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  1. I just made a gluten free crust then I put organic pizza sauce on top with 4 large garlic pressed and mixed in. then spinach, sun dried tomato, fried red onion and mushroom with about 3 large garlic cooked with them. then zucchini, green peppers and last roma tomatos. I put half a bag of sargento italian grated cheese on top and its in the oven right now. its about 4 inches thick I think LOL I would have liked to have put eggplant , oh dear I forgot black olives, feta cheese would have been nice as well. oh well next time.
  2. The only weapons I handled were the ones in air Cadets, Air Reserves and the really big gun on the HMCS Haida when it was at Ontairo Place , I was working on it, summer 1988, and we all would shift between restoration, keeping all the brass shiny, the gift shop, on the brow saying hi to tourists, security, walking around at closing to make sure no one got locked on board, it would be a dreadful thing to find a tourist the next morning still in the engine room , one thing we all got to do was at noon we would fire the Gun so we got to put a round in it, wow those rounds are so huge. I always felt sorry for the birds. I was on my break one day and as I was walking on the other side of Ontario Place the gun went off and this poor bird that was flying did a back flip it was so scared. When I was in Cadets we used a 22 rifle which I liked much better then the FNC1 we used in Reserves, it was lighter and did not have a kick like the FNC1 which sent me flying on my back when I was using it in a kneeling position of course it did not help that I had not used it before and then did not have my right knee in a 90 degree direction of my left leg, which could be why I landed on my back . They also had us try a 9mm pistol but we only got to shoot once just to see what it felt like. That is the last time I used any weapons, around 1987. Oh wait I tried Archery when I was in Quebec studying French. We went to a camp for a weekend and I tried Archery. It was very difficult to pull the string back but I did enjoy it.
  3. I am in southern ontairo, Canada. My dad was military and both parents from Prince Edward Island where my family all live. Lived in Germany, Chatham new Brunswick, Summerside PEI, North Bay ontairo, back to Prince Edward Island, then to Toronto ontairo then to Cornwallis Nova Scotia, then to Prince Edward island then back to Toronto from there I moved to Sudbury Ontairo that is 5 hours north of Toronto. Very cold there, Dec to march is below -20 with jan being about -30 to -40 sometimes even -45. I also spent 6 weeks in Quebec and 5 weeks in winipeg learning french both times on a language bursary. now I am back to southern ontairo Still too cold here.

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