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  1. I read lots of post, but do not post. I had to say Amen to your post John and to mark it liked by me, your 100% correct. Its amazing at the teaching that comes form people on this topic.
  2. The only thing about this is when they get long, it will start back the other direction!
  3. On Saturday December 21, 2013 we had our shortest day, now each day is just a bit longer, & I like the longer days that's coming.
  4. Any more we stay home. Since my wife's parents passed away our family gets together only about 2 times per year. We are not having many families that has family togetherness as they once did.
  5. Wow, & for most new years eve is all about getting drunk, so I suppose most will get drunk & the liquor people will make a killing off of the drunks, while many of the drunks kills people on our highways. I recall a new years eve I was headed home from the Air Force. Along a long strait highway between West Memphis & Little Rock a bit after midnight, I saw a set of headlights coming towards me. The closer they got the more they seemed to be coming right at me. Finally when we met they were on my side coming right towards me. I thought about going to their side of the highway but feared if I did they would follow me back to their side & they woudl say its my fault. Instead I kept getting further & further off the highways yet they seemed to be following me. I went completely into the ditch & they swerved sliding around a bit finally getting back on the highway & off they went at a high rate of speed. Thankfully the ditch was one of those slopping ditches & there was nothing in my way & I made it back on the highway, them pulled over, got out & did a bit of walking to settle my nerves. Yet there for a moment I though it was all over for me, I suppose that car load of people were enjoying their drunken celebration. I will never forget that New Year morning, I believe it was 1966-67.
  6. Yes! Re 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.
  7. We got into the 40's this afternoon, probably be back in the 20's tonight. In Heaven it will be just right, in Hell it will be very hot, sure will be many unhappy people who rejected the Savior not enjoying the heat.
  8. Its now 26º here & its not pleasant, that is if your outside.
  9. I agree. Something about Mr. Clinton, he can stand & talk to people never saying nothing but the majority of people will fall in love with him. he did it as governor of this state, them did it as president, while bring disgrace on both. I just hope his wife never becomes president.
  10. 31º & clear. I'm sure the coffee is good, but I better pass, its 12:01 AM.
  11. CNN, Gallup: Support for Obamacare Plunges to Record Lows “Democratic senators in red and purple states are going to have a tough time defending their vote for a health-care law that wasn’t ready for prime time,” writes National Review columnist Matt Kibbe, referring to the law’s embarrassing rollout that was plagued with persistent technical and public relations issues. New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat, is already the target of a biting television spot linking her to the president and hammering her decision to vote for the law. Persistent reports suggest that former Sen. Scott Brown is preparing a challenge based in part over her weakness on Obamacare. Meanwhile, a new CNN/ORC survey finds that support for the healthcare law has plummeted to a record low, with most Americans predicting skyrocketing costs for medical care, and a third don’t believe they will be able to keep their doctor. In that poll, CNN reports, support for the law is down five points in less than a month, to just 35 percent of those questioned. Opposition for Obamacare is up four points from November, to 62 percent, according to CNN. How bad is it? “Even Democrats recognize the negative issues associated with the new healthcare law and its implementation,” Gallup states. Most of the newest opposition comes from women, traditionally a core constituency for the president. Sixty percent of women polled do not like the law. For Full Story
  12. White House Tries to Prevent Judge From Ruling on Surveillance Efforts The president is trying his best to be the dictator. Excuse me, Dictator in Chief.
  13. I disagree to many people are having to pay a much higher price for their health insurance, such as my brother-in-law, $4,800.00 more dollars per year, & that's affecting both democrats & republicans pocketbooks, & people whether democrat or republican do not forget anyone getting in their pocketbooks. And wait a little bit, it will probably jump even higher. So this will not be forgotten. Even democrats congressmen are worried about their reelection that's coming up.
  14. Of course, the real importance is the Book of life, but that is not the question under this topic, the question was about worldly history & how Mr. Obama will be viewed. I believe in time to come he will be deemed worst than Mr. Nixon. I believe Obamacare finished him off. And of course with history books you do not have truth, its just the opinion of the man that wrote the book. Plus people that write history are not always trust worthy. And even here in this United States history writers in the north & south disagree s with one another, & democrats & republicans disagree with one another.
  15. Your correct, the big lie will ruin him, "You can keep your insurance," many of those that voted for him lost their insurance, plus their insurance rates went way up. Is President Obama 'too big to jail?'
  16. Will Mr. Obama go down in history as the worst president in the last 100 years?
  17. That is true, to many place their trust in man, not Jesus, them when the man falls, they fall, & are very discouraged. With our trust place in our Savior, we can do as many did in the past, give our life for Christ. The truly saved person no one can rob their joy.
  18. This page shows how to change your copy & paste setting. And I have copied & pasted the instructions below. 1 Open your Internet Explorer browser window. 2 Click on "Tools" from the top menu bar. This will cause a drop-down menu to appear. 3 Left-click on the word "Options." This will cause a dialog box to appear. 4 Left-click on the tab that says "Security." This will jump you to a new view within the dialog box. 5 Left-click on the words "Custom Level." The dialog box you see will have a long list of options for customizing your browser. 6 Scroll down until you see the word "Miscellaneous." Under this, you will see "Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste Files." Next you will see the options to either "Enable" or "Disable." 7 Left-click on the small circle next to the word "Enable." When you do this, the small circle next to the word will fill in with a black dot. 8 Move your mouse to the bottom of the page and left-click the word "Okay." This will close the second dialog box. 9 Left-click the word "Okay" in the first dialog box. Suggestion only, I would download Chrome, its not near the trouble as IE, least not for me, & I'm not a computer geek, I can just do enough to mess everything up.
  19. John, I'm using IE to make this post, & it wasn't quote. But I had the problem of copy & paste recently, let me do a bit of research & I will tell you how to change that.
  20. He wanted Support & Help, so he went to the Support / Help Desk. Makes much sense.
  21. Its easy to download Chrome, just click on download & follow instructions. I've been using it every since it came out, before that I was using Firefox.
  22. Yes, Chrome is working just fine, & I can ever quote myself. What browser are you using? I like Chrome best, it seems faster than IE or Firefox. Have you tried Chrome? You can download it right here.
  23. I'm using IE-11 right now & it refuses to quote. Glad I use Chrome, for it works just fine. Don't know why the quote will not work with this one. Believe I will go back to Chrome.
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