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  1. Greetings my new friend
    Please contact me here hannah_majzoub@yahoo.co.uk
    How are you today?? My name is Miss Hannah,I was impressed when i saw your profile today at (www.onlinebaptist.com) I like to be your friends ok; Please send me your e-mail to my inbox at (hannah_majzoub@yahoo.co.uk) so i will send you my Photos to you.
    waiting to hear from you soon....

  2. Or why not just buy your onw airplane?? (they can't be TO much can they??)
  3. Why not buy a elephant and ride on that?? Do you think that you could fit everything?
  4. Do you know that I think that I will got Rent that movie?
  5. Do you know that I have not seen Gods and Generals either?
  6. Ban hermanj for not having a piano avatar instead of a trumpet thingie. :mrgreen:
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