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  1. Hi! Howdy! I'm waving at ya :-)

  2. Hi John! Hope you're doing well! I think about you every now and then and also wonder how your son is doing. I don't suppose you do facebook? We got tickets to fly home to the states for a few months - will get home on November 23rd which is also my dad's 70th birthday. Parents aren't supposed to be that old!! Things are going very well here now. Am very busy with my hubby and our 3 girls. The oldest lost her first tooth yesterday, and the baby is now 5 months old. Well, later gator! :)
  3. Awww, you kinda hope that him living there would cause instant change, but I guess that's not quite rational. I've been thinking and praying about his situation.
  4. Hi John, how are things with the ss workers and how is your son doing at that home?
  5. Good morning! How did that discussion end up? There's a lot of women preachers here in China.
  6. Wow, that's great news! I've often thought I'd like to learn sign language someday too.
  7. Can't wait to see this one!
  8. How are things with you? I still don't flip my eggs! :frog
  9. Ban Kayla because we didn't have a white Christmas, but now it's snowing 2 days later! :clap:
  10. Annie is making a good point here. When I was in college, I had a teacher who was in the Vietnam War, and he told us that they were taught to use the slang term for the Vietnamese soldiers because it de-humanized and de-individualized them - it took them off the same level as themselves and made it easier to pull the trigger to kill them. They were no longer men with wives and children, but rather just a vague group of hated people - like a pack of mangy annoying dogs or something. When we give people a label that they don't readily accept (I readily accept the label "woman" and "christian", for example, but not "liberal" or "legalist"), it tends to set the person on a different (lower) spiritual level than us and hence makes it easier to have un-Christ-like attitudes towards the person and tune out all they have to say. I've seen it so often here - once a person has a label in their mind towards someone else, they tune out all the person has to say or they decide to disagree with whatever the person says no matter what the topic is. Some conversations around here look a little like this: Mr/Mrs Labeler: I love Hershey's chocolate! Mr/Mrs Labeled: Chocolate is very good! Mr/Mrs Labeler: If you're not going to agree with the Scripture on this topic, then stay out of it! Mr/Mrs Labeled: Hershey's is a great brand, but have you ever tried Dove? Mr/Mrs Labeler: Why do you have to criticize everything I say?!? and so on and so on and so on
  11. I've never heard of that before. We ordered senior class rings.
  12. My hubby only gets Christmas day off and he has to make up those classes on other days. We might have a Christmas party at our place next weekend though! The nice thing about this time of year though is knowing that the semester is going to be over during the first week in January, and then he has almost 2 months off for the Chinese new year festival! :clap:
  13. Ban John because his egg-cooking tutorial didn't quite work the way it was supposed to.
  14. Ban John because that's what I was just thinking!
  15. Otay - off to do some flipping! (of eggs, that is!) :Green
  16. I'll have to give that technique a try! Flipping can't be so hard, can it?
  17. Ban John because I've got to get going on lunch and stuff.
  18. Flip the egg!? That's the trick I guess - never tried it that way! Maybe I'll just to make this for lunch today. I'm a-gettin' hungry!

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