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  1. Straight-piped my van from the cat to the resonator (took the broken muffler off).. sounds like a beast now.. lol

  2. Thank u everybody for the birthday wishes - and for singing at chipotle..lol

  3. Multi-level marketing is a religion: "we have a moral OBligation to spread Bernie's vision to the four corners of the earth" - organo gold distributor

  4. In my hood, the cops peel out of the driveway..lol

    1. HappyChristian


      In mine, it's the bananas that peel. =)

    2. anime4christ


      I live in a pretty ghetto neighborhood and even the cops don't OBey the laws here. Overall, most of the cops I've seen in California act as though they are above the law. I've had a cop nearly crash into me before because he was speeding way too much.

    3. John81


      That's fairly normal with most cops; unfortunately.

  5. My point is that the resurrection precedes the "rapture". The last day will see the resurrection of the unjust as well; they won't be the ones meeting the Lord in the air like those in Christ, of course. I'm not arguing that the ungodly will be "raptured" along with those in Christ.
  6. Views on the millennium don't constitute heresy by themselves. Views on the rapture only vary in dispensationalism. I consider dispensationalism itself heresy for the reasons I stated in the Gap thread. All non-dispensational systems (or lack of systems) would be considered post-trib, tho there is much more that can be said about that.
  7. Oh yes, we lust for tribulation..being persecuted gives us sinful pleasure..that makes a ton of sense..
  8. "My brother, I am a constant reader of my Bible, and I soon found that what I was taught to believe did not always agree with what my Bible said. I came to see that I must either part company with John Darby, or my precious Bible, and I chose to cling to my Bible and part from Mr. Darby." - George Müeller

    1. Brother Rick

      Brother Rick

      You say that as if Muller agreed with your view of the end times. Nothing could be further from the truth! He believed in a post-Tribulation rapture and was a pre-Millennialist.

      He was not that far off from what modern day dispensationalists believe and certainly believed in a literal reading of Scripture and prophecy.

    2. anime4christ


      The premil, postmil, amil isn't that big of a deal. I go to a church where the pastor is premil even tho I am amil. My beef with dispensationalism is far less about the millennium than it is about the cross, God's sovereignty, and Jesus's finished work (which applies to all ages). If you've noticed, I don't speak a lot on the millennium because even premil covenantalists are practical amils; they believe that Christ is reigning now until His enemies are put at His feet (1...

    3. anime4christ


      (1 Cor. 15). Historical premillennialism is a lot closer to amillennialism than to dispensationalism. They both fit nicely into a covenantal framework, albeit the premil scheme of things has a vestigial millennium.

  9. Is it OK to quote the Russian Synodal Translation (Masoratic/Textus Receptus based) on this particular verse or is the RST inferior though based on the same text? This is one of those verses where the RST has a different reading from the KJV.
  10. Only in America is Comedy Central the best source of news on TV...

    1. PastorMatt
    2. anime4christ


      It's better than Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and all that junk. ;)

  11. I can imagine dispensationalists interpreting our words a few hundred years (should the world last that long) in the future and stumbling over all our figures of speech and idioms.. it will keep them busy for sure. :)
  12. Oh wow. Eagles are airplanes. That's biblical.
  13. But the magicians did the same by their secret arts and made frogs come up on the land of Egypt. - Exodus 8:7 This is one of the funniest parts during the plagues. Weren't there already enough frogs hopping around?

    1. John81


      PrOBably why God allowed them to do it!

  14. "Legalism lacks the supreme sense of worship. It OBeys but it does not adore." ~ Geerhardus Vos

  15. It sucks when grandma goes vegetarian..she still gives you a lot of food when you come over, but there's no meat

  16. Yeah, it was a very weird mistake on my part..
  17. I can't really help but see it connected with eschatology, but I think you get my drift. I think it could be explained outside my view of eschatology in much the same way, but I can't really separate it too well in my mind because it looks very connected to me. Besides the eschatology, I hope it may have been helpful. :)
  18. Now I feel even weirder. For some reason I saw Invicta's name instead of yours on the first post and thought I was replying to him. Was I hallucinating? LOL What I believe the verse is saying is that Jesus is currently reigning in us until all his enemies should be put at his feet. After this comes the end, at which the kingdom is given up to the Father. In the end, the Father will be over all (He is now, but then probably directly without a mediator). In the Old Covenant, access to the Father was through the Holy Spirit on behalf of what the Son would do (although He was slain before the foundation of the world, visibly and in time that was then future), but it was through the shadow of the sacrificial system, the priesthood, and the holy of holies. In the New Covenant, it is much more direct: we are a priesthood and Jesus is now our high priest, so the connection to the Father for us, while being still through the Holy Spirit on behalf of Jesus' work, is much more direct. At the end, access to the Father will be even more direct. We will see Him face to face, yet I do believe that the Holy Spirit will still be dwelling in us and we will still only have access to the Father on behalf of what Jesus did for us. So, I believe the Trinity is eternal, but the roles change in some way through the ages (OT, NT, Eternity, not 7 disps) in order to bring the Father's reign closer and closer to us.
  19. The eschatology post was for Invicta. I was going to start a thread on the millennium based on that passage, but I decided not to for now. So when David mentioned part of that passage, I just said that as a sort of "by the way" thing. I don't really want to discuss eschatology here for a while myself and this is not the thread for it, so disregard that post.
  20. So the Spirit of God in the OT was not the Holy Spirit? I believe the Trinity is eternal. They may just have different roles at different times in relation to earth, but the Son and the Holy Spirit won't be disappearing after the end of the world.
  21. It's something that I found hard to understand, but this passage (including the preceding and following verses) does rule out a future millennium. :)
  22. Rick, I wasn't even thinking about the word hour in that passage as meaning the resurrection has a limit of 60 minutes to complete. The resurrection will be instantaneous. I'm reading the passage as a whole, not getting stuck on one word as dispensationalists often tend to. I try to look at the passage asking the question "what is THIS passage saying?" rather than "does the fifth word in this verse mean the same thing as the 378th time this word appears in the scriptures?" The latter is a very strange way to study and divide the word.
  23. Just because you divide differently from me doesn't automatically mean that I'm the one who's wrongly dividing. We need to look at the evidence instead of throwing these kind of attacks out. This proves zilch.
  24. The Bible is my sole authority, not Way of Life Encyclopedia written by men. Prove to me from the Bible that those are different resurrections (1 Thes 4:16 and John 5:28-29).
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