord Jesus to be the center of our marriages.
  10. We don't observe Lent because it's a catholic thing, but if we feel we need to leave something out of our lives for a while because it's taking up too much time that could be spent focusing on the things of the Lord then we do so. I feel that is something that can be done any day of the year and don't see a need to set aside a certain period each year. I think it's great to leave the tv off for a while and to make a sacrifice if you think that's something you need to do to be serious about spending time with the Lord. My hubby and I made the decision to not have a tv in our home because we feel that we wasted far too much time with it in time past. But wow, this thread sure has gotten ugly. Perhaps everyone should drop the thread and focus on something else? It can't be overly beneficial to the thought of drawing closer to the Lord.
  11. Thanks everyone for all the comments! Benjamin is a very sweet and adorable baby...the best ever, we think! He's brought us so much joy and is a gift from the Lord to us. :pmpkn:
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