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  1. Amen brother. I don't thinl some of these people have seen faith promise presented our applied like it is suppose to be.
  2. I may have missunderstood you since this originaly started almost 2 years ago, but it seems one of the reasons you were against faith promise was filling out the cards because then someone would know what you gave. Did you not just tell everyone on here how much you gave last year? From reading all the other posts I don't see where you ever answered the question about how many missionaries your church supports. As far as some of the other concerns about faith promise, if your pastor and churching are teaching and utilizing t correctly it will negate all of the concerns. I believe faith pro
  3. All of my family is from a town like this.
  4. :tum :tum :tum :tum :tum
  5. Go Canes. I believe Randy Shannon will have the canes focused on Football.
  6. I think until he test's positive they should leave him alone. Chances are he probably has taken something, just like half of the pitchers he faces. Roger Clemens put's up good numbers after the age of 40 and no one questions him. I also think it is possible that he has not taken anything. My pastor has gained about 60 pounds over the last 10-15 years, his shoulders are much wider and is head has grown, however I doubt very seriously he has taken anything, he just works out. So it is possible. As for the hall of fame. Before any of this started Bonds was a multiple gold glove winner, 3 time MVP
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