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  1. Hi everyone. I ordered a bunch of free tracts from the list of free resources thread we have here and I was just wondering, how do I use tracts? Do I just hand them out to people, place them in various places, or what?
  2. I am from the Midwest United States of America.
  3. [quote="chev1958"] I haven't compared publishers when it comes to the Scripture itself. I doubt any publisher would change the actual verses within the KJV, because any error would be vehemently pointed out. Are you possibly referring to publishers of different "notes" Bibles, reference Bibles, or commentary Bibles? Some publishers publish a "Scofield" Bible that includes Scofield's notes in it. The KJV Scripture verses should be the same, but his notes may differ than other publishers of other "notes" Bibles. Mitch [/quote] No, I wasn't referring to the notes. Some people have actually claimed that the verses themselves are changed in different publishers of the KJV Bible. I seriously doubt this is true myself but was wondering what you all thought.
  4. Hi everyone. I have no idea if there is any truth of this or not but I have heard that there are variations between the different publishers of the KJV. Is that true? :?
  5. I was raised Southern Baptist.
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