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  1. I was at a restaurant here in Florida awhile back and they had "Snow Bird Special" listed on the menu. I asked them what does Snow Bird taste like, anyways, as I have never eaten a Snow Bird before! Without missing a beat the waitress said "Tastes like chicken!"
  2. Nearly quittin time! 15 more minutes to go!
  3. I remember watching the Apollo moon landing when I was a little girl ... we were all gathered around the television waiting for something to happen - it was sort of disappointing that all they did was walk around a little bit and collect a bag of rocks! We were wondering if there would be any little green men, or perhaps some exotic cheese there!
  4. Would you believe that the sun is shinging here too? It is a balmy 70 degrees today with a gorgeous blue sky. :java:
  5. I still do not know what the prize is for winning this game? Do we get a pie , or a free coffee mug :coffee or what? Maybe we will get a free pencil? :thanks: Since I moved, I do not have Internet connection, so I have to go online during breaks at work. I miss posting here, but I find myself with all sorts time on my hands in the evenings now (no cable TV either), so I spend my time listening to gospel music and cleaning and unpacking. I find that TV is stupid and boring, and mostly redundant, so I do not miss that at all, but I do miss my time here at OB. I think paying off one's bi
  6. :tease: like the string said to the rope - I'm a frayed knot!
  7. I would post the youtube of that but I am no longer posting music videos of any sort!
  8. Do you really wash the clothes John, or do you mind the machinery that washes the clothes for you?
  9. Ban John for watching when he was getting poked! :faint:
  10. but not as good as Justin Wilson the "Ragin' Cajun" Cook from Lousianna - I guar oon teeee!
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