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  1. I suggest you take a deep breathe and reread the post you quoted. As you will see I said his FOLLOWERS use profanity. I typically see this on YouTube. That being said Anderson often says things that should never come out of a Christian's mouth. Also, Dillinger denies the Trinity so I'm not fan of him.
  2. I and many don't hate Anderson but are not afraid to rebuke his false teachings. Anderson teaches homosexuals can't repent and be saved. This is contrary to the Bible (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). He denies things such as the Holocaust. His followers use profanity on a regular basis when someone disagrees with Anderson. Anderson gets into petty fights with people such as Sam Gipp. Anderson needs a good dose of Matthew 5:9-12, Matthew 5:38-48 and Galatians 5:22-24. They may say they save 100 per week but where is the fruit? In the Bible converts were added to the church. Saying a prayer doesn't save anyone if there is no belief in the words of that prayer.
  3. The King James Bible is the perfect word of God in English. Every other English translation I have ever seen takes away, adds and/or changes words. There are many helps out there if you are have difficulties with some of the words. Also, most people read their Bibles too fast anyways, so having to take time to read it is a good thing.
  4. Those are some good materials you mention. I own them all. :)
  5. I attend this school. They pastor in charge started a church plant in Texas. The church is still in Washington. I love taking the classes and it is a very Biblical sound school.
  6. Matthew,

    May the Lord bless you and your family.

    Happy birthday!


  7. I personally have been coming to this site less often because I don't see Cloud's feed on here any longer. I believe Cloud makes some great points that should be posted here and discussed.
  8. I certainly don't want to make you or anyone else look stupid. The King James doesn't have errors but the Geneva does. Why would I want to settle for second best? My first Bible was the NIV and I believe people can be saved using almost any translation. The Geneva isn't even easy to come by since most publishers don't print it. I have pretty much every edition in electronic format but I wouldn't bother to get it in a printed version. I'm just glad we won't have these kinds of debates in Heaven.
  9. The Geneva Bible contains errors while the King James does not.
  10. Who also lied under oath which is a felony last time I checked...
  11. Trump has no chance of winning against Clinton. Trump is a profane narcissist who has no fear of God. He wouldn't make a good leader just like Clinton won't make a good leader. The "Republicans" voting for him right now are foolish.
  12. My thoughts originally was that music was amoral and that the only thing that mattered were the lyrics. I was always a big rock fan even before getting saved so I didn't want anyone taking my music away from me. The first thing I noticed was the fruits of CCM. I often when to CCM concerts. I started to notice the bands on stage promoting Roman Catholicism. I also saw several rock bands go secular and living a non Christian lifestyle once they started getting popular. I would read interviews with CCM artists and see them praising the pope which told me they were either ignorant on what Roman Catholicism teaches or they held to a false gospel themselves. I finally had to admit that the musical beat does affect the flesh. It makes it easier to ignore the lack of good theology in most of the lyrics and to ignore the blatant ecumenism. Now you can see a lot of CCM artists not taking a stand against homosexuality. CCM is a business which several use to make money. Christians should avoid CCM in church and at home.
  13. Jordan G, When I first came to this site I defended CCM rock music. I am now completely against it. Rock appeals to the flesh, promotes ecumenism and doesn't glorify God no matter what words you put to it.
  14. I believe my King James Bible is error free. It doesn't need any kind of correction. As soon as you say your Bible isn't perfect you put yourself in authority over God's words. Men love to be in control so believing in a perfect Bible isn't popular, even in IFB circles.
  15. I would never regularly attend a church that doesn't believe the King James Bible is error free, that uses CCM music or is a church that promotes Calvinism. This is far from a complete list but are some items that are missing from a lot of people's lists.
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