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  1. We have e-sword that I've sometimes used, but lately I've been preferring to use www.blueletterbible.org.
  2. Thank you - this was a blessing to me today!
  3. I thought maybe those who remember me would like to know that we recently had our 3rd baby girl this past week on June 1st. She's a sweetie! Her name is Gianna Mae. We thank God for our little girls!
  4. Congratulations to your family!
  5. I haven't been here on OB for a while, but just want to say this is the best news I've heard in a long time! Welcome to the eternal family, brother! I'm so happy about your decision!
  6. Wow! For some reason this doesn't surprise me that he has done so well. Do you know if he's married? It seems like I remember him and Tosca dating, but that was so long ago.
  7. It doesn't work for me with Vista IE.
  8. Congratulations, John! I hope you have many sweet moments holding a sweet and happy cuddly widdle granddaughter!
  9. I praise God for my dear husband who often leaves me feeling overwhelmed with how loving he is towards me. God gave me a very special gift in that man!
  10. I enjoyed playing the pool (billiards pool, not swimming pool) game before.
  11. A magazine subscription! I love getting monthly magazines on home decor or cooking.
  12. We were staying in a hotel this past weekend, and for an hour or two one evening, the hotel turned off a bunch of their lights and lit candles for earth day. We walked into the lobby at that time, and it looked so cozy with the dim lights and candles!
  13. Who decides what countries own what waterways?
  14. Awww, you kinda hope that him living there would cause instant change, but I guess that's not quite rational. I've been thinking and praying about his situation.
  15. Hi John, how are things with the ss workers and how is your son doing at that home?
  16. I'm shocked and dismayed by how negative some of you are being towards a fellow christian who is doing something good in his walk with God!
  17. Congratulations! Our little gal just turned 6 months - when you have a baby, the time just goes by too fast!
  18. I went on two of them as a teenager - once to Monterrey, Mexico and once to Barbados. They are great for exposing teens to another culture and let them see that there's more to life than their little world. But as I look back on it now, I think we teens were more of a bother than a help to the missionaries that we were visiting. I suppose maybe those missionaries knew that ahead of time and viewed our visits as more of a help to our youth group than to recieve our help. The trip to Mexico was especially eye opening to a lot of us who had never seen much if any poverty. As I look back on my trip to Barbados, my main memory is more of a fun sight-seeing trip to the tropics than a mission trip. We did do ministry things, but it was a beautiful island afterall, and that's more what stuck in my memory.
  19. Happy Birthday to you both!!! Your little vacation sounds lovely!
  20. I guess it's a sore spot with me too which is one of the reasons why I just don't stick around here all that much anymore. Just being honest. :hide I'm just wondering what you southerners are trying to accomplish by constantly bringing up that period in time? Would it satisfy you and finally put your mind at peace about it if me and a few other northerners would finally say "ok, you're right and I sincerely apologize for all the hurt you and yours recieved from that time"? I'm guessing it wouldn't quiet you...it's like you're still fighting that war, only the weapons are words now. I hardly gave that era any thought until I started hearing it so much here on this forum. It really makes one think that there's some bitterness involved. I once was told I was bitter about something, and I got offended and indignantly said "no I'm not!" Then I gave it much thought and soul-searching, and I realized that yes I was bitter about it to a degree. When one is at peace about something, they don't feel a need to constantly hash and rehash it. I can see a person being a history buff. I certainly am not one though! I am much too cynical to believe one man's written word over another. In my mind, nearly every writer has a slant, so I have a hard time taking any of them too seriously. Maybe OB should start a "history" section for those who enjoy discussing history.
  21. Good morning! How did that discussion end up? There's a lot of women preachers here in China.
  22. 1. Favorite candy bar - I like so many kinds - snickers, 3 muskateers, butterfinger, recee's peanut butter cups, milky way, and the list goes on and on... 2. Favorite drink (chocolate milk, hot cocoa, mocha) - all of the above! I guess I do especially like chocolate milk though. 3. Favorite cookie w/chocolate - Chocolate chip 4. Favorite cake w/chocolate - Black Forest! 5. Favorite ice cream w/chocolate - Just about anything chocolatey with peanut butter or fudge involved 6. Other chocolate candy - Turtles, Fudge 7. Favorite anything else w/chocolate - I love iced mocha coffee drinks.
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