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  1. I went to Christian school through 3rd grade, public school in 4th grade, and homeschooled after that. Now, I'm about to graduate in May from a state university with a degree in engineering. I was one the "self-taught" homeschoolers. My mom took time and taught me math (though Algebra 2, I took trig and calc at the Christian school) and English. Other than that, I pretty much taught myself everything else including science like chemistry and physics. I did have trouble adjusting to college in my first year, and my grades showed it. However, I was also lazy and unmotivated my first year and put forth the minimum effort possible. I was like that until it reached a point where I had to shape up or drop out. Now, I'm in the top 5 in my class, and a large part of it is because I'm able to teach myself. Even now, I still HIGHLY prefer to study alone. Not because I'm unsociable but because I learn more and faster that way. Once I learned how to effectively use lectures and notes (and got a better attitude), college was fine. Learning to teach yourself developes thinking and reasoning skills you won't get elsewhere. I'm not saying it's correct for everything. I certainly benefited far more from having my mom (who has a master's degree in accounting) teach me math than I would have teaching it to myself. There are definitely downsides to it, and it should never be used exclusively; however, I found it to be positive overall. I also benefited from having two grandfathers with PhDs in engineering if I had science questions my parents couldn't answer. Resources like that are also important to have.
  2. I'm going to Heartland Baptist Bible College next fall and would highly recommend it. HBBC is formerly Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College and moved to Oklahoma in the late '90's. My church is one of the primary supporters of it and very heavily involved. Here's the website. http://www.heartlandbaptist.edu If I wasn't going to Heartland, I would probably go to either Crown or West Coast.
  3. I've played piano since I was a little kid, and I recently started learning the violin.
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