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  1. LOL, i'm always up for a chocolate topic! 1. Favorite candy bar- Twix, Kit Kat, and Reece's Peanut Butter Cups 2. Favorite drink (chocolate milk, hot cocoa, mocha)- Dunkin Donuts Dunkiccino, and Mocha Blast (holy cowy they're so good). 3. Favorite cookie w/chocolate- chocolate covered graham crackers 4. Favorite cake w/chocolate- Dairy Queen ice cream cakes!! those crispies in the middle... yummm. 5. Favorite ice cream w/chocolate- Cherry Chocolate Chunk 6. Other chocolate candy- Easter Bunnies! ROTFL! from the fridge! i used to take it out, and knaw on it a little bit, an
  2. www.alwaysachild.blogspot.com
  3. has anyone heard of Seedline? a church closeby here in Millford Ohio does Bearing Precious Seed, and they've started a great program that gives other churches a chance to put together bibles! it's the coolest! well yesterday, my family got to do a program at our church last night for Seedline, and it was really great! it was for the whole weekend, but we only went for last night. The Seedline guy had brought all we needed. i got to collate, and there were people stapling, and there were some huge cutting machines too. it was just such a wonderful experience. my 5 year old did a little
  4. lol, yeah, we're scoping out the Piedmont area, right in the middle. no mountains, no coast. i'm just hoping for a little more temperate weather. i don't even mind snow once in a while. we live by the lake, and the weather changes a few times a day. my sinuses are just wacking out all the time, lol. we never know what to wear from day to day. it's insane. i don't think i'd want the mountains, although they'd be so pretty to look at.
  5. i know that the salvation army has great kid's programs that hire people, and summer camps. i worked for them for a while in different jobs... tutor, arts and crafts teacher. you could look into that. :lol
  6. hey maybe in the millenial (sp) reign, you can have an elephant! wouldn't that be the coolest? :lol
  7. my boys collect thomas, hotwheels, and herbie stuff, so they're my collections too. i've gotten to be a master at drawing herbie :) i collected pepsi products for a long time, and i still collect oriental things, like chopsticks, fans, etc. i have a huge collection of baby trolls from a long time ago. i also collect barbies a little. once in a while i get a good one, like this year i got the mary poppins barbie. i sooo want the audrey hepburn and alice in wonderland barbies someday. i have always been bad at collecting, i switch interests way to quick, so i have a million little collect
  8. oh, and i forgot to mention that we were able to download the old Mario RPG! i used to love that game!
  9. we got a wii with our taxes. my hubbie has always been addicted to games. it's a neat system, and i adore the Wii Music!! it's fun to make music on instruments, i never played before. it's a really great system, and if anyone's thinking of buying a system at all, this is the one. more family friendly, with better interactive games that groups can play together. it is smart to limit the use though, lol. it's addictive.
  10. hi there, my son has been in treatment for ALL leukemia since May 07, God worked on his little body and he was in remission after the first month. he's in maintenance for another 2 years, so it would be great if when you think of it, you could pray for his health. He's 5 now, and he's got good energy, and not too many side effects. that's such a blessing. specific prayer requests... money to pay the bills and his meds lessened irritibility while on his monthly steroid (takes it for a week, and has been getting more irritable on it lately) his nails are falling off from the chemo, s
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