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  1. Praying for you. I hope everything is ok.

  2. Will not be on OLB for awhile. I feel like a mess right now (my grammars).

  3. 1. It depends on how you see it: If a person's view is-- If he is not baptized, but believe in Jesus, then he is not saved because he have not been baptized yet. If he is baptized, but don't believe in him, more likely he is saved because baptism. -- These view does not make a person saved. Baptism does not save a person. ALTHOUGH, people do get baptism because their love for Christ therefore someone who don't believe in Christ would not get baptized in the first place. But how they view baptism is wrong. if you believe in him enough to obey him when he ask you a simple little task to exp
  4. how would you react if they did find life. I'm not saying the bible isn't true. I don't think there is no other life out there. But I am not going to give up my faith over it if they did find life.
  5. yes, they always try to line up science with the bible. Sometimes science help us understand the bible better, but other time it is just too far fetched. I'm not worrying about life on other planets though. It could be small as bacteria or fungus, or it could be an animal. But I do wonder if there will be a funny looking life on other planets that look like a creature, but actually have a human mind. We have to be careful about judging to quickly because if they are capable of believing that God exist or not, Then they are under the same universal law as we are. I read one article that got m
  6. Thanks for the congratulations! I don't think I mentioned it very often, if I even mentioned it.

  7. drop (as in shop til you drop)
  8. http://www.imsdb.com/ <---- I found this and I thought it is cool to read before you watch.
  9. If you ask me, the American never been to church or was being smart. Amen in the U.S. is signed like Canada. Both USA and Canada use American Sign Language. I don't think there is a U.S.A sign language and Canada sign language...yet. Yes, Australian use Auslan but it also depend on their church as well Catholic have a different type of Amen than protestants. They sign with a prayer in Catholic churches. So that probably explain three different Amens.
  10. John was what touched me the most because I had trouble understanding trinity before I was saved.
  11. If people have the option of being buried, they should take that option. but places like Haiti, sometimes they have to burn bodies because there are just too much of it, and it is stinking up the place. I personally think they should bury the bodies, because decayed bodies give off nutrients to the soils. I am not so sure if Ashes can do the same thing. but anyway, whatever work best for them.
  12. The only true church depends on their relationship with God, how they view salvation and such... And I believe the belief in some IFB churches come very close to it or at least line up with the bible.
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