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  1. ...he believes he must believe in Jesus Christ and be baptized to be saved?

    ...he believes he can lose his salvation?

    ...he believes Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven for him, but isn't sure if He is for everybody?

    1. It depends on how you see it: If a person's view is-- If he is not baptized, but believe in Jesus, then he is not saved because he have not been baptized yet. If he is baptized, but don't believe in him, more likely he is saved because baptism. -- These view does not make a person saved. Baptism does not save a person. ALTHOUGH, people do get baptism because their love for Christ therefore someone who don't believe in Christ would not get baptized in the first place. But how they view baptism is wrong.

    if you believe in him enough to obey him when he ask you a simple little task to express your faith , then it appears that you are saved. I think it is a problem when someone says "I believe in him, but I don't want to be baptize.I don't have to." I question that because if they face God right now, and he ask them to be baptize, are they actually going to tell God, "but God, I don't Wahhhnt to!"

    2. No, because he lack faith in God

    3. No, because he is being an elite (sp?) who think he is more important than all other sinners and he worshipping the wrong vision of God just like many other religions are doing. When God look down at us, he sees us all the same.

  2. Everything God created in the 6 days of Creation was on earth. The entire Bible is introduced with the "earth", practically, other than the heavens, which is the sky, and then where God lives.

    how would you react if they did find life. I'm not saying the bible isn't true. I don't think there is no other life out there. But I am not going to give up my faith over it if they did find life.

  3. I feel like people who want to believe in aliens and try to back it up from Scripture are just bored with the "old stuff we already know" from the Bible and trying to find new stuff. No offense to anyone here...but I've known too many preachers who want to find something "new" and come up with ridiculous stuff.

    The devil likes us to believe in aliens, his demons impersonate them at times. I believe the rapture will be attributed to an alien abduction. I am fairly sure that "aliens" are actually just the spirit/supernatural world and especially in very demonic/occultic places, the effects of the supernatural can be more easily seen or felt.

    yes, they always try to line up science with the bible. Sometimes science help us understand the bible better, but other time it is just too far fetched. I'm not worrying about life on other planets though. It could be small as bacteria or fungus, or it could be an animal.

    But I do wonder if there will be a funny looking life on other planets that look like a creature, but actually have a human mind. We have to be careful about judging to quickly because if they are capable of believing that God exist or not, Then they are under the same universal law as we are. I read one article that got me thinking. It was about Black people and how other people treated them as animals because they did not look like them, talk like them, etc. Then I read about how people felt that deaf people are incapable of believe in God or not so they kept the gospel away. They treated them alot worst too. So that's why we should not be so quick to judge to say "oh, he is just an animal" if they did find life. If you have the right communication, you may find that he is not an animal afterall.

    Other than that, I don't think there is another human-like life in other planets. Even scientists who believe in evolution don't think so. They feel that human (or life in general) is too complex

  4. I think I counted 3 different "Amen" for Australia. Why would this be so. I thought Australian's all used Auslan? Did the American guy finger spell it? Is there not a special sign like the other countries do? I'm just curious. It is very interesting!!!

    If you ask me, the American never been to church or was being smart. Amen in the U.S. is signed like Canada. Both USA and Canada use American Sign Language. I don't think there is a U.S.A sign language and Canada sign language...yet.

    Yes, Australian use Auslan but it also depend on their church as well Catholic have a different type of Amen than protestants. They sign with a prayer in Catholic churches. So that probably explain three different Amens.

  5. If people have the option of being buried, they should take that option. but places like Haiti, sometimes they have to burn bodies because there are just too much of it, and it is stinking up the place.

    I personally think they should bury the bodies, because decayed bodies give off nutrients to the soils. I am not so sure if Ashes can do the same thing. but anyway, whatever work best for them.

  6. You also state that you believe that the IFB (some of them at least) "come very close to it or at least line up with the bible." I am curious where you think the IFB misses the mark. As asked on a previous post, where do you believe that the IFB is off? Why not correct those "misses?"

    what he said:

    Since the "I" in "IFB" stands for Independent there is no way to definitively answer your question on behalf of all the thousands of independents. As they are all independent with no central point of ecclesiastical control or setting of doctrine, they each look only to the Scriptures for their direction. The minor variations that others have referred to I would suspect encompass small differences between each pastor's interpretation of certain less clear portions of the Bible. Also, IFB is not a denomination but was rather a movement of like minded independent preachers who would call themselves Baptist as they proudly adhere to "Baptist distinctives" that have survived through the ages (originating in Scripture) until the present day.

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