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  1. I suggest you take a deep breathe and reread the post you quoted. As you will see I said his FOLLOWERS use profanity. I typically see this on YouTube. That being said Anderson often says things that should never come out of a Christian's mouth. Also, Dillinger denies the Trinity so I'm not fan of him.
  2. I and many don't hate Anderson but are not afraid to rebuke his false teachings. Anderson teaches homosexuals can't repent and be saved. This is contrary to the Bible (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). He denies things such as the Holocaust. His followers use profanity on a regular basis when someone disagrees with Anderson. Anderson gets into petty fights with people such as Sam Gipp. Anderson needs a good dose of Matthew 5:9-12, Matthew 5:38-48 and Galatians 5:22-24. They may say they save 100 per week but where is the fruit? In the Bible converts were added to the church. Saying a prayer doesn't save anyone if there is no belief in the words of that prayer.
  3. I personally have been coming to this site less often because I don't see Cloud's feed on here any longer. I believe Cloud makes some great points that should be posted here and discussed.
  4. ‚Äč1) Didn't seem to help. I even tried IE. It worked the first time in IE but then when I came back I was no longer logged in and the first login failed. 2) Since last visit doesn't seem to show anything. If I do All then it works...
  5. I love the new look to the site but 2 issues are causing me a lot of frustration. First, every time I go to the site I am not logged in. I tell it to remember me but even if I open a new tab and go to the site I am logged out again. This was never a problem before. Also, when logging in using the top right corner where it says Sign In it never takes my username and password the first time. I have to enter the information again at a second screen which points at http://www.onlinebaptist.com/home/login/ The second issue is that New Content doesn't show new content 9 times out of 10. If I manually browse the forums I see that there is indeed new content. So this appears to be bugged. New posts are how I normally use this site. If it doesn't work properly then it just discourages me from visiting the site. I don't have time to manually browse posts. Thanks for the site. Hope you are able to clean up the bugs.
  6. I would like to see the feed brought back. I agree with Cloud 95% of the time so I hope Matt wouldn't have taken it down on purpose.
  7. That is why I try to make the Bible my source of theology. I love Cloud but where he departs from the Bible I depart from him. I love Gipp but where he departs of Biblical truth I depart from him. Before I was IFB I followed John MacArthur and believed pretty much whatever he said in his study Bible without taking the time to study the issues for myself.
  8. It is wise of you to seek counsel. As a father of 2 I hope I am as wise to do the same when I'm unsure of what to do. Proverbs 12:15 The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.
  9. The Mohawk hairstyle is often associated with punk culture. The punk culture has rebellion as a key component to it. There are plenty of verses that speak against rebellion as I'm sure you are aware of. Proverbs 17:11 An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him. Also, one must ask if having a Mohawk honors God. Also, does it hurt your witness to unbelievers when they observe your family?
  10. It was a while since I did the sermons but it was something like 5. I believe they gave a general idea on what the sermon should be on but you had freedom on the specifics. The last one had to be in front of 10 or more adults. With evangelism you just need to go out at least once with your church or on your own to witness to others. With the sermons I gave them a report on what it was on and how it went. With the evangelism you just let them know you went out. Most of the grading takes place with exams. The rest is just showing you have done the required tasks.
  11. I had to give several sermons to small groups and go out to do evangelism. You can complete several classes without doing these things but if you plan on doing a full 4/6 year education expect do some things like this. By the way after each year they do snail mail you a professional looking transcript and certificate.
  12. He doesn't call himself a brider even though he says some would claim him that. There are many definitions when it comes to "Baptist Brider". I find nothing in his doctrine that would cause me to shy away from promoting the school. No one will ever agree 100% with the doctrine of a school. All the free schools I have looked into have much greater problems. Even the ones you have to pay for online I have found have bigger issues with when it comes to doctrine.
  13. I really enjoyed Church History. They are kind enough to provide you with all the notes you'll really need but you can take additional ones if you like. They also highlight the parts you really need to work on when studying for an exam. If you watch all the videos and study the exams normally are not very hard. That said there are some more difficult than orders. I had to write some papers for some classes but some of those I believe now are optional. If you want to take the Masters course you will have to write a final paper. There are people talking about Baptist Briders. Pastor Warner does believe there have always been Baptist churches even though they were not always called Baptist in name. I agree with that but not all of the online students agree with that and you are not required to believe that. There are people that are not even Baptists that take the courses. Pastor Warner also doesn't believe you have to be a Baptist to be saved.
  14. I'm on my fourth year of classes and plan on taking 2 more years for my Masters in Ministry. Some classes are more challenging than others. Most of the graded work are exams you take which average about 1 a week. Some classes are not worth many credits so they are not as in-depth as classes worth more credits. I believe they have 250 online students currently enrolled around the world and several on location. If you have additional questions feel free to ask.
  15. Baptist are not Protestants in the sense that they came out of the Protestant Reformation. Baptists have been around well before the Reformation. They were not always know as Baptists. The name Baptist and the other names we have been given have always been given by our enemies. There are several good Baptist history books that go into more details but I believe The Origins of the Baptists by S.H. Ford is a good short read.
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