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  1. I am a remarried widower. (I was married young at 20 to my wife who was 20 and ultimately died at 37) It took 8 yrs to "find" my present wife. We were nearly in your situation, but let me explain. (I tried to connect with her shortly after my first wife died more on a "friendly" basis via an online dating site due to her heritage. She is a Russian orphan adopted in the USA just a couple towns from me as a toddler. I have always had a huge burden for the Russian people) However, she put me off literally for years. We connected a few times over these 7 or 8 yrs. Chatted via text and I was stood
  2. I will add this commentary and yes, I know the author is a rather controversial Baptist preacher, but personality aside looking at his argument and the verses on their face alone. I can't see how anyone in good conscience can argue against what he is saying. What's Wrong with Male Gynecologists? by Pastor Steven L Anderson, 2006 1. Is nudity before the opposite gender a sin? 2. Are male obstetricians or gynecologists condoned in the Bible? 3. Are male gynecologists professionals or perverts? “And have no fellowship with the unf
  3. I have some strong feelings about this especially in the context of females seeing a male ob/gyn. That said I would even have to think twice about my wife having a GP (general practioner) who is male. I am looking for specific verses or verses that teach the precept of not being naked in front of the opposite sex that is not your spouse.
  4. We had the hearing Monday. I was told through our Sunday school teacher and another friend my (soon to be ex) wife was not going to oppose the protection order from being lifted. Well, it looks like Sybil (the same woman that cried in my arms the week before and told me she still loved me) showed up in court with her feminist nazis family violence worker and told the judge she didn't feel the kids were safe if he vacated the order. Now there is always 2 sides to every story and I made a lot of mistakes that helped my marriage down this horrible spiral, but 1 thing I NEVER did was harm my chi
  5. Please pray God leads my wife to the altar tomorrow, softens her heart and leads her through the doors he has opened for reconciliation. Pray he keeps my heart soft to her and lift my children up. This is very difficult on them. They don't understand why they can't even see me. Pray Monday at 08:30 God speaks to the judge an allows me to force the protection order to go away. Pray that if that happens I can see my children Monday and my wife sees the reason we married with my interaction with my children and the blessing they are and testament to our love !! God please show your mercy on my f
  6. Again we are off to court on Monday. This time I am trying to vacate the protection order my wife instituted largely to manipulate the courts into giving her the house and sole custody of the children while the whole divorce was pending. (She tried this once in the past and SHE left the house and found that was rather inconvenient) I hear through friends she still talks to that she is not going to fight the order going away and please pray that is the case which would in turn allow me to see my children for the first time in 13 weeks on Monday April 23. Please also hold us all up in prayer th
  7. Had court yesterday. Didn't go well. Had offered again counselling to my wife with a pastor neither of us knows that was recommended. She refused. Whole different woman from last week in the courthouse. Although I know God may be working in her heart and sometimes it when we think He is working the least He is working the most in someone's life it was still a hard day yesterday. We do have a hearing to remove a protection order so I can see my children I have been unable to see in 3 months. I hear through others my wife is not going to oppose me having it thrown out. She finally aknowledges o
  8. I have been trying to deal with an uninspected vehicle of my wife's which unfortunately due to a (bogus) protection order I physcically have been unable to deal with because the vehicle was at my home (which I have been thrown out of). Finally after a month of begging a friend to go fetch it I got it. It has been repaired and after hearing through the grapevine what I heel I was for not taking care of it quicker I decided to drop it back off at my home myself. So, I called my son Ian (which I am allowed to do) and told him to tell his mother to get her keys and walk down the driveway. I pull
  9. I hate to saw our first court meeting went poorly. I am still unable to see my children although my wife (through a friend) reports she is considering altering the protection order on behalf of the children so they can see me and have Easter dinner at my mother's house. (I honestly don't believe it) I have appealed the order myself. Obviously being non-confrontation and the proverbial patsy has not garnered reconciliation. I am at the place where I do not want my wife back......
  10. Please pray for my wife specifically this Sunday. It is the last Sunday before we have our first court appearance to discuss how we are going to be divorced. I pray when we get there she will tell the judge we need not proceed. Please pray she goes to the altar and listens to God. My Sunday school teacher (and Pastor) Chris is meeting with her after church Sunday one last time before the court date Wed. 03212007. (please keep that in prayer as well). Pray that Chris can reach her. Say something that softens her heart, triggers an emotion/memory or a glimmer of hope. Her name is Valerie and hol
  11. IM4Given--if I could speak to my wife I would ask exactly that. (for her forgiveness), but do to legal maneuverings she has in place I cannot speak to her right now. My Sunday school teacher (also a Pastor) is going to speak to her this coming Sunday and he asked if there was something I wanted him to tell her and that was one of the 2 important pieces I want her to come away with. I would ask if I could 1. for her forgiveness on my knees 2. and tell her I loved her with all my heart
  12. Please pray specifically that my wife, Valerie, will make it to church tomorrow and go forward to the altar and LISTEN to the voice of God. I know His will is not that our marriage desolve. I have made many an error in the past and as Paul said he was chief of sinners. (he had not met me yet) However, evil (divorce) will never right evil (sin). I have been forgiven of past specific issues that played a large role in things being the way they are and would even say delivered from (a specific) sin. Pray that God will soften her heart toward reconciliation and show her she can be responsible for
  13. Without being too hopeful it might be God is beginning to work in my wife's heart. Although it appears this will be a long process to heal past hurts it almost appears at the least she is thinking about the long term effects divorce is going to create especially for our 3 children. Please continue to pray God speaks to her throughout the days in a gentle way. To direct her path and her thoughts. I make the comparison of the parting of the Red Sea. I would almost suspect before the miracle there was maybe a breeze against the back of Moses's neck. I am looking for that gently breeze daily. Pl
  14. My wife seems more convinced than ever she wants to continue with the divorce. Satan has a hold on her something fierce. She claims via a friend (because we cannot talk to each other per a court order which is also preventing me from seeing my 3 children) that she has "prayed about this for a long time". I cannot imagine God is telling her to go ahead with a divorce and Satan is alive and well in my wife Valerie's heart. Although I have fallen short many times in this marriage nobody is going to make out better. Not my wife, myself or the children in the long run. I beg of you all not only t
  15. Please pray that my wife will go to the altar and listen for God's voice. I know He does not want our family to disolve. Please pray Pastor softens her heart with his preaching and God can reach her. dale
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