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  1. I guess at the end of the day, one can only conclude that whenever there is some sort of law for something, when the state puts something on paper, things often get complicated. Just because there is a law in place doesn't mean it is enforced. If a person wants to give his/her prescription drug to others, how easy is it to catch them? Not easy unless you want to establish a police state with cameras all around. "Mass execution" is no guarantee that druggies will "be taught a lesson" - sometimes it may even be counterproductive. Remember, when you throw a convict in prison, he gets a crimina
  2. How do you define a "drug"? Most things people eat or drink is considered a "drug". You have alcohol. Then you have caffeine. Then you have nicotine, and so on and so forth. Note that the Scriptures do not directly say anything against drugs, but did warn about the danger of addiction. Many cults like to use drugs to "get high" as part of their rituals and practices. Such the Bible calls "sorcery", and is one of the marks of the lost. There are drugs that are highly addictive and can be fatal. If we legalize it 100%, they'll be easily made available to everyone. With demand, comes supply
  3. Yay of course. ww2 movies?
  4. are there more irregular OBers like myself?
  5. depends on who's acting in it long-dist cycling
  6. ltl

    random fact game

    Zimbabwe currency are in "billions" and "trillions".
  7. ltl


    Enjoy it - but ideas seem to come quickly and go. Unless I have the time to write them down the ideas quickly fizz away.
  8. Ban cototheburn because the standard guidelines for sleep for young adults is 8 hours daily. 6 hours? ...
  9. Ban cototheburn because i slept very little yesterday... :yawn:
  10. lemonade. destroyer or submarine
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