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  1. Hi everyone. I ordered a bunch of free tracts from the list of free resources thread we have here and I was just wondering, how do I use tracts? Do I just hand them out to people, place them in various places, or what?
  2. [quote="Kitagrl"] [quote="PaladinBaptist"]Oops, I voted the wrong one. I voted every week when I should have voted never. My church doesn't have Sunday School for adults but only for children and special needs adults. [/quote] Where do the adults go during kids sunday school?[/quote] We have church while the kids are in sunday school. :)
  3. Oops, I voted the wrong one. I voted every week when I should have voted never. My church doesn't have Sunday School for adults but only for children and special needs adults.
  4. I am from the Midwest United States of America.
  5. No, I wasn't referring to the notes. Some people have actually claimed that the verses themselves are changed in different publishers of the KJV Bible. I seriously doubt this is true myself but was wondering what you all thought.
  6. [quote="GritsAndMolasses"] Yeah at my church we sing hymns like: When the Roll is Called Up Yonder At Calvary Jesus Paid It All How Great Thou Art Lily of the Valley hymns like that...I've not heard of any of those other ones! Are these just the hymns associated with the deep south? [/quote] Actually I am in Indiana and those hymns sound very familiar. :)
  7. Hi everyone. I have no idea if there is any truth of this or not but I have heard that there are variations between the different publishers of the KJV. Is that true? :?
  8. Welcome to the boards! I am new here as well. I am surprised that Google even allowed you to find us considering that in China, the government filters search results and such.
  9. I don't cook on Sundays. I go to my Grandma's house for Sunday dinner. That's been the tradition in my family for as long as I can remember.
  10. [quote="Bakershalfdozen"] Kindly and gently here... Those songs pneu-engine posted there are not Southern Gospel. They are traditional hymns. Southern Gospel Country Gospel Gospel (as in black culture) CCM and Christian Rock are all different kinds or styles of music totally separate and different from traditional hymnody. Now you can take a hymn and sing it in one of those styles listed above and it will sound like it belongs but those songs are considered traditional. [/quote] Eh well I'm still for Southern Gospel! :frog
  11. [quote="pneu-engine"] Most excellent, termite. :goodpost: :goodpost: :goodpost: :goodpost: Also, following your thinking and line of thought on the rhythm of music:::: I've noticed many times the effect that a truly Godly song or hymn will have on me as it promotes adoration in my heart to the LORD. Some examples of these songs are::: [i][b]I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy Holy, Holy, Holy Holy Is the LORD Great God of Wonders 'Tis Midnight and on Olive's Brow And Can It Be How Can It Be His Way With Thee Who Is He In Yonder Stall? What Did He Do? Lift Your Glad Voices[/b][/i] These are just a few, and there are oodles others. Where CCM and ordinary rock music get the body to swaying, these songs will do the very opposite, but will melt the heart of a penitent sinner and drop him his knees in abject humility. [i][b]WOW!!! What a difference.[/b][/i] [/quote] I have also noticed the difference. It seems like Southern Gospel hymns have a tendency to convict while CCM has a tendency to do pretty much nothing. I am definitely for Southern Gospel only in the worship service.
  12. [quote="termite"] The Bible tells us to be modest, there is no question of that. Rock music is [i]not[/i] modest. The music itself is all about sex and rebellion. Most music will make our bodies want to move. That's perfectly natural. One of the most revealing things about rock music is that the body parts that start to move first are the very ones to which the Lord doesn't want us to draw attention! Compare that with the body's reaction to other styles of music. Most rock music also uses a breathy, sexy-sounding vocal technique, or else shouting/screaming (violent sounds). The music, aside from lyrics, is unacceptable for a Christian. If we put Christian lyrics to rock music, the message of the music will contradict (I would even say "nullify") the message of the words. Back to lyrics: the first thing beginning composers are taught in in vocal writing is that music should fit the words. It isn't coincidence that certain styles of music tend to have similar lyrical topics. It is because the style of the music best complements those types of lyrics. Rock singers dress immodestly and sing about sex and violence because that is what fits with the music. Christianity [i]doesn't[/i] fit with rock music. [/quote] Is this the same with Christian Rock music? :?
  13. [quote="pneu-engine"] Hi Holly, :D So happy to hear that you are honestly curious. There are serious in-depth studies done on the [b]NON[/b]-neutrality of the instrumental portion of music, i.e. the non-lyric portion. Hopefully the admins and mods can point us to some of the threads on this board wherein it was discussed. [/quote] Ah okay. That would be nice. If you have any links to external websites, those would be welcome too. :)
  14. Yes they are thank God.
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