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  1. HAHA Okay. I will behave from now on, you are a baaaaad influence! LOL! Tina
  2. Is it against the rules to get off topic? I'm sorry. :cry: Tina
  3. That is a blessing and a wonderful gift to the new Pastor! God Bless you!! Tina
  4. Well there are a couple still left that are disgruntled/bitter but they are in the minority. It is our prayer that they will get turned around and focused on the vision my husband has for the Church. It took about 10 months to get it turned around. I think it was the hardest year of our lives in the ministry. It's nice to look back on it now and just sigh and give the Lord the glory. When a Pastor and his family leaves a church they needs to do just that LEAVE. Don't keep coming back, don't stir up strife, cut your ties for at least a year and let the people fall in love with the ne
  5. We have been here for just over a year. It was hard in the beginning a lot of folks were following the former Pastor instead of the Lord and finally (PTL) left. Since then we have seen tremendous growth. We started a Bible Institute last Monday and had 17 show up and yesterday had four more sign up. We are really excited to see folks want to grow in the Lord. Tina
  6. Tina, Pastor's wife. My husband is a Pastor in Indiana. I work part time at the Church for my husband, the rest of the time I am a homemaker. :) Tina
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