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  1. Wow, I did not know that my bringing my kids to a free concert would make for a discussion on abortion. I went with my kids, not to support the Methodist church (like I said, it was a free concert, and I did not put any money in the offering plates when they were passed around), but to spend time with them and also to allow my wife to get some rest before she went to her overnight job. The concert was truly amazing. The players were lively, spirited, and full of energy. The high school aged kids (this was done by a high school group) did such a wonderful job that I was brought to tears by the music and how much they put of themselves in the music. One of the high school seniors in the group even arranged one of the songs that they played - truly amazing talent. I was not shocked when Pastor Wendy (or whatever her name was) stood up to open the concert in prayer. Neither did I take my kids by the hands and lead them out of the church. I went for the music. I am a musician. I LOVE music. I want my kids to appreciate good music. I can play 13 instruments and am passing on the training of some of these instruments to my kids. We have played in our church a few times. I even stood up on the platform with my kids and their toy hand bells and played a Christmas song for an offeratory once. My purpose in writting all of this is not to bash anyone on this board, nor the Methodist church for supporting abortions.
  2. The kids and I were able to go the Wesly Bell Ringer handbell concert tonight. That was GREAT! Good music + good company = wonderful time. They even let my kids try out their largest bell - it weighs 20 lbs.
  3. This past Sunday night, my youngest son, Jonathan, was baptized. The heater in the baptistry was not working, but he didn't care - he wanted to get baptized. He sure was shivering when he came out of the water!
  4. He has a good voice - I wonder what he will sound like when his voice "changes." http://www.godvine.com/14-Year-Old-Sings-You-Raise-Me-Up-Like-an-Angel-333.html
  5. My wife and I love this movie!
  6. Are there any mechanics that live near Golden State or West Coast that would be able to help a friend with his car. He attends college (but I am not sure which one at the moment), and he is having trouble with his car. He and his wife are on a VERY tight budget and could use some help with their car.
  7. My wife and I have the wonderful opportunity to pick up Pamela, one of our deaf ladies, every Sunday morning now. She lives less than a mile away from us. It is so good to see her being faithful to church. Also, she recently joined our church!
  8. When we were expecting our first child, a man in our chuch came up to us and gave us a minivan. When Elizabeth got hit by a deer and knocked that van out of commission, a man from our church came up to us and gave us a minivan. When a man in our chuch decided he no longer needed his minivan, he came up to us and gave us a minivan. We have always been a 1 vehicle family - it is going to be odd to see 2 vans in the driveway now.
  9. I see it has been a long time since I have posted anything here. Ray, our director, has had a change in his work schedule, and is not able to be in church much any more. Because of this, when he is able to have time off on a church day, he and his family have "family time" at home. Because of this, Larry, the assistant, has taken over teaching the deaf class on Sunday mornings. Please, pray for this situation. Now, for the praise. Fedrico has been able to come to church a few times this past month (he got a new job, so he comes when his schedule allows him too), and he has brought another deaf man with him when he comes. This man's name is Art. He has gone to many churches searching for answers to questions he has. One Wednesday night after church, Larry took some time and answered his questions about religion, God, and such. Art was very glad to find a church with the answers he has been looking for! Pray for him, and his wife (whom we have not met), that they might soon accept Jesus as their Savior.
  10. My 9 year old son woke me up this morning by saying, "Dad, I need your help." He walked into to the bathroom, and I followed him, turned on the light, and saw melted chocolate all over his face, hair, pajama shirt, and arm. He said he took chocolate chips out of the kitchen during the night and brought them to his bed. He fell asleep before he could eat them all, and now he, and the bed (sheets, blanket, and pillows) are covered in melted chocolate. I gave him a washcloth and told him to wash himself up. Since I was needing to leave for work, I let him know that he was in BIG trouble and sent him to the extra bed. My wife told my son that he has lost priveleges this week - bike, scooter, tv, movies, ect. He must wash out his shirt and the bedding by hand, too. Is this enough, or do you think there should be other consequences? (This is not the first time he has taken food during the night, either.) The one positive thing I see in all of this is that he came to me first, before we found the chocolate, and asked for help.
  11. 32bc6e63e98097c1aacf1b3acd27333e
  12. The kids and I have got our summer colds now - all of us are medicated and ready for bed

    1. CPR


      Ugh, me too think it's going around. Hope y'all feel better soon!

    2. OFIB Preacher

      OFIB Preacher

      Bless your hearts, or rather, noses! Pleasant dreams.

    3. dadof4


      We are hanging in there - just a few more days and I think we will be over our colds. :)

  13. They just came home - Jonathan walked up to the house by himself. He is looking much better! His face, though, looks black and blue. Jonathan said the doctor told him to put ice on his face.
  14. Elizabeth is taking Johnathan to urgent care right now. He fell and hit is head very hard on a tile floor. His face is all bruised. He doesn't look too good.
  15. Very nice pictures! My kids liked looking at them, too.
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