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  1. My wife and I have the wonderful opportunity to pick up Pamela, one of our deaf ladies, every Sunday morning now. She lives less than a mile away from us. It is so good to see her being faithful to church. Also, she recently joined our church!
  2. When we were expecting our first child, a man in our chuch came up to us and gave us a minivan. When Elizabeth got hit by a deer and knocked that van out of commission, a man from our church came up to us and gave us a minivan. When a man in our chuch decided he no longer needed his minivan, he came up to us and gave us a minivan. We have always been a 1 vehicle family - it is going to be odd to see 2 vans in the driveway now.
  3. I see it has been a long time since I have posted anything here. Ray, our director, has had a change in his work schedule, and is not able to be in church much any more. Because of this, when he is able to have time off on a church day, he and his family have "family time" at home. Because of this, Larry, the assistant, has taken over teaching the deaf class on Sunday mornings. Please, pray for this situation. Now, for the praise. Fedrico has been able to come to church a few times this past month (he got a new job, so he comes when his schedule allows him too), and he has brought anot
  4. My 9 year old son woke me up this morning by saying, "Dad, I need your help." He walked into to the bathroom, and I followed him, turned on the light, and saw melted chocolate all over his face, hair, pajama shirt, and arm. He said he took chocolate chips out of the kitchen during the night and brought them to his bed. He fell asleep before he could eat them all, and now he, and the bed (sheets, blanket, and pillows) are covered in melted chocolate. I gave him a washcloth and told him to wash himself up. Since I was needing to leave for work, I let him know that he was in BIG trouble
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  6. The kids and I have got our summer colds now - all of us are medicated and ready for bed

    1. CPR


      Ugh, me too think it's going around. Hope y'all feel better soon!

    2. OFIB Preacher

      OFIB Preacher

      Bless your hearts, or rather, noses! Pleasant dreams.

    3. dadof4


      We are hanging in there - just a few more days and I think we will be over our colds. :)

  7. They just came home - Jonathan walked up to the house by himself. He is looking much better! His face, though, looks black and blue. Jonathan said the doctor told him to put ice on his face.
  8. Elizabeth is taking Johnathan to urgent care right now. He fell and hit is head very hard on a tile floor. His face is all bruised. He doesn't look too good.
  9. Very nice pictures! My kids liked looking at them, too.
  10. Well, Joel was there for his court date, but his interpreter did not show up (for the second time now), so the judge has postponed his hearing for another year.
  11. Boy, do I have a headache!

    1. Brother Rick

      Brother Rick

      Stop eating your ice cream so fast!

  12. You should see what happened to all the riders of those bicycles.
  13. dadof4


    Well, I have a couple more Estherism to share with you all. One night, as we were doing Bible reading, I asked a question about what was just read. Jonathan answered with his normal answer, "Jesus." Nathaniel said, "You mean 'Jesus?'" (said in Spanish the the J making an H sound). Esther looks at Nathaniel and says, Nathaniel, that's taking the Lord's name in sane!" Also, one day in the van, Esther and Nathaniel starting talking about what Bible we use. Esther said, "We use the King James Virgin!"
  14. Please, be in prayer Tuesday for Joel. He is a deaf man from Mexico that attends our church. He is going before a judge to decide if he can stay in the USA or not. He is married and has a son. As far as I know, there is no real reason why he should have to leave the US.
  15. has a bad headache!

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