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  1. Please keep her in prayers. She is my wee miniature Schnauzer. I thought they were going to kill her,she was covered in blood on her hind quarters. they had knocked me down. one looked like a rottie shepard mix. the woman who owned them took me to the vet and dropped me off then returned half an hour later and she paid the bill of 79 dollars, thank God for both those things. I may have had to walk home with her in my arms for 45 min and she was in such dreadful pain. If there is swelling then they may have to cut out any dead flesh and if there is damage to her muscles and tendons they ma
  2. I found a few modest swimwear for women, I wonder if there is any for the guys. I think their swimwear is more immodest then the womens. And the men can wear these took a while to find something, for some reason when you type in mens modest swim wear it comes up with men in g strings????? and other immodest suits.
  3. I agree you can be warm even when its -30 with 3 skirts on with furry leggings with slips between each skirt. I still dont think if I were to climb mount Kilimanjaro one day I would only wear a skirt. I think its also not a good idea with downhill skiing unless they are shorter then you need something on underneath.
  4. until it goes over her head and suffocates her :)
  5. yeah also if a woman wants to go skydiving I dont think it would be very modest to wear a dress.
  6. so why is it that when women are trying to look modest the pick 1800's American style clothing. What about some other country or the 1500's for instance? or perhaps the 5th century. I think there are many fashions today that look modest the thing is you have to shop at places like Tabi or other such stores or find them at the second hand stores. I find some of those older styles to be much nicer then the 1800's.. maybe the men should start dressing in clothing from the 1800's as well I had a dress made for me a long time ago and because there is an elastic in the neck I could pull it and
  7. no one is saying it looks frumpy because the neck line is too high or the bottom is too long. all those gathers at the waist for instance can make some women look like they have put on 100 lbs. I for instance have a waist only 4 in smaller then my hips. if I get things pleated at the waist to fit my waist I am wearing something for someone that is far heavier then I am and it balloons around my hips. there is a difference when its pleated or has an elastic. I think its also the style of shirt under it as well. its really more of a jumper then a dress anyway the A one that is. if one is weari
  8. I found this tutorial on making a tiered skirt 1-2-3 Tiered Skirt I shrunk some yardage and fell about 50 cm short for the dress I wanted to make, so I turned the fabric into a skirt. This is an easy design that will adjust to many sizes. The measurements are for my skirt?I?m about 5?7? and I wear a US size 10/12. The skirt is three tiers, with the top tier falling just above the knees with 15-20 cm ease to make for comfortable walking without bulk around the waist. The lower tiers are about half the length of the one above. Each tier is 1.5 times as wide as the previous one. This gives
  9. the flowing skirts are usually the A line I think. I know I prefer A line because its far easier to walk in. I have a few skirts that are not straight but not full A line and I find that I feel like I am exercising my legs even more so when I walk my dog and my knees keep making imprints on them, good thing one is a stretch fleece and the other is a stretch denim or would be not taking full length strides at all. a Tiered Skirt can all be very nice and give freedom of movement. I think it was considered dangerous for women to wear a side saddle. and someone mentioned PJs outside. I thi
  10. I just made a gluten free crust then I put organic pizza sauce on top with 4 large garlic pressed and mixed in. then spinach, sun dried tomato, fried red onion and mushroom with about 3 large garlic cooked with them. then zucchini, green peppers and last roma tomatos. I put half a bag of sargento italian grated cheese on top and its in the oven right now. its about 4 inches thick I think LOL I would have liked to have put eggplant , oh dear I forgot black olives, feta cheese would have been nice as well. oh well next time.
  11. The only weapons I handled were the ones in air Cadets, Air Reserves and the really big gun on the HMCS Haida when it was at Ontairo Place , I was working on it, summer 1988, and we all would shift between restoration, keeping all the brass shiny, the gift shop, on the brow saying hi to tourists, security, walking around at closing to make sure no one got locked on board, it would be a dreadful thing to find a tourist the next morning still in the engine room , one thing we all got to do was at noon we would fire the Gun so we got to put a round in it, wow those rounds are so huge. I alway
  12. I am in southern ontairo, Canada. My dad was military and both parents from Prince Edward Island where my family all live. Lived in Germany, Chatham new Brunswick, Summerside PEI, North Bay ontairo, back to Prince Edward Island, then to Toronto ontairo then to Cornwallis Nova Scotia, then to Prince Edward island then back to Toronto from there I moved to Sudbury Ontairo that is 5 hours north of Toronto. Very cold there, Dec to march is below -20 with jan being about -30 to -40 sometimes even -45. I also spent 6 weeks in Quebec and 5 weeks in winipeg learning french both times on a language bur
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