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  1. as long as they don't smack like a cow, i think it is ok. Some people need it to control their habital cough. But I do know that hard candy works just as well even though some people like me can't stand hard candy.
  2. World Bible publisher (Iowa Falls, Iowa) seem like a good one. I don't know if they still make bibles or not though.
  3. Just to let you know, I have a KJV Large Print Compact Bible published by Holman bible publisher and I found on the last few pages of the bible (under the paragraph titled "Read the Bible Thoughout Your Life") that says "Once you have read the bible through, do it again - in a different translation or bible version." I figure some of you might be interested in knowing that.
  4. Our teachers allowed us to cheat on our test. They tell us that we can write all the information we wanted on one sheet of paper (front and back) that will help us pass our test. And our textbooks allow us to check our answer every other odd numbers on the back of their book. They did this all through my PUBLIC high school in regular classes in the 90's. We were allowed to cheat. I am not saying cheating is a good thing, but saying I don't see how it is any different than ACE or whatever it is. It all depends on the teachers or if they are homeschooled, the parents.
  5. I hate to break it to ya, but most public school let their students cheat too. every heard of Cheat-Sheet? The let us use it all the time when I was in public school (I was in mainstreamed public school from K-12)
  6. oh Katy-Anne, will you do us a nice favor and discuss Greek and Hebrew?
  7. This is the thread that never ends, It goes on and on my friends, Some people started playing it, Not knowing what it was, And they'll continue playing it forever just because, This is the thread that never ends... (keep WRITING the above verse)
  8. Ban Bama because she can't think of a reason.
  9. My dad- My 2 brothers my younger sister my older sister may need a prayer too since she have been church hopping. Right now she goes to Lutheran Church because her husband is Catholic who been ex-communicated (spelling?) because of his previous divorce. my cousins ALL my husband's family except my husband's grandparents who are saved (they are still living). And my son, he is five right now but I still worry about his future.
  10. T turkey H home A answer to prayers N noodle (that's what I call my youngest ) K King of Kings S Saved! G Gospel I-Independence V Victory in Jesus I Ingenuity N New Birth G- God
  11. I remember a friend of mine who went to christian school part time and homeschool the rest of the time. I don't know how her mother did it, but it was done that way, and I like it. I think we should have an option of sending kids to private school part time.

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