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  1. I would guess that America is more of a stage-setter for the coming Tribulation rather than an actual player in it. These recent world events highlight it all.
  2. I guess at the end of the day, one can only conclude that whenever there is some sort of law for something, when the state puts something on paper, things often get complicated. Just because there is a law in place doesn't mean it is enforced. If a person wants to give his/her prescription drug to others, how easy is it to catch them? Not easy unless you want to establish a police state with cameras all around. "Mass execution" is no guarantee that druggies will "be taught a lesson" - sometimes it may even be counterproductive. Remember, when you throw a convict in prison, he gets a criminal record = cannot get job easily. He mixes with other criminals - some more hardened than him. And (assuming he does not know Christ) he learns their evil ways. Then he comes out, scorned at by society, family and probably church - and most likely returns to a life of crime. I don't think this is the result we want to see. And the Scriptures? Well, anything can be abused and addicted of. One can be drugged. Drunk. And may I add, so does overeating and drinking too much coffee. I think we're been talking so far - as how to stop drug abuse. We all agree that the people need Jesus, yes. Yet the focus so far has being on how to punish them, how to ban this etc. A question: how do you deal with the drug addict that you know (if you know any)?
  3. How do you define a "drug"? Most things people eat or drink is considered a "drug". You have alcohol. Then you have caffeine. Then you have nicotine, and so on and so forth. Note that the Scriptures do not directly say anything against drugs, but did warn about the danger of addiction. Many cults like to use drugs to "get high" as part of their rituals and practices. Such the Bible calls "sorcery", and is one of the marks of the lost. There are drugs that are highly addictive and can be fatal. If we legalize it 100%, they'll be easily made available to everyone. With demand, comes supply - many people take drugs because it offers them a "getaway" from the stresses of modern life. (instead of seeking God) I believe that you throw people into prison or execute them only if they pose a threat to order within the society (in accordance with Rom. 13) - i.e. they are violent criminals. Don't spare the murderer, rapist or thief. Non-violent drug addicts should be sent to rehab or halfway houses rather than being thrown into prison.
  4. Yay of course. ww2 movies?
  5. I believe in this case the more important thing is to honor parents rather than submit to them all the time - let me explain this part first... When you are still a child or teen, you're under authority of your parents and by right should listen to what they tell you to do. But how about when you reach adulthood - esp. when you get married? Not under their authority any longer, but then the most important part is to honor them - just as you did when you were younger. I've came from a pre-dominantly non-Christian country (where even professing Christians are in the minority) where it is the norm for many Christians to be first-generation believers - the family typically worship traditional folk religions. Some parents don't allow their believing children to be baptized, or even attend church, or force their children to attend pagan funeral rites when a family member dies. To say "no" requires a lot of courage. The key here when dealing with parents or authority when coming to things of God is - I guess we all know that we must obey God #1, then others. But "disobey" in a respectful way that does not defy their authority. When the Apostles were not told to preach in the name of Jesus, the reply given was, "We ought to obey God rather than men." Nowhere did they ever defiantly say, "I don't care at all what you authorities say!" Only by standing firm to God's Word AND honoring human authority when forced by them to disobey them (but not obeying them) will Christ be fully honored in turn.
  6. are there more irregular OBers like myself?
  7. depends on who's acting in it long-dist cycling
  8. Would like to voice out my view: Is war, as a rule, really part of God's will? If yes, then why is it that in the Millennial Kingdom, and in Heaven there are no weapons? "And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." - Isaiah 2:4 Isn't war all about destruction and killing? The Scriptures say, "Thou shalt not kill" (or rather, do no murder), and "Thou shalt not steal". Why do wars even erupt in the first place? - Some happen because of competition over resources. - Some happen because of blind patriotism - that says, "My country, right or wrong". - Some happen because of religion. NEVER the Biblical way because the gospel cannot be spread by the sword! Very rarely are there any other reason apart from those. God only allowed OT Israel to overcome the pagans as a punishment for their disobedience to God's Word. The reverse (Israel's defeat) was true when Israel disobeyed God. But today, wars happen almost all the time due to the fallen nature of Man - greed, pride and hatred of his fellow neighbor. It's not good for civilization as well - so much $ could be spent on building factories, cars, tools that benefit people (and not forget churches plus Bibles) - instead go to killing machines. I'm not saying that pacifism is good, but war should be primarily for defence rather than offence. So killing of innocents and civilians - not a good idea. It's for defending the weak and needy, and not for slaughtering them. This totally fits the Biblical worldview: "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." (James 1:27)
  9. I think, rather than focusing on what a govt has to say - we should look at what churches as a whole say. The best way we express our opposition to the sins of this world today is not by enforcing this law and that law, but rather what WE believe and do. James 1 said true religion is "visiting the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." (James 1:27) Two things we should do - do God's will faithfully (love Him, and love others as ourselves) and separate ourselves clearly from sin. That I believe is the way to say "no" to the world. One thing we have forgotten here when we talk about "marriage is between a man and woman" is why are there even some churches today who deny this? Or even the gospel altogether? No wonder so many churches today, liberal or conservative, are called "hypocritical" by the world because of inconsistency in their life with God's Word. Very sadly, many of us are guilty of this as well...
  10. While I believe some moral laws will be needed to be enforced, heavy-handed moral laws are often more dangerous than helpful - it doesn't solve the ROOT of sin at all, and it often robs people of freedoms in the process. The problem with government trying to enforce (emphasis "enforce") Biblical morality on society is the matter of relativity. Anti-sodomy laws are nowhere near OT standards at all. Trying to enforce (Old Testament) Biblical morality in 100% accordance with God's Word would demand DEATH for homosexuals and not just them! WE will all be guilty of death as well. Because those guilty would also include adulterers (a few of us are guilty), those who curse their parents (almost all of us are guilty), those who kill innocent beings (including the unborn), not to mention those who curse or distrust God. I'm quite sure all of us will not agree that government should do that, because none of us can keep God's standards perfectly at all. Before we (rightfully) condemn gay marriage, let's look at the problems common within many churches as well - how about divorce (a high 50% in USA, and ~30% in my home country)? Premarital sex? Broken marriages, childhoods, dysfunctional families? Doesn't the Scriptures condemn these as much as sodomy? We Christians should strive to defeat sin through the gospel of CHRIST, rather than trusting in the strong hands of the state to do it for us. That's how casinos and brothels were closed down during the Great Awakening periods - not because of a law that makes it illegal, but because of souls saved. Only when Christians and churches are awake rather than sleeping, then will more people get saved, and will acknowledge by their own free will the Biblical definition of marriage (or for any other thing).
  11. This is a biblical principle regarding personal finances - the borrower is the servant to the lender - whoever you owe money to, you are "under control" by him. This verse warns Christians of the danger of oweing others money - not because it is wrong itself, but it is dangerous, ESPECIALLY if the money owed is large, and especially if there is interest. Being in debt greatly limits your freedom in the Lord - would you like to spend half your paycheck returning the money you owe to others? Too bad many people don't understand this... some people chalk up dozens of credit cards and are already tens and thousands of dollars in debt even though they just started a job a few months ago! What would the lost say if a Christian purposely puts himself in debt? They would think that this is irresponsible behavior.
  12. I like soccer and basketball equally, but I find football interesting...
  13. Ban cototheburn because the standard guidelines for sleep for young adults is 8 hours daily. 6 hours? ...
  14. Ban cototheburn because i slept very little yesterday... :yawn:
  15. ban tired because i'm tired after coming back from church (faith Bible institute)
  16. Notice how these bailouts are related to the US economy. As more and more firms go bankrupt, most of them are either going to be taken over by the state, or by mega-corporations. We're seeing a monopoly taking place slowly. And this trend is also true for many other countries in the world.
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