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  1. ban samer for using so many ssssssssssssssssssssssssss's....lol
  2. i am winning again!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:
  3. well i lived here like 5 years ago for a year then my husband and i moved to South Carolina to go to Bible College and then after hurricane Rita, my husbands family lost everything so we came back down here to help them. We have been back for only like 6 months! Just in time for Hurricane season!! :pray
  4. do you even know me!?!?!?!..lol BOLD!!! hungry or full
  5. nope i am still winning
  6. ban scribblez for not posting enough for me to know who she is.
  7. ban John for trying to win all the games!!!!
  8. my grandma in Florida got evacuated. Kinda scary...but she is ok.it is during this time i HATE living in Louisiana!! :pray
  9. did someone ask a question?
  10. ban John for not realizing i cant find nothing else to say.
  11. did yall know that i am the expert....hahahahaha
  12. well i'm not sure i am going to win this game
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