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  1. I have no experience at NEBC except that a friend of mine attended there and told me about it. I was referring to my experience at Crown...sorry for the miscommunication.
  2. By the way, I posted about these schools because I was reading the first page or two and saw reference to the three schools we've been talking about and wanted to make a brief comment based on my experience. I am not tryin to start an argument by any means...just share my experience.
  3. Ok, fair enough. Apparently my experience and yours were entirely different.
  4. I don't mean to be rude, but have you ever attended any of those colleges?
  5. Hmm...I have a friend who attended both and the rules sounded very strict.
  6. My point exactly...why is it that there's so little conversation about God between the young people?
  7. This is not directed at this forum or even specific members here, but I've been wondering this and hopefully someone can shed some light. Why must we either act super-spiritual or just be crazy and silly? Of the many young people I know, there are very few that I've found that really know how to act appropriately. There are the ones who feel they have to speak in "thee's" and "thou's" in order to be spiritual and then there's ones who are so silly constantly I wonder that their age wasn't somehow mixed up and they're ten years younger than they say. Why can't people speak about the Lord any
  8. Yes, I was born and raised into a Christian home, a blessing for which I am so very grateful. My dad is a preacher and has done pretty much all the official training to become a pastor, as well as doing a lot of other ministries on the side. Being raised in a Christian home has given me strong values and a Biblical basis for them. My dad was never content to just let us read our Bibles...he would ask what we had been learning. So in this small way, we learned to share our faith and speak about what God was doing in our lives. That was something that I found really helped me when I chose to a
  9. Ban Jim because did you actually introduce yourself so she knew your name?
  10. Ban Jim because my ride to work didn't change (still 1.5 hrs), I was talking about the message being 30 minutes long.
  11. Ban Jim because it was only 30 minutes long, and a great sermon.
  12. Ban Jim because I didn't get to finish listening to a sermon on the way to work.
  13. I didn't want to leave the internet on, that's all.
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