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  1. Crown is a great school. It was one of the two colleges that I was praying about going. My Pastor and his wife both went and graduated there. The teens in our church go to the camp there during the summer. I researched it quite a bit and its a very solid school and their standards are in the right place. They have high emphasis on the Bible.
  2. is thankful to be able to serve the Lord!

  3. I dont think age matters at all, if that is the man God has picked out for you!
  4. I dont have children or anything. But I know at our church we will keep children in the nursery up until the child is 4. Some take their children in the service before that, which is fine.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I say courting because I dont believe in "dating." If I am ever in a relationship with a youngman, I am in it looking at the possibility of marriage. I dont know if the youngman at my church is God's will for my life or not. He just got our of a 4 year relationship, so nothing would happen soon. Highschool is hard, I know, and He is still trying to figure out what God's will for his life is and where God wants him to go to college. But also, I have nto been able to get to know him like I want to. He is always goofying around and not being serious. I know a lot more about
  6. Ok, I don?t want you guys to think poorly of me. But I need some advice. I have been "courting" a Youngman for about a month and a half. Well, our relationship is not the norm. He lives 9 hours away. He is 2 years younger than me, so he is still a senior in high school and I will be 20 in March. Well, he is a really sweet guy that is on fire for the Lord. But it?s so hard to get to know him and see his true character over the phone. You can?t see how he interacts with others around him really. At the same time, we have a Youngman that is 21 that goes to my church that just graduated Ambassad
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