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  1. One of the argument about pots and driving, was that pots make you more paranoia (don't know the exact term for this type of sentence) therefore you drive more carefully. I had a laugh at that because I remember my drunk father and how slow he drove because he wanted to be more careful... paranoia, yep.
  2. I understand. It's more like nasonex spray that my son take for allergies, right? Nasonex contain medicine in a spray form. I don't know what a vaporizer is though. BUT, I keep reading how everyone think smoking it in the regular way is better.
  3. *roll eyes* Hey, everyone, PTWILD thinks your opinion don't count. I was just only responding to your last reply, and maybe you get something out of it.
  4. What I understand, The Jews are waiting for a new kingdom here on Earth. Not sure what conquences they will have for breaking the laws, but here is what the Noahide beliefs say (The 7 laws for gentiles. It's a religion by Jewish people for gentiles who want to be a part of Jewish religion. They don't believe you can be fully Jew unless your mother is a Jew): http://www.noahide.org/article.asp?Level=196&Parent=342 Anyway, We don't go directly to heaven either. Not until Judgment day.
  5. I think everyone had their moment of deep thoughts about religion and the gospel. As a child, I didn't have this type of deep thoughts. I was too busy learning about my world and I had quite a imagination so it is very easy for me to accept Christ as it is -- no question asked. Although, some children mature faster than others, so that's why it is called age of accountability. One thing I know, it is very possible for young children to rejected the Gospel of Christ first but accepted later. The only deadline they have is death.
  6. If you feel that way, then I wish people wouldn't make a criminal out of cigerette smokers either. Some people are very hyprocrite about that. Not everyone want a second - hand pot smokers around them and their children.
  7. That reminds me the time of U.S. history when England wanted more tOBacco and the colonists kept taking land from the Native Americans to grow tOBacco to keep up with the demands. It was terrible. Yes, for every farm they have, trees need to be taken down. People love their pots. Just like how people loved their cigerette and alcohol.
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1267696/National-weed-day-2010-US-4-20-pot-protesters-light-April-20th.html <--- I wonder how the green tree hugging-glOBal warming people feel about this? and I wonder if this kill birds and frogs?
  9. We already have enough prOBlems with cigerette, why add pots? Medical pots? I don't know, maybe, but people who are monitoring may suffer second-hand pot smoking. Especially if they take certain medicines and it can't be mixed (they have to drive home and all that). I think smoke in general can cause lung cancer because a few firefighters, especially forest firefighters, have died of lung cancer rather they smoke or not.
  10. Some people don't see it that way. In their opinion, it's "homophOBes" (in their wording) fault for that. Same reason when people think deaf people are depressed because they can't hear. But it isn't always the case. It's the attitude, viewpoints, etc. of hearing people that see in deaf... "poor girl, she is deaf, we have to help her hear and speak".... NO, no, we want people to accept our deafness and the use of sign language, not oppress us. Just showing what I mean and why I feel sciencific research on social/emotional psychology to prove a point is useless in some cases... I do know they believe once majority of people are more accepting, they think they will have a healthier and happier life. But would they? I think it's possible. people love to sin as long as no one is getting in the way. Laws alway make us mad.
  11. actually there is some truth in that. There are few people who think marriage license is all about waving document in the air and say I"m married! But how they define marriage is totally different from how other people define marriage. Their definition of marriage does not include finanical (they don't file joint tax, don't share bank, pay their own things with their own money, etc.), they don't think their husband/wife need to know everything-- Another word, keeping the communication open naturally, and so on. And they tell me if their spouse screwed up, they are getting a divorce. They don't believe in God, nor making commitment to each other for life. I was thinking " are you married, or are you just living together? I'm confuse???"
  12. well..... hetersexual get divorce too. But if a state don't recongize certain type of marriage, they don't need to waste their time and tax money helping people get divorce. They'll just have to split up without the court... it's cheaper that way. The only prOBlem is splitting homes, furnitures, etc. This can be a prOBlem for anyone who live together: family, friends, roommates, etc. As far as custody, that's a little tricky, but I think they will have to go back to the state they got married in to work out their divorce and custody. I would not live in a state that does not recognize my marriage. I believe in making babies in a natural way. I do not believe in IVF and such. Too much prOBlems... like weeding out deaf genes (or hearing genes -- deaf people prefer deaf children, they are easier to raise than hearing children... just like hearing parent find hearing children easier to raise). Our population is high as it is anyhow.
  13. I assume it is how they raised them so when they do reach accountability, they reject God. My husband did. His parents did not and still do not believe in God and they raised their children that way. He was an atheist for a long time since he was a teen. It was until his late 30's but some people never never change. But before accountability, you can get your children to believe anything if you tell them to believe it. Even atheist's children. If you tell them there is a boogey man, they believe it. If you tell them about Jesus, they have no prOBlem believing in him as well.
  14. The way I see is, because the other guy got the girl, He can't understand why she even like him. He thinks he is so much better. What's his is his character. And he thinks the girl should like him because his character. So he is possessive of his character, and doesn't like it when the girl like the other guy's character
  15. btw, I agree with you. I think jealousy get very posessive of something that's theirs. guys get jealous of other guys (or girls get jealous of other girls) over a girl though. They compare themselves how better they are with other guy if the girl like the other guy. So jealousy also compare something they have with something they don't have.
  16. I'm not really sure if they will be rapture. If a christian was about 4 or 5 months pregnant, wouldn't it be weird her baby would be motherless? And it would die anyway.
  17. same thing what happen to them if they died at birth. Age of accountability.
  18. When KJV was translated: think of the people, the king, and the soldiers. I feel this bible was heavily guarded even though you think the King did this for his own purpose. If we could find the original manuscript, written in Greek/Hebrew/Arabic. Or Latin or original manuscript to KJV... does the language matter anymore? Would you learn Greek and such just to study the bible? If so, I'm sure you are willing to learn Old English because it's the next best thing we can find. Russian version does help Russian speaking people and everyone ought to have a bible in their own language but the closest bible to the original I can think of is KJV. I have not seen any bible translated in the same time period as KJV in other languages other than English yet. Plus, I have faith that the Lord will accuately perserve his words somehow, someway, in his own way.
  19. Most of the time, these soldier don't kill out of rage, but kill because they OBey their leader.
  20. we have to remember that some the verses are in the OT before Christ.
  21. I don't think God asked "Please lie for me" He let those people in the bible make their own decision on how to handle the situation. John, I wanted to point out that it isn't really about fear of man is why some people lie in a abusive situation. Fear of man would be more like wanting his approval(worldly things, cool, awesome, don't want to be called a dork...type of things) , in my opinion. In this case, It's fear of pain (rather on themselves or their loved ones). Who doesn't fear pain? People lie because they just don't trust man NOT to harm them in a abusive way. But they can trust God because he already know and will not harm them. It is absolutely pointless to lie to God. Now, if they decided NOT to have anything to do with God..they have no idea what it is like without God, very tormental and painful because he is not there to hold everything for them. I'm not saying it's ok to lie. But people do it anyway for the greater good, I suppose. It's better if we tell the truth in begin with so we don't have anything to hide. Somewhere in the bible it says the truth about yourself (sin) will find you out and the truth will set you free. It's better to tell the truth because abusive people usually go in a bigger rage if they find they have been lied to.
  22. LONDON - An enormous ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano caused the biggest flight disruption since 9/11 as it drifted over northern Europe and stranded travelers on six continents Thursday. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/36543312/ns/travel-news I've been reading about this. I see that it haven't got better yet. Hope it doesn't get too bad.
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