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  1. I play the flute, piano, clarinet, and play at the dulcimer. I mess around with my son's saxophone some, but I wouldn't call it playing! I am so thankful the Lord allows me to play in church and use what I enjoy the most to serve Him. I plunked the piano until four years ago when my husband said I could start taking lessons, in December I became the church pianist. I started playing the flute when I was 8 years old, and that is my favorite to play. (Although since I took the piano at church, I don't seem to get to play my flute much anymore!)
  2. I cannot even venture a guess at how many times the Lord has brought "a child left to himself will bring his mother to shame" to my mind! You are so right, even the "good kids" have to be watched closely. A friend of mine said one time of her neice and nephew, they are not good kids because they are good, they are good kids because their parents don't give them a lot of opportunity to not be good. That changed the direction of my thinking!
  3. I have had my oldest son is public school, for kindergarten, but even at that age HUGE mistake! I have had four of my children in our church's school, and rather enjoyed that. Now we are homeschooling all of them, and love it! I am one of those that believes each family is different, and while Christian schools (IFB, under the authority of the church,etc. type) are the best thing for some families, homeschooling is the best for others. Homeschooling is not for everyone. Once the children all got into the Church school, we planned on keeping them there until graduation. Last summer God changed our plans, and He has blessed us this past year for following Him. I know what it is like to be in an ungodly, downright worldly youth group (in an IFB church) and I know how this can affect you, IF you let it. The fact is, whether it is the Christian school, the youth group, or the Sunday school class. The people involved are human, and make choices that affect others. I had to learn to get past what other people do, and realize I had to make decisions for myself based on God's word, not necessarily the popular thing. I have a dear friend who thinks I am a fruit cake because of my stand on dress, she is also an assistant pastor's wife in an IFB church. Ultimately, I am not responsible for her, I am responsible for me. Just something to think about...
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