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  1. Please keep her in prayers. She is my wee miniature Schnauzer. I thought they were going to kill her,she was covered in blood on her hind quarters. they had knocked me down. one looked like a rottie shepard mix. the woman who owned them took me to the vet and dropped me off then returned half an hour later and she paid the bill of 79 dollars, thank God for both those things. I may have had to walk home with her in my arms for 45 min and she was in such dreadful pain. If there is swelling then they may have to cut out any dead flesh and if there is damage to her muscles and tendons they may have to operate and it could cost hundreds of dollars. the woman is on disability because of brain injury and I think that is why should could not handle the two dogs when they were coming down the hill in the woods. Please pray for her condition she said she has anxiety, depression and memory loss. So she like me is on a low income and can not afford it if D'Arcy has to go back. The vet said they were impressed she came back to the clinic after she dropped us off. they told her that she is the first they have seen do that. I told her God will bless her for being responsible. they gave D'Arcy an injection of antibiotics and I have some to give her in pill form. I could barely touch her and she was screaming. right now she is on her bed and screams if I touch her or try to lift her. I needed to turn her around so that the leg could drain. its still bleeding and has been for about 2 hours. they want it to do that. its slowed down a lot but they want any bacteria to come out there is a small puncture in three other places one on her neck but its the one on the back leg very close to the area where the tendon meets the muscle. I was on a hill on a steep angle with my head at the low end in the mud and could not get up to run for her, it was awful seeing them maul her and her screaming. I have ankylosing spondylitis with fused hips and spine so I was very stuck. Thank God I did not break anything. I broke my ribs last year from falling on the ground. the woman got one dog tied up and went for the other and the other got loose again and went straight for D'Arcy. I hand fed her some canned venison I had bought for her, pure meat in the can so I hope the extra protein helps, I was also spoon feeding her water. I hope the wound looks good tomorrow and looks like it is healing. the woman said she had a muzzle on the dog once but it only lasted 5 min and she ripped it off her face..she took her to the woods thinking it would be safe to walk her there rather then on a sidewalk. they just moved to the city from a farm two weeks ago. D'Arcy finally has her eyes shut right now and is resting. I am so scared for my wee baby. she is only about 14 lbs and those dogs were maybe 80 to over a hundred lbs each. they had her rolling in the dirt and kept biting her and biting her. it was the mother who was most intense. Thank you everyone for your Prayers. I am tutoring a teen in math in 45 min so I have to get ready for that. I hope D'Arcy will not try to get up when he is at the door. When The woman came to my house to drop us off I gave her a tract and invite to my church. she has been to church before but its been a while. the one dog is a puppy about 6 months old and just was altered two days ago and she said he had his dew claws removed and his legs were bleeding in the van from him going nuts in the bushes after my dog. My vet said he should not be doing anything for two weeks after his operation so hopefully he will be okay. Thankyou for your prayers Deborah
  2. On another site I am on there is a situation with a baby very sick with leukemia. the doctors want to give up on him. The woman who posted the quote below, her name is Denise. Her daughter and her Daughter's husband want nothing to do with God and are angry with Christians who are praying and their twins are not getting better. They have been sick for most of their life with cancer. Thanks
  3. its 8pm I am finally back, had gone at one. its too bad once you have a family doctor you are not allowed to go to the walk in clinic but have to go to emergency at the hospital if you can not see your doctor. it would have been faster. I had to wait an hour and a half to get my toe taped and crutches. So I have a broken baby toe and on the side of the foot just below the toe I have a hairline fracture on the side of the foot. the numbness is disappearing and the pain is coming back. I think the swelling is going down and it was causing the numbness.
  4. I could only get an appointment tonight so I am going to emergency as soon as disability approves for me to take a taxi there and back. I can not put weight on it so I am using my two canes to get around. I will have to wear a slipper on my foot.
  5. About an hour ago I it my foot against a dumbell I had on the floor. the pain was very intense for about 20 min, I had ice on it for an hour. my baby toe is 3 times the size it should be and the side of my foot from the toe next to it to half way down my foot is about twice as big. I can not put weight on it and its sort of a dull throbbing ache but also feels numb, I can not really move the toe maybe because its so huge. feels like a lump on the side of my foot. Hopefully its just bruised and I am fine tomorrow, the only problem is I am so used to pain I hope its not worse then I think it is. In the past when I thought I would be fine I ended up in the hospital for a week or two. I used to break my ribs 3 or 4 times a year because of osteoporosis but the fosimax has helped. But I got used to that pain it was not as bad as the first few times it happened. I do not think my doctor is in downtown tomorrow which is 2 buses away and about 45 min. If I have to go to waterloo then its going to take 1.5 hours and 3 buses. If I go to emergency then it can be an 8 hour or so wait I think? Anyway I need prayers that I did not brake it. I would only need to see a doc if its broken right? otherwise it will just heal on its own? Just when I wanted to stay in the house and do nothing tomorrow, I hope this will not interfere with my daily walks with my dog :(
  6. I like it as well. I have The london Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir And Highlights performed by the Oratorio Society of New York
  7. I just found out from the Father of someone I dated over 10 years ago has colon and Lung cancer. I have kept in touch with his mum all this time and she told me he is having her husband will be having his colon operated on this month then next he starts chemo. They are not saved, she had started reading her bible and info I was giving her about 4 years ago and her husband thought she became and alien and wanted his wife back. He has diabetes, is very overweight and well back then he smoked a lot, not sure if he ever quit. I am sending a card and want to find a tract, please pray that the card will minister to him and I will pick the right tract for him.
  8. On Good friday there was a death of a 31 year old man in my co-op. He was living at his sisters on my street and dating my neighbour. I was told the other day it was ruled suicide. Please pray for both families. His sister has had a hard year in other areas. they all are not saved. Both women have young children. Please also pray from people in my Co-op they all knew this young man for the last few years.
  9. Hi if you all could pray for Pastor Clayton at Kitchener Baptist. Two weeks ago he had Angina and was in the hospital for a few days. He was put on Bed rest and is I think today having an angiogram.
  10. I have not read all five pages only a few posts listed on the first, so what I may say may have been posted. This makes me think of someone who was a leader of a group at another church in the city. they were doing activities in the summer. Because I did not want to go to the jazz fest or the blues fest because of the drinking and she hit the roof when I said I did not think it was a place to go as a church event for the singles ministry. she said I must be weak in my faith if I did not want to be someplace where people were drinking. What is sad is one guy in the group was an alcoholic but she I guess did not care as long as she got to go where she wanted to go. I think that was where it was mentioned there were several things I disagreed with, Anyway I think people think that if you are worried about things influencing your mind that you are weak therefore a strong christian can go to bars, watch anything on tv, go to rock concerts because none of that will ever have any negative influence. Well I know if I go into a cheesecake shop often I will eventually break and start enjoying cheesecake so my opinion is garbage in and garbage out. I remember as a teen I bought a billy idol tape because I liked white wedding, well I did not like the rest of the music, it was my first tape and in my mind I thought well maybe if I listen to it over and over I will start to like it because at that point it really seemed icky to me. eventually I did like it then I started buying the cure, skinny puppy, and sousie and the banshees etc.
  11. I thought Jerry told him to sign up with a different user name? as long as
  12. Kijiji may work as well. I found homes for my friends cats using it.
  13. Thanks everyone I downloaded the ones recommended.
  14. I was looking at the commentaries on E-Sword http://www.e-sword.net/commentaries.html And was wondering if anyone knows anything about them and can recommend ones here that may be okay to add on to my Bible download. Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary and Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament were recommended to me about 6 years ago by a friend but he goes to a different church so I dont know if people here would think differently. Thanks for your help. Albert Barnes' Notes on the Bible Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible John Darby's Synopsis of the Bible Geneva Bible Translation Notes John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament The People's New Testament (B. W. Johnson) Robertson's Word Pictures in the New Testament Scofield's Reference Notes The Treasury of David (C. H. Spurgeon) Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Vincent's Word Studies John Wesley's Notes on the Bible
  15. I found a few modest swimwear for women, I wonder if there is any for the guys. I think their swimwear is more immodest then the womens. And the men can wear these took a while to find something, for some reason when you type in mens modest swim wear it comes up with men in g strings????? and other immodest suits.
  16. I agree you can be warm even when its -30 with 3 skirts on with furry leggings with slips between each skirt. I still dont think if I were to climb mount Kilimanjaro one day I would only wear a skirt. I think its also not a good idea with downhill skiing unless they are shorter then you need something on underneath.
  17. until it goes over her head and suffocates her :)
  18. yeah also if a woman wants to go skydiving I dont think it would be very modest to wear a dress.
  19. so why is it that when women are trying to look modest the pick 1800's American style clothing. What about some other country or the 1500's for instance? or perhaps the 5th century. I think there are many fashions today that look modest the thing is you have to shop at places like Tabi or other such stores or find them at the second hand stores. I find some of those older styles to be much nicer then the 1800's.. maybe the men should start dressing in clothing from the 1800's as well I had a dress made for me a long time ago and because there is an elastic in the neck I could pull it and make the neckline fall at my collar bone instead of at the chest where it looks like most are made to fall. I wore it to the medieval fair in Waterloo and had tracts to hand out. Well I think people thought I was part of them. people were grabbing them from my hand and saying thank you, boy did I hand out a lot that day this one covers up to the next and not so boring
  20. no one is saying it looks frumpy because the neck line is too high or the bottom is too long. all those gathers at the waist for instance can make some women look like they have put on 100 lbs. I for instance have a waist only 4 in smaller then my hips. if I get things pleated at the waist to fit my waist I am wearing something for someone that is far heavier then I am and it balloons around my hips. there is a difference when its pleated or has an elastic. I think its also the style of shirt under it as well. its really more of a jumper then a dress anyway the A one that is. if one is wearing a shirt under it does it really then matter what shape the neckline is ? square, V, or half circle? also the shape of the neckline does not mean it has to be low. I like some of the outfits with the collar up the the neck like in the Asian dresses more then whats in the A Jumper. It could be made a little more interesting if the upper part had some pin tucks and false buttons added and the lower part could have a split skirt with an under skirt . one of them could have a pattern. I just find it rather boring to look at the way it is. B is not really to my taste either. Maybe if A was made in a tartan material it would look better and perhaps a cut so it does not have to be pleated so much at the waist, doing it in an A line would help with that or even if the bottom part was a gored it may look more attractive.
  21. I found this tutorial on making a tiered skirt 1-2-3 Tiered Skirt I shrunk some yardage and fell about 50 cm short for the dress I wanted to make, so I turned the fabric into a skirt. This is an easy design that will adjust to many sizes. The measurements are for my skirt?I?m about 5?7? and I wear a US size 10/12. The skirt is three tiers, with the top tier falling just above the knees with 15-20 cm ease to make for comfortable walking without bulk around the waist. The lower tiers are about half the length of the one above. Each tier is 1.5 times as wide as the previous one. This gives enough fullness for suitable flair while dancing, but without using too much fabric. tieredSkirt.gif The Cutting From a 220 cm length of 95 cm wide fabric, cut the following pieces (measurements are approximate): * 2 - 63 cm W x 50 cm H * 2 - 95 cm W x 28 cm H * 3 - 95 cm W x 1/3 the remaining material (about 15 cm) I used a ruler to measure and then folded the fabric and cut carefully on the fold. I?m a really lazy cutter! The Sewing 1. Sew the tiers into tubes on the short sides 2. Hem the bottom one with a narrow hem. 3. Sew a casing for elastic in the widest one. 4. On the top edge of the middle and lower tiers, baste with contrasting thread, breaking the stitching at each side seam 5. Mark the center, center back, and sides of each section with pins 6. Pull the gathering basting on the middle tier up to meet the pins on the top tier 7. Pin into place. I use 8-16 pins per tier to keep things from moving too much in the next step. 8. Sew tier to top, keeping gathered side up. This helps prevent the edge of the gathers from folding over into the seam as you sew. 9. Turn the seam allowance up. Press, if you desire. 10. Topstitch seam allowance to previous tier. 11. Repeat gathering and stitching for the lower tier. 12. Fit elastic; thread through casing. 13. Sew elastic together and close casing. 14. Enjoy your skirt. I found a picture online that may help also to show what the person was making
  22. the flowing skirts are usually the A line I think. I know I prefer A line because its far easier to walk in. I have a few skirts that are not straight but not full A line and I find that I feel like I am exercising my legs even more so when I walk my dog and my knees keep making imprints on them, good thing one is a stretch fleece and the other is a stretch denim or would be not taking full length strides at all. a Tiered Skirt can all be very nice and give freedom of movement. I think it was considered dangerous for women to wear a side saddle. and someone mentioned PJs outside. I think they are not PJs but clothing made from the same material that we associate with PJ's. I have been having to turn up my skirts that I wear in the winter because they were at my ankle and it was getting quite difficult to walk out and about with all the snow we got this year. So what if a woman wants to climb mount Kilimanjaro, is it expected for her to wear a skirt climbing it? or if a woman is jumping form a plane. A friend who belonged to a church where many came from Amish and Mennonite churches and where they all wore the same pattern dress said when she looked up modest she said it said not drawing attention to oneself. She was saying that The Amish and the Mennonites are drawing attention to themselves by how they dress and as did the women at her Church. I think if you dress like you are from the 1800's you are not being modest, one can be modest and also be decent in appearance. I made one of those 3/4 sleeve jackets that are in all the stores at my sewing class, its fashionable, modest and loose. we can find patterns and update them as well. In my class there is a new volunteer studying fashion design and she told me that I could take a plain skirt and do embroydry on it when I told her how I like the nygard skirts and various clothing but it costs so much money. there was a skirt that was A line with brown lace, red/brown tartan, brown suede that was so pretty. this is one I was thinking of sewing at some point. she did a few changes to it, I am not sure what fabric I would use for the summer I have many skirts like this and some go to my ankle. they are modest and fashionable its a peasant style skirt.
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