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  1. Hi! Howdy! I'm waving at ya :-)

  2. Hi John! Hope you're doing well! I think about you every now and then and also wonder how your son is doing. I don't suppose you do facebook? We got tickets to fly home to the states for a few months - will get home on November 23rd which is also my dad's 70th birthday. Parents aren't supposed to be that old!! Things are going very well here now. Am very busy with my hubby and our 3 girls. The oldest lost her first tooth yesterday, and the baby is now 5 months old. Well, later gator! :)
  3. We have e-sword that I've sometimes used, but lately I've been preferring to use www.blueletterbible.org.
  4. Thank you - this was a blessing to me today!
  5. I thought maybe those who remember me would like to know that we recently had our 3rd baby girl this past week on June 1st. She's a sweetie! Her name is Gianna Mae. We thank God for our little girls!
  6. Congratulations to your family!
  7. I haven't been here on OB for a while, but just want to say this is the best news I've heard in a long time! Welcome to the eternal family, brother! I'm so happy about your decision!
  8. Wow! For some reason this doesn't surprise me that he has done so well. Do you know if he's married? It seems like I remember him and Tosca dating, but that was so long ago.
  9. It doesn't work for me with Vista IE.
  10. Congratulations, John! I hope you have many sweet moments holding a sweet and happy cuddly widdle granddaughter!
  11. I praise God for my dear husband who often leaves me feeling overwhelmed with how loving he is towards me. God gave me a very special gift in that man!
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