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  1. Greetings my new friend
    Please contact me here hannah_majzoub@yahoo.co.uk
    How are you today?? My name is Miss Hannah,I was impressed when i saw your profile today at (www.onlinebaptist.com) I like to be your friends ok; Please send me your e-mail to my inbox at (hannah_majzoub@yahoo.co.uk) so i will send you my Photos to you.
    waiting to hear from you soon....

  2. I am a young lady as well, and I must say I would not ever recommend the majority of Christian "romance" if they write about things and romanticize/glorify things that we personally would not do in real life, then why would we spend time reading about them??? A wonderful book that has not been mentioned yet, but she has probably read, is the classic Pilgrim's Progress. Also I would recommend: Beyond The Gates of Splendor, My Utmost For His Highest, We Twelve Girls, In The Arena (a chinese missionary's biography), A Chance To Die, Evidence Not Seen, ANY of the Louisa May Alcott books especially Little Woman and An Old Fashioned Girl, The Elsie Dinsmore books, and to try to find some missionary biographies. There are quite a few excellant missionary biographies available for relatively inexpensively at Amazon.com(A Chance To Die,Evidence Not Seen and Beyond The Gates Of Splendor.)
  3. Was just wondering, I have heard about Hudson Taylor and Saint Augustine a few times recently, but really don't know much about either and was wondering if their books/biographies were good reading. Any comments would be welcomed. Thank You.
  4. I had a friend ask this question, He asked for verses to, so please include any you can along w/references. Thanks!
  5. Something I just thought of... God cares about attitude, look at what the Israelites got just for complaining, he tells us to love others, be forgiving, be meek, etc. Is the majority of people on this stuff/pills just looking for an excuse for there behavior and the ones who really are chemically messed up just a small amount?? Because, honestly, how many solid Christians do you know that are on anti depressants??
  6. What about depression and anti depressants?? Is there really such a thing?? And are all the people on anti depressants really depressed or just a small amount?
  7. Me to!! Me and a friend of mine did that on the duet competion at camp last year.
  8. What is your guys opinions on all this?? I have always believed that the vast majority of these problems could be cured with salvation and being right with God, But a friend of mine who is a strong IFB disagrees... ??? opinions??? verses??
  9. I'm interested to know what peoples favorite song are, list your favorite (s?) .......... Great Is Thy Faithfullness Abide With Me
  10. Or why not just buy your onw airplane?? (they can't be TO much can they??)
  11. Why not buy a elephant and ride on that?? Do you think that you could fit everything?
  12. This is so true ^^ I am homeschooled, I have worked in pretty much every kind of school curriculum, we used Abeka for a long time, then switched to ACE, but it is so expensive that we decided to only use it for math. I am planning on going into the full time ministry, so I study mostly English, Math and Bible, and read a lot of different kinds of books. I personally think that although doing all one curriculum can work for some people and may be a little more easy to organize, Everybody learns differently and it's best to use lots of different stuff. For example: A 12 year old may be very inclined towards science, does that mean that we have to keep them in a 8th grade science book?? No! That's the beauty of homeschooling, they can be doing 10th 11th or even 12th grade stuff!! So there is my two cents. Hope it helps. :)
  13. I don't know if I'm a complete geek, like some people But I sure have been today, all I have done is be in this computer.. I think my contacts are gonna dry out from staring at this screen.... :
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