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  1. I would add my own opinion that the social class and simillar backgrounds of you and your spouse are important.I have heard of a worker marrying a BBU graduate and their marriage works, but I find it much easier if both me and my husband come from "intellectual" middle class, both our parents are teachers and both of us have college professors in our closest families. Me and my husnabd also have a simillar degree and soon will start to work towards a higher degree in the same field.
  2. My husband also doesn't go anywhere for that long and luckily since we got married we have not been even separated for 1 day. When he is working and I am not, I usually try to do something with the way I look: I take a longer shower than usual, arrange my hair, do something with my feet and nails. Generally speaking, I do things that I can do by myself so that when Adrian comes we can spend as much time together as possible.BTW we do not have children.
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